Beacon Bingo Loughborough

Beacon Bingo Loughborough

Beacon Bingo in Loughborough is a special place for fun and games. This bingo hall isn’t just any venue; it’s part of the larger MERKUR Bingo community and sits proudly on Baxter Gate in Loughborough, England LE11 1TG.

It used to be an Odeon Cinema before turning into a bingo hall in the mid-1970s and has kept its charm ever since becoming Grade II listed in 2007.

But there’s more – beyond bingo, you can try out over 100 gaming machines or relax with food and drink. A group called Junction Church now owns it and they plan to fix it up over ten years without losing what makes it special.

Exploring the History of Beacon Bingo in Loughborough

Beacon Bingo in Loughborough started as an Odeon Cinema back in 1936. Oscar Deutsch had it built for his cinema chain. Arthur J. Price, from the Harry Weedon practice, designed it.

This spot wasn’t always about bingo; it first lit up lives with films until the mid-1970s when films gave way to bingo games. In 2007, this iconic place earned its Grade II listed building status because of its distinct modernist style and glazed, coloured faience tiles on the exterior.

You can still see its original cinema auditorium today, complete with a balcony and stage where films once played. Over time, Beacon Bingo became more than just a game spot; it turned into a community hub right at Baxter Gate in Leicestershire’s heart – LE11 1TG if you’re mapping it out.

It’s quite something that after so many years and changes, Beacon Bingo has kept the spirit of gathering people together alive in Loughborough.

Upcoming Events and Special Promotions at Beacon Bingo

Beacon Bingo in Loughborough is all set to welcome you back with a bang on Monday, 24th August. Get ready for exciting customer offers and a brand new menu. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  1. Special Re-launch Offers – The venue celebrates its reopening by offering unique deals for everyone walking through the doors.
  2. New Menu Launch – On your next visit, expect to try out delicious new dishes that have been added to the menu.
  3. VIP Party Packages – Book a special package for an unforgettable night out with friends or family.
  4. Customer Loyalty Rewards – Show how much you’re appreciated with exclusive rewards for returning members.
  5. Weekly Bingo Bonanzas – Every week, stand a chance to win more than £500 in selected games.
  6. Community Engagement Events – Join in various community support initiatives organised by the club.
  7. Exclusive Online Offers – Keep an eye out for special promotions available only through their online services.

Each event and promotion is designed to give you more reasons to enjoy every visit to Beacon Bingo Loughborough, making sure there’s something exciting around every corner!

Exclusive Membership Benefits at Beacon Bingo

Joining Beacon Bingo offers you exclusive benefits that improve your playing experience. You get access to special deals, events, and more.

  1. Special offers: Receive members only deals that include discounts and free plays.
  2. New menu items: Try new dishes before anyone else, thanks to your membership status.
  3. Priority booking: Get early access to book for upcoming events and special promotions.
  4. Community support: Participate in community engagement activities exclusive to members.
  5. Reward points: Collect points every time you play or purchase food and drinks, redeemable for games or meals.
  6. Birthday bonuses: Celebrate with free plays or special treats on your birthday.
  7. Exclusive updates: Stay informed with members-only newsletters about what’s happening at Beacon Bingo Loughborough.
  8. VIP treatment: Members can enjoy VIP party packages at discounted rates.

These benefits are crafted to make sure every visit is rewarding for you.

Beacon Bingo’s Role in Community Engagement and Support

Junction Church bought the old Beacon Bingo place on Baxter Gate for £1.25 million. They have big plans to fix it up over 10 years for the people of Loughborough. Before, they did cool stuff like ‘Summer Madness’, gave food at food banks, and offered meals every week at soup kitchens.

Now, they want to take out dangerous asbestos, put on a new roof, and install a heating system that works better. The huge hall can fit around 1,700 folks for modern gatherings and events that help the community.

They’re not doing it alone—they’ve got support from Junction Church and other groups with money to help out. This means the old bingo spot will be a safe place where families can come together.

It’ll host things like youth clubs and spaces where people can stay warm in winter. Everyone’s working hard to make sure this building does something good for Loughborough’s community again by offering these services and more.

Discover Additional Features at Beacon Bingo Loughborough

At Beacon Bingo in Loughborough, there’s more than bingo. You’ll also find tasty food, fun games, and cool party options.

Enjoy Dining and Drinks at Beacon Bingo

Beacon Bingo offers a new menu you will love.

Chief Operating Officer Mark Schertle says playing games here is not just about winning. It’s also about having fun with friends over good food and drinks. This place plays a big role in many people’s lives because it brings them together.

For fun times, don’t miss out on trying their tasty dishes and refreshing beverages. Whether you’re taking a break from bingo or just coming in for the food, there’s something everyone will like.

With special deals up to the end of August, now is a perfect time to visit.

Explore the Slots Lounge and Gaming Options

Inside Beacon Bingo, you find a Slots Lounge packed with 106 gaming machines.

Book VIP Party Packages

Booking VIP Party Packages at Beacon Bingo Loughborough makes your celebration unforgettable. You enjoy great games, delicious food, and excellent service, all set in a fun atmosphere. Here’s what you get:

  1. Private area just for you and your guests. This means you have space to laugh, play, and enjoy without bumping into others.
  2. A dedicated host will take care of everything. They answer questions, bring drinks, and make sure everyone has a good time.
  3. Access to special games that only VIP members can play. These games offer bigger prizes and exclusive fun.
  4. Unlimited soft drinks for the whole group throughout the event. Stay refreshed without extra cost.
  5. Tasty snacks and a new menu with options for everyone. Whether you love sweet treats or savoury bites, there’s something delicious waiting for you.
  6. Perspex screens and full cleans between customers make sure it’s safe to celebrate even during these uncertain times.
  7. Being part of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme until the end of August saves money on dining without skimping on quality or fun.

Your party at Beacon Bingo isn’t just a night out; it’s a moment filled with joy, laughter, and winning moments shared with friends or family under one roof.

How to Find and Join Beacon Bingo Loughborough

Finding and joining Beacon Bingo Loughborough is easy. It’s located on Baxter Gate, Loughborough, England LE11 1TG, making it a central spot for fun.

  1. Visit the website to use the search function. This lets you find Beacon Bingo Loughborough quickly.
  2. Download the MERKUR Bingo app. You get exclusive offers and updates.
  3. Follow Beacon Bingo on social media. They share news and special events.
  4. Check out upcoming special promotions online. This way, you know what’s happening before you go.
  5. Look into membership benefits on their website or app. Members get more perks.
  6. Go straight to Baxter Gate in Loughborough – you can’t miss it.
  7. Once there, ask any staff member about joining – they’re happy to help!


Beacon Bingo in Loughborough is ready to welcome you back. This place has made sure everyone stays safe with screens, cleaning, and space between players. The team can’t wait to see people enjoy bingo again.

They’ve also got new food and special deals for you. The Junction Church has big plans to fix up the old building for everyone in Loughborough. Joining Beacon Bingo means fun games, good food, and being part of a community effort to bring an old gem back to life.