Buzz Bingo Stratford

Buzz Bingo Stratford

Buzz Bingo Stratford offers a lively atmosphere where you can enjoy a variety of bingo games, slots, and other activities.

As a well-established centre for leisure activities, Buzz Bingo provides not only gaming options but also a space to socialise and relax. You’ll also have convenient access to refreshments.

In terms of accessibility and convenience, the club is strategically placed on the High Street with excellent transport links, meaning getting there is hassle-free.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, Buzz Bingo caters to both the newcomer and the regular player, ensuring a welcoming environment for all.

Key Takeaways

  • Buzz Bingo Stratford is a vibrant hub for bingo and entertainment with a focus on inclusivity.
  • The club boasts a prime location with easy transport options for straightforward access.
  • A diverse range of games and amenities are structured to accommodate both new and loyal members.

Opening Times

Buzz Bingo Stratford welcomes you throughout the week at various times for your convenience. Here’s a straightforward timetable:

Monday to Thursday:

  • Open from 11 am to 2 am

Friday and Saturday:

  • Extended hours from 11 am to 4 am


  • Starts a bit later at 12 pm, closing at 4 am

These timings provide ample opportunity for you to enjoy a full range of activities at Buzz Bingo Stratford.

Session Times

You’ll find a variety of session times to fit your schedule.

Morning games begin at 10:30 am every day from Monday to Saturday, perfect for you if you prefer to play early.

For a later start, afternoon sessions are available at 1 pm from Monday to Friday and at 1:30 pm over the weekend.

In the evening, the fun starts at 7 pm every day of the week. This gives you the flexibility to join in for evening sessions after work or to round off your day. There are no morning games on Sundays, giving you a late start to the day.

These times are reliable, so you can plan your visit with confidence.

Session Prices

When you plan your visit, you’ll find Breakfast Bingo ranging from £3 to £12, with varied packages to fit your preference.

For the afternoon, expect the paper main events to generally cost £2, apart from Saturday’s game priced higher at £10.

Evening sessions have varied pricing:

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday: £5
  • Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday: £10
  • Thursday: Free session available

Touchpad main events are available with packages between £5 and £70, catering to both casual players and those looking for more comprehensive options. Visit the official website for detailed information on e-bingo.

About Buzz Bingo Stratford

Buzz Bingo Stratford is nestled on High Street, an accessible location teeming with energy, close to the Stratford Shopping Centre.

If driving is your choice, rest easy knowing there are ample on-site parking facilities. For those opting for public transport, buses 25, 425, D8, and N8 will deliver you right outside the door.

The site was formerly known as Gala Bingo Stratford, but bloomed anew as Buzz Bingo in 2018, reflecting a fresh and vibrant community focus.

Your bingo needs are catered for comprehensively, with games available morning, afternoon, and evening, inviting both novices and seasoned players alike.

Prominent features of Buzz Bingo Stratford:

  • A welcoming environment for all, with staff ready to guide newcomers.
  • Diverse promotions well worth keeping an eye on, announced on their Facebook page and within the club.
  • A lively social scene, celebrating major calendar events with exciting live shows, contests, and giveaways.

Accessibility is excellent, with the Stratford tube, DLR, and train services all within a stone’s throw.

When hunger strikes, a variety of food and drink options promise to revitalise you for the next game.

With such a warm, inclusive atmosphere and a continuous stream of activities, Buzz Bingo Stratford has firmly established itself not just as a bingo hall, but as a hub of communal joy in London.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Buzz Bingo Stratford’s opening hours?

Buzz Bingo Stratford welcomes you from early morning until late evening. Exact times vary, so it’s best to check their official website or contact the club directly for the most current information.

How much does it cost to play at Buzz Bingo Stratford?

The cost of playing bingo at Buzz Bingo Stratford starts as low as £2, with prices varying depending on the game and the day of the week. Special events and certain sessions may have different pricing:

  • Morning games start from £3
  • Afternoon paper games usually cost £2, except on Saturday when the price is £10
  • Evening games are around £5 on select days, with some costing £10 and a free session available on Thursday

What food and drink options are available at Buzz Bingo Stratford?

You’ll find a selection of snacks and meals at Buzz Bingo Stratford, including light bites and heartier options. Their bar offers a variety of drinks, from soft beverages to alcoholic options. Specific offerings can be found on their menu on-site.

Are there any parking facilities available at Buzz Bingo Stratford?

Yes, Buzz Bingo Stratford provides a private car park with approximately 100 spaces available for patrons. This makes it convenient if you’re driving to the club.

Can patrons bring their own food items into the Buzz Bingo venue?

As with most bingo halls, it’s best to follow Buzz Bingo Stratford’s policy on outside food. Typically, external food and drinks are discouraged to support the venue’s own catering services.