Hei Tiki

Hei Tiki

Hei-Tiki (n) /hˈtk/ – an ornamental pendant usually made of pounamu or precious stones and are considered a taonga (treasure).

Start your Tiki Fortunes journey by collecting valuable Hei-Tiki rewards as you play – the more you play, the more you receive! And the more Hei-Tiki you earn, the faster your earnings will accelerate.

There are 5 levels of Hei-Tiki – at leach level you’ll be rewarded with generous free spins and cash bonuses, but level all the way up to Mangu and you’ll find the most valuable tiki treasures.

How to earn Hei-Tiki

You don’t need to do anything other than play your favourite games – your Hei-Tiki will be automatically calculated and levels awarded.

Earning Hei-Tiki is easy. For every $/£/€16 or 160 kr that you wager in our casino you’ll earn one Hei-Tiki. The more points you earn by playing, the more benefits you can enjoy as you level up. Each new player starts at Kura level and there are five levels in total.

The previous three months accumulated points total determines your level each month. You can view your current level status under the “My Account” and “VIP Club” when you are logged into your TikiFortunes account.

Each level offers different benefits and promotions. As you climb up the levels you increase the amount of rewards and promotions you can benefit from.

Level 1 – Kura

Everybody starts their journey with a Kura good luck charm to help in the pursuit for riches. Play wisely, but most of all enjoy yourself.

You can redeem a maximum of 500 Hei-Tiki a day while at Kura level.

Level 2 – Kahurangi

Well done! You’ve hit the next milestone in your journey and are now rewarded with a prized Kahurangi Hei-Tiki. This precious charm will hopefully help you spin more riches!

The maximum amount of Hei-Tiki you can redeem has now been increased to 2,000 Hei-Tiki per day.

Level 3 – Inanga

It seems you are making excellent progress, my friend!

You’ve come a long way and this is not going unnoticed. You are now able to redeem up to 5,000 Hei-Tiki per day.

Level 4 – Karaka

Excellent (or hiranga as they say in maori!). You are now powering through the ranks and rewards will rain down on you like a golden monsoon.

You can now redeem up to 10,000 Hei-Tiki per day!

Level 5 – Mangu

Congratulations – You have reached the pinnacle of your journey and are now the awarded the most valuable Hei-Tiki of all – Mangu.

With such prestigious status comes the most generous of rewards for you to enjoy including redeeming up to 30,000 Hei-Tiki per day!

Start your journey today with a 100% top up on your first deposit – up to £/$/€200!