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Buzz Bingo Gateshead

Fancy a night out? Bored of the same old pub scene? You’re not alone. Many Gateshead locals crave fresh entertainment options.

Enter Buzz Bingo Gateshead. This venue, rebranded in summer 2018, offers more than just bingo. It’s a hub of games, food, and fun at Metro Retail Park.

Here’s your guide to Buzz Bingo Gateshead. We’ll cover everything from games to grub. Ready for a new night out?

Buzz Bingo Gateshead Location and Contact Information

Buzz Bingo Gateshead sits at Metro Retail Park, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. You’ll find it easily accessible by public transport. A shared car park welcomes drivers. The club’s phone number is 0191 493 2462.

Their Facebook page keeps you updated on events and offers. Open daily, hours vary: 10 AM start Monday-Saturday, noon on Sunday. Late-night fun extends to 1 AM Fridays and Saturdays.

Contact them now to book your next bingo night!

Buzz Bingo Gateshead Opening Hours

Fancy a game of bingo? Here’s when you can pop into Buzz Bingo Gateshead. The club’s doors are open seven days a week, with varied hours to suit your schedule.

DayOpen Hours
Monday10am – 12am
Tuesday10am – 12am
Wednesday10am – 12am
Thursday10am – 12am
Friday10am – 1am
Saturday10am – 1am
Sunday12pm – 12am
  • Monday to Friday: 10 am – 1 am, giving you plenty of time for daytime or evening sessions
  • Saturday: 10 am – 1 am, perfect for weekend fun
  • Sunday: 12 pm – 12 am, a slightly later start for your Sunday bingo fix
  • Thursday: 10 am – 12 am, an hour earlier closing time mid-week
  • Sunday to Thursday closing time: 12 am, except Friday and Saturday
  • Extended hours on Friday and Saturday: open until 1 am for late-night gaming
  • Bank holidays: may have special opening times, so check before you visit

Buzz Bingo Gateshead Session Schedules and Pricing

Buzz Bingo Gateshead offers various session options to suit your schedule and budget. Check out their pricing tiers for different ticket quantities:


Morning games are sold as electronic packages ranging from £3 to £12. Every session features five electronic main event packages containing 18, 30, 42, 60, or 72 tickets, priced between £5 and £55.

Paper main events cost £2 in the afternoons (£5 on Saturdays). Evening games are priced from £2.50 to £10, with the cheaper £2.50 games available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Additionally, a free main event is offered every Monday.

You can also buy Jackpot Community Stamps for £1, which gives you 2 stamps. These packages cater to casual players and serious bingo lovers alike. The variety ensures you’ll find a price point that fits your playing style and budget.

Buzz Bingo Gateshead Gaming Options

Buzz Bingo Gateshead offers a diverse range of gaming options. You’ll find various bingo games and slot machines to suit your preferences.

  • Electronic bingo tickets priced from £8.50 to £67
  • Paper tickets available from £2 to £10
  • Sessions featuring 5 to 14 bingo games each
  • Special games like I Love Double Money and Party Time Special
  • Cash Builder game for additional winning chances
  • £5 bingo play for new members on first and second visits
  • Slot machines with £500 jackpots
  • Progressive jackpot games for bigger prizes
  • Touchpad and touchscreen options for modern gameplay
  • Responsible gaming resources provided on-site

Buzz Bingo Gateshead Food and Beverage Services

Fancy a bite while you play? Buzz Bingo Gateshead’s got you sorted. Tuck into their iconic chicken basket or choose from veggie, vegan, and gluten-free options. Quench your thirst with bar deals available all day, every day.

New members, listen up – you’ll snag food and drink offers for just £5 on your first two visits.

Feeling lucky? Grab a Pot of Gold Community Jackpot Stamp for £1 and get two stamps. You’ll find a range of snacks and refreshing drinks to keep you fuelled during your bingo sessions.

The menu caters to various dietary needs, ensuring everyone can enjoy a tasty treat while playing their favourite games.

Highlights at Buzz Bingo Gateshead

Get ready for thrills at Buzz Bingo Gateshead. You’ll find exciting slot machines, big jackpots, and perks for new members… Want to know more?

Slot Machines and Jackpot Games

At Buzz Bingo Gateshead, you’ll find an exciting array of slot machines and jackpot games. The venue boasts £500 jackpot machines, giving you the chance to win big. You’ll also enjoy a wide selection of digital slot machines, offering hundreds of different games to suit your taste.

These games aren’t just for fun – they serve a purpose. The revenue generated from these machines supports local community events and facilities. You’re playing under strict regulations and guidelines, ensuring a fair and safe gaming environment.

Remember, play responsibly and within your means.

Exclusive Benefits for New Members

Buzz Bingo Gateshead rolls out the red carpet for newcomers. You’ll snag a special pack brimming with goodiesfood vouchers, slots credit, and bingo offers. Your first visit nets you a £10 slots voucher for just a fiver.

The ‘New to Club’ programme pairs you with seasoned players, easing you into the bingo scene. Pop in on the first Saturday monthly for orientation sessions… perfect for getting your bearings and meeting fellow newbies.

Special Events and Live Shows

Special events at Buzz Bingo Gateshead keep punters coming back for more. You’ll find themed nights like ABBA Bingo and Grease vs. Dirty Dancing, bringing extra excitement to your game.

Exclusive prize giveaways add to the thrill, giving you chances to win big beyond the usual jackpots.

Live shows are another draw, showcasing local talent and providing a stage for up-and-coming artists. These events pack the house, creating a buzzing atmosphere you won’t want to miss.

From music to comedy, there’s always something new to enjoy alongside your bingo cards and slots.

Customer Reviews and Experiences at Buzz Bingo Gateshead

Buzz Bingo Gateshead boasts a stellar 5/5 rating from user reviews. Patrons consistently praise the club’s exceptional staff and customer service. You’ll find a welcoming atmosphere where your needs are met with a smile.

The Buzz Bingo Customer Reviews Team actively engages with feedback, responding to 98% of negative comments within 24 hours. This commitment ensures your concerns are heard and addressed promptly, enhancing your overall bingo experience.

Attractions Near Buzz Bingo Gateshead

Buzz Bingo Gateshead’s location offers easy access to various attractions. You’ll find a mix of entertainment, shopping, and cultural sites within reach.

  • MetroCentre: Europe’s largest shopping and leisure complex, just a stone’s throw away
  • St James’ Park: Home of Newcastle United FC, perfect for football fans
  • Victoria Tunnel: 19th-century waggonway beneath Newcastle, now a visitor attraction
  • The Lit & Phil: Independent library and event space, ideal for book lovers
  • Vue Cinema Gateshead: Modern multiplex showing the latest blockbusters
  • Treetop Golf Gateshead: Indoor mini-golf course with a rainforest theme
  • Odeon Metrocentre: Another cinema option for film buffs
  • Belong Gateshead: Gaming arena for esports enthusiasts
  • Toby Carvery: British roast dinner restaurant nearby
  • Bella Italia Gateshead: Italian cuisine close to Buzz Bingo
  • TGI Fridays: American-style restaurant within walking distance
  • Historical tours: Explore Newcastle’s rich past on foot
  • Art walks: Discover local galleries and street art
  • Architecture tours: Admire Gateshead’s unique buildings
  • City walking tours: Get to know the area’s hidden gems
  • Food tours: Sample local delicacies and favourite eateries

Nearby Bingo Halls

You’ll find several bingo halls near Buzz Bingo Gateshead. These venues offer various gaming options and experiences for bingo enthusiasts.

  1. Buzz Bingo Newcastle: Located a short drive away, this hall features similar games and promotions as the Gateshead branch.
  2. Buzz Bingo Sunderland: Another nearby option for Buzz Bingo fans, offering a familiar atmosphere and gaming selection.
  3. Buzz Bingo Washington: A third Buzz Bingo location in the area, providing more opportunities for your favourite games.
  4. Mecca Bingo on East Street: This Gateshead venue offers an alternative to Buzz Bingo with its own unique promotions and events.
  5. Ritz Bingo and Social Club: For a classic bingo experience, this club provides a traditional setting and games.
  6. Buzz Bingo and Slots Room on Clifford Street: This location combines bingo with a dedicated slots area for varied gaming options.


Buzz Bingo Gateshead offers a vibrant gaming experience with diverse options. You’ll find traditional and electronic bingo, slots, and table games to suit your preferences. The club’s convenient location, ample parking, and accessible public transport make it easy to visit.

With competitive pricing, regular promotions, and a welcoming atmosphere, it’s a top choice for bingo enthusiasts. Don’t forget to check their Facebook page for the latest updates and special events.

Ready for some bingo fun? Head to Buzz Bingo Gateshead and try your luck today.