bingo bowl

Bingo Bowl

Bingo Bowl introduces a novel approach to enjoying bingo, wrapped in the fun and familiar theme of ten-pin bowling.

As you launch into this 50-ball variant, remember that it’s not just about striking down pins; it’s about connecting numbers on your card with those called out. It’s designed to engage players above the age of 18, ensuring everyone involved enjoys the essence of bingo combined with the excitement of bowling.

Understanding the mechanics of Bingo Bowl is straightforward.

You acquire a card featuring pins, each assigned a number. Watch closely as numbers are drawn, striking off the corresponding pin on your card.

The game rewards swift action, with prizes awarded to the first players achieving specific patterns, thereby striking a balance between strategy and luck.

Your aim is simple: clear your pin deck to win big.

Key Takeaways

  • Bingo Bowl combines bingo with ten-pin bowling.
  • Players above 18 years can enjoy this simple yet strategic game.
  • Success is about matching numbers and clearing your board quickly.

What Is Bingo Bowl?

Bingo Bowl is an exclusive 50-ball game available at William Hill Bingo, with a distinctive ten-pin bowling theme.

As opposed to traditional bingo tickets, your numbers are allocated on bowling pins. The primary goal is to mark off all your pins as numbers are drawn, achieving a ‘strike’ to win the game.

The prizes in Bingo Bowl include:

  • A house prize for the first to achieve a strike
  • The Lucky Strike Jackpot
  • The Kingpin Jackpot

Unlike 90-ball bingo, this faster-paced online bingo variant is themed after a bowling alley, merging the excitement of both bowling and bingo bowling.

How To Play

To kick off your play, you first need to acquire your tickets. The price ranges between 5p and 10p, and this variable cost is displayed for each game.

You can buy up to 35 tickets and choosing them is straightforward – simply click the + and – buttons, adjust the slider, or select the predetermined bundles.

Once you possess your tickets, the numbers will show up on your screen. A countdown to the game start will be visible in the lobby.

Meanwhile, opportunities to engage in chat, participate in side games, or spin the slots are available.

Rest assured, the wait is brief – each game only lasts between one to two minutes.

Here’s what happens during the game:

  • Numbers are called and shown on the bowling alley return rack.
  • Matched numbers equate to knocked-down pins on your ticket.
  • No manual marking is needed, as the game auto-detects matches.

Achieving a full house means all your pins are down, marking you as the jackpot winner. Celebratory animated graphics will acknowledge your victory!


  • 50-ball bingo is fast-paced.
  • Your objective: clear all pins for the full house.
  • Keep an eye on the jackpot prize and the fun mini-games during intermissions.


When you play Bingo, the main goal is usually to win the full house prize. But in some games, there are extra rewards like the Lucky Strike Jackpot and the Kingpin Jackpot. These special jackpots add more chances to win beyond the typical house prize.

The Lucky Strike rewards you if you get a full house in 15 numbers or fewer.

It’s a shared pot, giving you half of the prize and dividing the other half among all players with a valid ticket in the game.

The Kingpin Jackpot works a bit differently.

You win it by getting a full house on a number that hasn’t turned gold on the shared Kingpin jackpot ticket. This ticket appears in the game’s interface for all participants to see.

If you win, not only do you get the Kingpin Jackpot prize, but you also help everyone else.

Like the Lucky Strike, it’s a community jackpot, with half going to the winning player and the rest divided among ticket holders.

Quick Jackpot Facts:

  • Lucky Strike: Win by calling full house in 15 numbers or fewer.
  • Kingpin: Claim on a non-golden number for the full house.
  • Community rewards: Both jackpots split the prize with other players.

Game Preview

Buying tickets is straightforward. You can soon be a part of William Hill Bingo with exclusive games accessible right from the lobby.

Whether you’re on desktop or mobile, including iOS, getting involved is hassle-free.

Ticket prices are reasonable, and each game offers a chance to collect the Full House prize of £10.

With engaging graphics and catchy sounds, these games enrich your bingo experience.

A unique feature is the Kingpin Jackpot, a community pot that could lead to additional prizes.

Alongside, you’ll find other popular titles like Coconut Island, Rainbow Riches, and Deal or No Deal within the same lobby for variety.

  • Ticket Purchase: Easy and accessible
  • Full House Winner: Fixed prize of £10
  • Kingpin Jackpot: Opportunity for community winnings
  • Game Variety: Range from classic to exclusive

Each game is straight to the point. A clear RTP (Return to Player) is provided, assuring you understand the potential returns of your time in the lobby.