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Bingo Beats Game

Bingo Beats is a vibrant online game that has redefined the traditional bingo setup. With 50-ball bingo at its core, it introduces an interactive element where numbers are not just called out, but they appear on your screen as colourful, floating digits against a dark backdrop, creating a visually engaging experience.

To win, stay alert and match the numbers that pop up.

The mechanics of Bingo Beats are straightforward, making it accessible for everyone of legal age. As the game unfolds, a rhythmic heart animates at the centre of the screen, adding to the excitement by revealing numbers within a dynamic heart shape.

By matching these numbers as they are called, you eliminate them from your board, inching closer to the potential jackpot.

Key Takeaways

  • Bingo Beats offers a fresh take on 50-ball bingo with an engaging interface.
  • Match the vibrant, floating numbers on-screen to progress in the game.
  • Enjoy the heart-pumping graphics and sounds as you play for the jackpot.

What Is Bingo Beats?

Bingo Beats is an innovative 50-ball bingo variant. It features a unique gameplay where numbers float on your screen against a dark blue backdrop. Unlike traditional bingo games, Bingo Beats involves numbers generated by a heartbeat animation, creating an engaging visual effect.

To win, simply match and burst all of your numbers before anyone else to claim the full house prize.

Key aspects of Bingo Beats:

  • Online bingo with a musical twist, where rhythms aid in the calling of numbers.
  • Multi-stake options allowing flexibility in game participation.
  • Interactive bingo beats rooms amplify the excitement of traditional online bingo.

How To Play

In Bingo Beats, you have two room options. Each room has different ticket prices and prizes. The Chakra room tickets range from 2p to 16p, while the Love room has tickets from 10p to £2.

Your potential prize scales with your ticket cost: more expensive tickets yield higher prizes.

To start, buy a single ticket for the game. The price you pay sets your possible winnings. For example, in the Chakra room:

  • 2p ticket could win you 60p
  • 16p ticket could net £4.80

The stakes and rewards in the Love room are higher, with a £2 ticket putting a £50 prize within reach. If you win a full house, but you’re not the only winner, the prize is shared equally.

Here’s what you can win based on your stake:

Chakra Room TicketPrize
Love Room TicketPrize

Gameplay is consistent across both rooms. Select your ticket price carefully as it corresponds directly to the value of prize you may win. Only one ticket per player means the game remains fair for everyone involved.

In summary, pick your room, buy your ticket, and play for the chance to win a prize reflective of your stake. Remember, a higher stake comes with the potential for a greater reward.

Graphics and Sound Effects

Your game screen lights up with vibrant rings of colour against a deep blue backdrop, capturing the essence of a modern party scene. A streamlined ticket option is also at your fingertips if you favour the classic bingo layout.

The heartbeat of the game pulsates through techno music, setting a lively rhythm that’s bolstered by the dynamic sound effects. As numbers are called, the intensity ratchets up in tune with the game’s pace, ensuring you stay engaged to the very end.

You’re in control of the sound effects and music volume, giving you the freedom to set the ambience just right for your gaming session.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Graphics: Colourful rings and a dark blue background
  • Sound: Upbeat techno music and escalating sound effects
  • Customisation: Adjustable audio settings, including a mute option
  • Layout: Traditional ticket view available

The visuals and audio in this game combine to create a lively atmosphere, making each playthrough uniquely enjoyable.


Jackpots in Bingo Beats were known for their excitement. Full house prizes demanded quick calls. Though, whether it’s a Maxi Jackpot or a Mini Jackpot you’re after, they’ve ceased since Summer 2021. The anticipation on £10k Fridays remains, as players aim for the standard game jackpot.

List of current prize opportunities:

  • Standard game full house prize
  • Special event jackpots
  • No progressive jackpots available

Now, focus remains on standard game winnings. Keep your eyes peeled for special events, which may offer different prizes.

Game Preview

In Bingo Beats, you’re in for a vibrant twist on traditional online bingo games. Expect a dynamic environment where numbers don’t just sit still—they float, they pulse, and they pop when matched!

  • Standard ticket layout available
  • Visual excitement with colourful animations
  • Modest wins from small stakes possible

Your matching number bursting signifies a successful call, and a full-house win simply adds to the excitement, proving that even a 4p stake can turn into winnings. If the standard chaos of floating numbers overwhelms you, take a breath and switch to a familiar ticket format in the settings.

Where To Play

You can enjoy Bingo Beats around the clock at Gala Bingo, with rooms that never close.

If you’re looking for variety, here is where you can play:

  • Entain group supports Bingo Beats across their brands.
  • Coral Bingo offers an accessible gaming ambiance.
  • Foxy Bingo and Ladbrokes Bingo both feature this popular game.

Remember to check the terms and conditions for any wagering requirements before you start playing.