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Bingo Blast

Bingo Blast is an innovative and engaging game that brings a fresh take on traditional 90-ball bingo. This fast-paced game features a unique style of play and cutting-edge graphics, making it an appealing choice for players who crave a modern bingo experience. With exceptional sound effects and numerous special features, Bingo Blast offers endless entertainment while remaining accessible to both beginners and experienced players alike.

Not only does Bingo Blast boast an impressive variety of gameplay options, but it is also available on numerous websites, making it easy to access and enjoy. Whether you’re interested in playing on mobile devices or online via a web browser, this game has you covered. Beyond the standard gameplay, there’s even a seasonal twist in the form of the Snowball Blast, an exciting December special edition.

Bingo Blast

What Is Bingo Blast?

Bingo Blast is a fast-paced variation of the classic 90-ball bingo game, designed to attract new bingo players by offering a unique twist on tradition. In this game, more than half of the bingo balls are called in two quick ‘blasts’ at the start, making it a race to a full house.

Some key features of Bingo Blast include:

  • No 1-line or 2-line prizes
  • Majority of games last between 15-40 seconds
  • Exclusively available at Pragmatic Play bingo sites, including all Jumpman brands

This game not only keeps the excitement high but also offers a fresh take on a beloved classic for those who enjoy an energetic bingo challenge.

How To Play

To play Bingo Blast, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Bingo Blast lobby and purchase your tickets, ranging from 2p to 5p per card. You can buy a maximum of 60 tickets for 2p games or 40 tickets for 5p games. The full house prize is displayed at the top of each game and at the purchase panel.
  2. Once the game starts, watch the two rapid-fire bursts of bingo balls get called. The bingo tickets will be automatically marked (auto-daubed). You can turn on or off sound effects and auto-daub in the game options. Due to the fast-paced nature of Bingo Blast, we recommend keeping auto-daub on.
  3. Players aim to match all remaining numbers on their tickets as quickly as possible. The winner is the first player to cover all numbers on a ticket (full house).

Remember, buying more tickets won’t increase the prize amount but will increase your odds of winning. The 5p games generally offer larger jackpots compared to the 2p games.

A fun fact about Bingo Blast is that it’s designed to be a fast-paced and exciting variation of traditional 90-ball Bingo. The gameplay is simple, yet it ensures a thrilling match with its unique speed and intensity.

In summary, to play Bingo Blast:

  • Purchase bingo tickets at different price points
  • Witness the two rapid-fire bursts of bingo numbers
  • Auto-daub your tickets
  • Aim for a full house and enjoy the fast-paced gameplay!

Graphics and Sound Effects

The game boasts a visually appealing purple and orange colour scheme. The purple background contrasts well with the orange coloured balls displaying numbers.

The total player count, ticket price, and the prize amount are also in orange, making them easily visible.

Accompanying the graphics, this game offers an optional voice-over for ball calls while not including background music.

Designed with a mobile-first approach, the game ensures an engaging and immersive experience on the go. Some key features include:

  • Modern graphics: The game exhibits a contemporary visual design.
  • Mobile-first game: Play effortlessly on mobile devices.
  • Playing on the go: Enjoy the game whenever and wherever you want.
  • Immersive visuals: The game’s captivating visuals create an enthralling atmosphere.

Seasonal variations such as Snowball and Beachball Blast are available during winter and summer months, with the same gameplay mechanics and a distinctive seasonal makeover. So the next time you’re looking for an enjoyable mobile bingo game with charming graphics and sound, give this game a try.

Jackpots and Special Features

In Bingo Blast, the game’s speedy nature means you won’t find additional features or jackpots. The main prize on offer is the full house, ensuring a simple yet exciting playing experience for all.

Game Preview

Quickly purchase tickets and enjoy a fast-paced game with Bingo Blast. Your numbers appear beautifully arranged on tickets, and the game starts with two rapid blasts of numbers. In the end, the lucky full house winner can scoop a £6.44 prize!

Where To Play

To play Bingo Blast, simply visit bingo sites using Pragmatic Play software.

  • Heart Bingo – A leading bingo brand known for its vibrant community and generous promotions.
  • Butlers Bingo – Offers a sophisticated bingo experience with top-notch customer service.
  • Glossy Bingo – Features a sleek, modern design and an impressive selection of bingo games.
  • Dotty Bingo – Provides a fun, friendly atmosphere perfect for both new and experienced players.
  • Bingo Diamond – Delivers a premium bingo experience with exclusive games and rewards.
  • Mirror Bingo – Backed by the trusted Mirror brand, offering a secure and entertaining bingo environment.

Visit these websites and start enjoying Bingo Blast!