80 Ball Bingo

There’s a classic game known as 80-ball bingo that offers an exciting variation to traditional bingo gameplay. This variant features a 4×4 grid with 16 squares and is played with numbers 1-80, organised by colour.

Players aim to complete specific patterns on their ticket to win, such as diagonal, horizontal, or vertical lines, four corners, or a full house. Some rooms even offer extra jackpot prizes and special features to enhance the gameplay.

80-ball bingo can be enjoyed on various bingo sites and is a favourite among players because of the colourful cards and engaging patterns required to win.

If you’re looking to try out a new bingo experience, 80-ball bingo is a great option to explore.

Key Takeaways

  • 80-ball bingo originated in the UK as a filler game between traditional 90-ball games played in bingo halls. It uses a 4×4 grid card with numbers ranging from 1 to 80.
  • Top online bingo sites like Foxy Bingo, MrQ Bingo, Betfred Bingo, Jackpotjoy, and Sun Bingo offer exciting 80-ball bingo games with tickets priced between 1p and 15p. Games start every 5 minutes.
  • Special features like Roll on Bingo, multiple winning patterns (lines, four corners, full house), bonus rounds, and daily, weekly, monthly jackpots make 80-ball bingo gameplay thrilling.
  • Players can opt for automatic daubing or manually mark off called numbers on their cards. Reputable sites provide secure and regulated gaming environments.

Popular Bingo Sites for 80-Ball Bingo

Even though 80-ball bingo is not as common as other variants, many bingo sites offer this game.

Listed below are some of the most popular bingo sites that offer 80 ball bingo games:

Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo shines as a prominent name when looking to play 80-ball bingo. Offering games every five minutes, with tickets ranging from 1p to 15p, there’s plenty of options at Foxy Bingo.

Foxy Bingo delivers an immersive 80-ball bingo experience. Its user-friendly interface seamlessly guides bingo players, ensuring an enjoyable and hassle-free time whilst playing there.

Betfred Bingo

Betfred Bingo stands as a prominent online bingo site, renowned for its extensive collection of 80-ball bingo games. Tickets are affordably priced, ranging from a mere penny to a maximum of 15p, catering to diverse player preferences.

Various themed bingo rooms grace Betfred Bingo’s virtual halls, offering players a delightful assortment of themes to explore. Dedicated chat hosts foster a vibrant community atmosphere, ensuring an enjoyable and lively gaming environment.


Jackpotjoy, a renowned bingo site, offers lucrative 80-ball bingo games. It provides daily, hourly, weekly, and monthly jackpot prizes. Bonus rounds are available, boosting chances for substantial wins.

Sun Bingo

Sun Bingo offers vibrant 4×4 cards and engaging patterns for 80-ball bingo. It’s a top choice among players, providing manual daubing options.

Sun Bingo lets you enjoy varied 80-ball games with diverse prizes and jackpots.

Heart Bingo

Heart Bingo is a popular online bingo site where layers can access thrilling 80-ball bingo games along with bonuses and promotions designed specifically for this variant.

As part of the renowned Gamesys group, Heart Bingo offers a user-friendly interface and secure gaming environment. Players can enjoy a range of 80-ball bingo rooms, with frequent game sessions and opportunities to win exciting prizes.

History and Gameplay of 80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo originated in the UK. Its gameplay revolves around marking numbers off a 4×4 grid containing 16 numbers, ranging from 1 to 80. Players can win on various patterns — the most common being the full house covering all 16 numbers.

This bingo variant offers faster gameplay compared to its 90-ball counterpart.

Players must remain vigilant as numbers are drawn rapidly, often leading to quick payouts and faster game turnaround.

Origin and Name

80-ball bingo emerged as a filler game in British bingo halls. Initially dubbed “shutterboard bingo,” it provided quick entertainment between traditional 90-ball games.

The name “80-ball” directly refers to the number of balls used in play.

Features of Online 80 Ball Bingo

Online 80 ball bingo offers the same appeal as those at land based bingo halls. Numbers are randomly allocated across four horizontal and four vertical rows.

Ticket Layout and Number Allocation

Online 80 ball bingo tickets consist of a 4×4 grid with 16 squares. Each column has a different colour – red, yellow, blue, and white – with specific number ranges. Red has 1-20, yellow 21-40, blue 41-59, and white 60-80.

Numbered squares are split into coloured columns – each row holding specific number ranges. Players automatically or manually dab called digits. Varying payouts exist for different patterns like four corners.

Automatic and Manual Daubing

In online 80-ball bingo, you have two options for marking off numbersautomatic daubing or manual daubing. Automatic daubing marks the called numbers on your tickets automatically.

Manual daubing allows you to daub off numbers yourself by clicking on them.

Automatic daubing is convenient, ensuring you don’t miss numbers. But manual daubing adds an interactive element, involving you in the game. Some players prefer the control of manually daubing their tickets.

Ticket Prices and Game Frequency

Ticket prices in 80-ball bingo are budget-friendly, ranging from 1p to 15p per ticket. Frequent games commence every 5 minutes, ensuring continuous entertainment.

With cost-efficient tickets and rapid game rotations, players enjoy affordable thrills on a consistent basis. This format attracts diverse audiences seeking exhilarating yet economical online gaming experiences.

Winning Patterns and Prizes

Winners celebrate completing specific number patterns – horizontal, vertical, diagonal lines or four corners. Full house wins the jackpot. Some games offer multiple prizes e.g. one line, two lines and full house.

Progressive pots grow until there is a winner.

Extra prizes abound – daily, hourly, weekly, monthly jackpots. Bonus rounds mean more chances to win big. Multiple jackpots and prizes keep the action intense.

Special Features and Jackpots

Many 80-ball bingo games feature extra jackpots. These provide chances to win large sums beyond regular prizes. Some offer daily, weekly, or monthly jackpots that grow until there is a winner.

Others have progressive jackpots that increase with each game played until someone wines.

Special features enhance excitement – like ‘Roll On’ bingo where numbers keep getting called after a full house. This allows multiple winners sharing a bigger pot. Some sites let you play for extra jackpot prizes on specific games or patterns.

Completing tricky shapes or getting a full house within a certain number of calls can pay out big bonuses.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds add excitement. They often provide extra jackpots and prizes. Some 80-ball bingo sites offer special bonus rounds with automatic daubing. Players may still manually mark numbers too.

Bonus rounds give an extra level of fun and rewards.


With these considerations in mind, it is clear that 80-ball bingo offers a unique and exciting variation to the traditional bingo game. The colourful cards and different patterns required for winning add a refreshing twist to the gaming experience.

From the variety of winning patterns to the additional jackpot prizes available, players have a chance to keep entertained while aiming for a win. Whether you prefer automatic marking or manual daubing, the game caters to different playing preferences.

With popular bingo sites offering this variant and a variety of rooms to choose from, players can easily access and enjoy 80-ball bingo online.

Overall, 80-ball bingo provides an engaging and enjoyable experience for bingo players looking for something new and exciting to try.