Mecca Bingo Wednesbury

Mecca Bingo Wednesbury

Looking for a place to enjoy a fun night out in Wednesbury? Mecca Bingo Wednesbury Cross has everything you need. With traditional bingo, slots, and casino games on offer, there’s something for everyone here.

This venue is part of the Rank Group and adheres to strict standards set by the Gambling Commission. That means it’s not just about having fun; it’s also safe.

This blog will show you why Mecca Bingo at Wednesbury Cross is your top choice for entertainment. From premier bingo experiences to delicious meals and live events—you’ll find all you need to know here.

Ready for an unforgettable visit? Keep reading.

Experience Premier Bingo at Mecca Wednesbury Cross

At Mecca Wednesbury Cross, traditional bingo meets the latest technology. Up to 1800 people come here to play. You’ll use touchscreen terminals for a modern twist on classic bingo.

Sundays are special—they offer the biggest prizes in the Midlands. Throughout the week, prices and games change daily, so every visit feels new.

Tripadvisor rates this place 3.5 out of 5 from 5 reviews, showing players enjoy their time here. Whether it’s your first time or you’re back for more fun, Mecca Bingo at Wednesbury Cross promises high-quality gaming and entertainment each time you walk through its doors.

Explore Slot Machines and Gaming Options

Mecca Bingo and Slots Wednesbury offers a variety of gaming choices. You’ll find slot machines with the latest games, including Slingo and jackpots. These slots are up to date and popular among visitors.

Besides slots, there are also casino games available. Every visitor must be over 18 years old to play these games. Mecca Bingo Clubs, like the one at Wednesbury Cross, follow rules set by the Gambling Commission under licence 2396 for land-based bingo clubs in Great Britain and Gibraltar.

This ensures a safe and regulated environment for everyone looking to enjoy their time here.

You can also take part in promos that improve your gaming experience. With options ranging from traditional bingo (British version) to state-of-the-art slot machines, there’s something for every player seeking fun or hoping to win at Mecca Bingo Wednesbury Cross.

Savour Delicious Meals and Refreshments

You can enjoy tasty meals and drinks at Mecca Wednesbury Cross. They serve chicken tikka curry, burgers, loaded fries, and Harry Ramsden’s famous dishes. There’s also a full bar with soft drinks, beers, wines, and spirits.

Looking for traditional pub food or maybe something new? You’ve got it here – from classic Harry Ramsden’s to Clox Chicken. And if you prefer vegetarian or pasta options, they have those too.

Ordering is easy with the My Mecca Club app right from your table. The place stays open late until 01:00 am on Sundays, so you have plenty of time to relax and enjoy your food and drink without rushing.

Enjoy Live Entertainment and Events

Mecca Bingo Wednesbury Cross is more than just bingo and slots. It’s a place where live entertainment comes to life. Events like Forbidden Night Wednesbury Cross and The Jersey Quartet light up the stage, showcasing talent that keeps everyone entertained.

Mica, Benji, and Stefan are the masterminds behind these events, ensuring each night is unforgettable.

The venue stands out with its unique selfie area. Designed like a Black Country pub and filled with Peaky Blinders props, it’s perfect for photos. Whether you’re planning to catch a show or book your own private event, flexibility in spending makes everything smooth.

With accolades from The Guardian to Visit Britain, it’s clear why this spot is recommended for an exciting outing in Dudley.

Tips for Enhancing Your Visit

Want to make your trip better? Use the My Mecca Club App for easy steps and book your bingo night online.

Navigate with the My Mecca Club App

The My Mecca Club app turns your smartphone into a powerful tool for all things Mecca Bingo Wednesbury. It offers everything from exclusive deals to a digital membership card, making your visit smoother and more enjoyable.

  1. Download the app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to start. This gets you instant access to the digital world of Mecca Bingo.
  2. Find exclusive offers only available through the app. These deals can include discounts on games and food.
  3. Use the digital membership card for quick and easy entry. No more worrying about forgetting your physical card.
  4. Order food and drinks directly to your table from the app’s menu options. Enjoy delicious meals without missing any gaming action.
  5. Pre-book your bingo sessions using the app for guaranteed spot in the games you love.
  6. Credit from winnings can be used in-app for slots, meals, and more—play more or treat yourself with what you’ve won.
  7. Explore Mecca Bingo Wednesbury Cross‘ offerings effortlessly, all from your phone screen—no need to ask staff for directions or information.

This tool simplifies planning your visits and maximises enjoyment while at Mecca Bingo Wednesbury Cross—everything needed lies within a few taps on your screen.

How to Book Your Bingo Session

Booking your bingo session at Mecca Bingo Wednesbury Cross is easy and ensures you have a spot reserved for fun. New members get all their bingo for £5, including flyers, with extra vouchers to make the deal sweeter.

Here’s how you can book:

  1. Visit the Mecca Bingo website. Look for the Wednesbury Cross location under “Our Clubs.”
  2. Click on ‘Book Your Bingo Session’. Choose a date and time that suits you.
  3. If you’re a new member, select the new member option. Take advantage of the special offer which includes all your bingo needs for just £5 plus more vouchers.
  4. Existing members can log in with their details. Check any available vouchers or offers.
  5. Confirm your session time. Sessions usually last around 2 hours, giving you plenty of bingo fun.
  6. Complete payment securely online if required. Some sessions might need pre-payment.
  7. Download the My Mecca Club App for a smoother experience on the day. It helps manage bookings and gives useful tips.
  8. On arrival at Dudley Street, Wednesbury, West Midlands, WS10 7DR, show your booking confirmation. Parking is available so no worries about finding a spot.
  9. Head straight in and prepare for exciting bingo games along with paper Bingo and Mecca Max sessions throughout the week.

With these steps, booking your next visit to Mecca Bingo at Wednesbury Cross will be hassle-free, ensuring positive experiences each time you go!

Location and Operating Times

Mecca Bingo Wednesbury sits on Dudley Street, right outside the town centre of Sandwell, West Midlands. This place has everything you need: a big space to park your car for free, easy access for everyone, and even a place to smoke safely.

You can step in from 11 in the morning till 1 after midnight on Sundays. It’s simple to get here by bus too – making sure you spend less time travelling and more time having fun.

This spot holds a license from the Gambling Commission, so all games are fair. If you’re joining us from outside Great Britain, know that it’s also checked by the Gibraltar government.

Whether it’s great western street or any corner of Wednesbury cross – excitement is just around the corner at Mecca Bingo Wednesbury Cross!


Discover Mecca Bingo Wednesbury Cross for incredible fun. Here, you get to play exciting bingo and slots. Download the My Mecca Club app to make visits smoother. Newbies grab bingo deals for just £5 plus extra vouchers.

With games daily from 11:00 am to 01:00 am and great facilities like on-site parking, everyone finds something they like. Join us at Wednesbury Great Western Street and have a blast!