Mecca Bingo Luton

Mecca Bingo Luton

Mecca Bingo Luton stands out as a vibrant spot where you can indulge in the exciting activities of bingo, slots, Slingo, casino games and jackpots. It’s not just about playing games; it’s also where you can enjoy tasty food like chicken tikka curry, burgers and loaded fries from Harry Ramsden’s.

You have the option to book your two-hour bingo session in advance, making sure you get time for both fun and food. The My Mecca Club app makes your visit even smoother with exclusive deals and a hassle-free way to order refreshments straight to your seat.

For new visitors, there’s an enticing welcome offer — play some rounds of bingo along with extra perks for only £5. Open daily from morning till late at Skimpot Road in Luton, this place has received various reviews highlighting its mixed feedback on staff service and meal quality but stays popular nonetheless.

Managed by Rank Interactive (Gibraltar) Ltd., it follows strict regulations ensuring safe and responsible entertainment.

This club is more than just a gaming venue—it’s part of the community with special offers, live events, rewards for members and helpful tips from other visitors that make each trip memorable.

Ready to explore what makes Mecca Bingo Luton stand out?

Exploring Mecca Bingo Luton

Mecca Bingo Luton sits at Skimpot Road, welcoming you every day from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. This spot offers a mix of fun games like bingo, Slingo, slots, casino delights, and big jackpots.

You’ll find mouth-watering food options too — think chicken tikka curry and burgers to Harry Ramsden’s famous dishes.

Your visit ensures about 2 hours of bingo excitement. Plus, you can use your credits on both exciting slot actions and delightful meals and drinks. With the My Mecca Club app, grabbing those exclusive offers becomes easy-peasy.

Pre-booking your session is smart; it guarantees your spot for the fun ahead.

Available Bingo Games and Slot Machines

You find many bingo games here. Choose from paper bingo or Mecca Max for different prices and game types. Alongside, there’s a big choice of slot machines, including favorites like casino games and jackpots.

Each offers a unique way to play and win, keeping things exciting every time you visit.

Schedule of Live Entertainment Events

Mecca Bingo Luton brings you live entertainment that lights up your nights. From music to comedy, each event promises memorable moments.

  1. Check the club’s online calendar for weekly updates on live acts.
  2. Every Friday night, catch local bands putting on exciting performances.
  3. Saturdays are for laughs with stand-up comedians taking the stage at 8 PM.
  4. Special guest appearances happen monthly, featuring renowned artists and performers.
  5. Enjoy tribute acts celebrating legendary musicians and bands twice a month.
  6. The last Sunday of every month hosts a big bingo event combined with live entertainment, doubling the fun from 7 PM.
  7. Join themed nights, including ’80s music or movie marathons, announced beforehand on the My Mecca App.
  8. Participate in karaoke nights every Thursday, where you can showcase your singing talent starting at 9 PM.
  9. Top DJs take over after bingo sessions on selected evenings to keep the party going until close time at 10 PM.
  10. For those looking to learn something new, interactive game shows and quizzes are organised fortnightly, engaging participants with chances to win prizes.

Stay updated through Mecca Bingo Luton’s website or My Mecca App for exact dates and times so you don’t miss out on these fantastic events.

Menu and Beverage Choices

You’ll find delicious meals like chicken tikka curry, burgers, and loaded fries at Mecca Bingo Luton. They also serve dishes from Harry Ramsden’s, ensuring there’s something tasty for everyone.

For drinks, the club has a range of options to keep you refreshed during your games. With exclusive drink offers through the My Mecca Club app, you can enjoy more for less.

Ordering food and drinks is easy with digital service via the My Mecca Club app—no need to pause your fun. Plus, if you’re new here, get extra vouchers worth £5 to spend on food and beverages as a warm welcome.

This makes dining and playing at Mecca Bingo an even better experience. The club takes care of your safety too, especially regarding securing customer accounts during digital orders.

How to Book Your Bingo Session

Booking your bingo session in advance ensures you get a seat. It covers about 2 hours of bingo games. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Visit the Mecca Bingo website or use the club finder tool if you’re not sure where Skimpot Road, Luton is.
  2. Look for the ‘Book Now’ button on the Mecca Bingo Luton page.
  3. Choose the date and time that suits you best.
  4. If you’re a new player, sign up for an account; it only takes a few minutes.
  5. Use your preferred payment methods to pay for your session – they offer market-leading security technology to keep your details safe.
  6. Get confirmation of your booking via email.
  7. Download the My Mecca Club app for exclusive offers and easy digital membership card scanning.
  8. On the day, arrive early to grab a good seat and order food and drinks through the app.

This process is simple and helps promote safer gambling by allowing you to plan your visit in advance. Plus, as a fun extra, new members can enjoy bingo and extra vouchers for just £5.

Benefits of Downloading the My Mecca Club App

The My Mecca Club app is your gateway to a world of exclusive bingo perks. It transforms the way you play and interact with Mecca Bingo Luton.

  1. Exclusive Offers: You’ll get special deals that are only available through the app, giving you a chance to save money and enjoy more games.
  2. Digital Membership Card: Forget about carrying another card; your phone now has all you need for quick access and identification at the club.
  3. Food and Drink Ordering: No more waiting in line when hunger or thirst strikes during your visit. Order directly from your seat.
  4. Updates on Promotions: Stay informed about the latest deals, promotions, and events so you never miss out on opportunities for fun and savings.
  5. Pre-booking Capabilities: Secure your spot ahead of time for bingo sessions. This convenience means no disappointment on busy nights.
  6. Use of Credits: The £5 welcome offer for new members includes bingo, plus extra vouchers to spend on slot machines or at the bar and restaurant.
  7. Easy Communication: Need assistance? The app provides a direct line to customer service, ensuring help is just a tap away.

With these benefits at your fingertips, downloading the My Mecca Club app is a simple decision for anyone wanting to improve their bingo experience in Luton.

Overview of Membership and Rewards

Joining Mecca Bingo Luton instantly opens up a range of benefits and rewards for you. As soon as you sign up, the club welcomes new members with open arms, offering bingo and extra vouchers at a mere £5.

This is just the start. Engaging with various games earns points that can lead to exclusive deals and more playing opportunities.

Mecca Bingo’s dedication to improving your experience doesn’t stop there. With the My Mecca Club app, you gain access to unmatched perks: think exclusive offers, hassle-free digital membership card scanning, and even ordering food and drink straight from your phone.

Plus, stay in the loop with all current promotions effortlessly. Membership truly redefines convenience while maximising entertainment value at every visit—ensuring each trip to Mecca Bingo Luton is as rewarding as it is enjoyable.

Current Special Offers and Promotions

You’ll find great deals at Mecca Bingo Luton right now. For new members, there’s a special welcome offer. Just £5 gets you into bingo plus some extra vouchers to use. Also, by downloading the My Mecca Club app, you unlock exclusive offers not found anywhere else.

This app lets you scan your digital membership card and order food and drinks on top of keeping you updated with the latest promotions. Play safely and always gamble responsibly as part of your visit to enjoy these offers fully.

Features and Services at Mecca Bingo Luton

Mecca Bingo Luton has lots for you. They offer different games like bingo, slots, Slingo, casino games, and jackpots. You can find food and drinks too. Enjoy chicken tikka curry, burgers, loaded fries, and Harry Ramsden’s dishes there.

Want to make sure you have a seat? You can book your bingo session ahead of time. Each booking gives you around 2 hours of fun with bingo. You can also use some credit on the slot machines or for buying food and drinks.

Downloading the My Mecca Club app gives you more perks. It lets you scan your digital membership card quickly, order food and drink from your seat, see exclusive offers and get updates on promotions straight to your phone.

If you are new here, they welcome you with open arms—new members get to play bingo plus extra vouchers all just for £5. Every week they set up various bingo sessions including traditional paper bingo or the modern Mecca Max—for different prices depending on what game options catch your eye.

Attractions Close to Mecca Bingo Luton

Right around Mecca Bingo Luton, you’ll find lots to do. You can visit the beautiful Wardown Park, just a short drive away. It’s perfect for walks and has a lovely lake. If you like history, Stockwood Discovery Centre is nearby too.

It shows local history and gardens.

For shopping fans, The Mall Luton offers loads of shops. After bingo, it could be your go-to place. Also, check out Dunstable Downs if you enjoy nature. They offer great views and walking paths.

So, you see, there’s something close by for everyone to enjoy after playing at Mecca Bingo Luton.

Additional Tips for Visitors

Check out our guide for smooth visits. Always book ahead, and read what others say to make your trip better.

Why It’s Popular with Travelling Bingo Players

Mecca Bingo Luton captures this with its mix of games like bingo, slots, and casino favourites. It’s not just about trying your luck; you also get to taste foods from around the globe such as chicken tikka curry and loaded fries.

Imagine relaxing with a drink in hand after winning at Slingo or enjoying live entertainment available at various locations.

New to Mecca Bingo? You’re welcomed with open arms and special deals — bingo plus extra vouchers for just £5. This gesture makes every visit memorable and keeps you coming back.

With delicious foods, exciting games, and great company, it’s clear why travellers find Mecca Bingo Luton an irresistible stop on their trips.

Importance of Pre-booking

Pre-booking your bingo session at Mecca Bingo Luton guarantees you a spot. Each session lasts about 2 hours, filled with various games. By reserving ahead, you also get to use your credit on the slot machines and for buying food and drinks.

The club hosts different bingo events, like paper bingo and Mecca Max, throughout the week. Prices vary for each game option.

Making a reservation means no worries about finding a seat when you arrive. It’s smart to pre-book especially during busy times or special events. This way, you spend more time enjoying the slots, snacks, and sips instead of waiting in line.

Reviews and Testimonials from Visitors

Mecca Bingo Luton has 25 reviews with an average score of 3.0 out of 5. Visitors share their thoughts on staff friendliness, food quality, and the club’s fresh concept. Some guests love the warm welcomes they get from staff members; others find the meals tasty and worth trying.

Yet, not all feedback is positive—mixed reactions highlight areas for improvement.

Visitors point out both good and bad experiences clearly. For example, a few mention how helpful the staff are when explaining new games or promotions.

On the downside, some say waiting times for service can be long or that certain parts of the venue need updating. This kind of honest feedback helps Mecca Bingo Luton know what works well and what needs change.

Locating Your Nearest Mecca Bingo Club

Finding your nearest Mecca Bingo club is easy and ensures a fun day or night out. You’ll enjoy a range of games, live entertainment, and tasty treats. Here’s how to find one:

  1. Visit the Mecca Bingo website on your computer or phone.
  2. Use the “Club Finder” feature—enter your town, city, or postcode.
  3. Check out the list of clubs near you—it shows locations and how far they are from you.
  4. Select a club to see its address, contact details, and what’s on offer—like bingo games, slots, and events.
  5. Look at the schedule for live entertainment to plan your visit.
  6. View the menu online to see food and beverage options ahead of time.
  7. Download the My Mecca Club app for exclusive offers and easy booking—for both online casino games and in-club sessions.
  8. The app also lets you scan your digital membership card for quick entry.
  9. Read reviews on social media or bars & clubs review sites to see what others say about that location.
  10. For problem gambling concerns, each club provides information on self-exclusion programs to ensure visitor privacy and security.

To make sure you have a great time, follow these steps carefully and choose the club that best fits what you’re looking for in terms of games, entertainment, and dining options.

Contact Details and Customer Support

Need to get in touch with Mecca Bingo Luton? That’s easy. Just call their customer support team at the phone number provided on their website. They’re ready to help you with bookings, answer your questions, and provide information about special offers and events.

Prefer writing? Email them! Their email address is also listed on their contact page for your convenience. And don’t forget, visiting the club’s official website gives you instant access to all this info and more, including a FAQ section that might have the answers you’re seeking right away.

Looking for updates or want to connect socially? Follow Mecca Bingo Luton on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Here, they share news about upcoming events, promotions, and so much more – all aimed at improving your bingo experience.

So why wait? Get in touch with Mecca Bingo Luton today for a fun-filled visit or any assistance you might need. Your next great bingo adventure is just a conversation away!


You’ve discovered Mecca Bingo Luton, a place where fun meets excitement. Here, you can play various games like bingo and slots or enjoy live shows. The club offers tasty dishes too.

Make sure to book your bingo session in advance for the best experience. Downloading the My Mecca Club app gives you special deals and updates on events. Joining gives you rewards and even more fun with their welcome offer.

This spot is perfect for a night out or a day of games and music. It stands near other attractions, making it easy to find more fun nearby. By visiting, you join many others who love this place for its entertainment and inviting atmosphere.

So, gather your friends or come alone; either way, you’re in for a great time. Every visit promises new surprises with ongoing specials and promotions – all set in a safe environment that takes care of all guests’ safety online and offline.

Get ready to make unforgettable memories at Mecca Bingo Luton!