Buzz Bingo Derby City

Buzz Bingo Derby City

Looking for a vibrant place to spend your evening in Derby City? You might be searching for entertainment that offers both excitement and the chance to win. Buzz Bingo Derby City stands out as a prime spot on Liversage Street, Derby, DE1 2LD.

Known for its welcoming atmosphere and exciting bingo sessions, it promises an unforgettable experience.

Buzz Bingo Derby City opens its doors at 10am from Monday to Saturday and welcomes guests from noon on Sundays, ensuring fun is always on the agenda. With session prices ranging between £3 and £12.50 and an array of current promotions, you’re set for a good time without breaking the bank.

Overview of Buzz Bingo Derby City

Buzz Bingo Derby City, nestled on Liversage Street, Derby, DE1 2LD, awaits your discovery. This vibrant venue offers you a unique blend of excitement and community spirit found in the centre of this bustling city.

From Monday to Saturday, doors open wide from 10 AM till midnight; Sundays too catch up with a noon start stretching to the same closing hour. With a seating capacity for 700 guests and its former identity as Gala Derby City still echoing through its halls, this club is more than just a place to play bingo—it’s where friendships are formed over full houses and jackots.

You’ll find that contacting Buzz Bingo Derby City is straightforward—dial 01332 299998 or send an email to [email protected] for any queries or details about the club’s offerings.

Whether it’s experiencing the thrill of electronic bingo or enjoying a meal amidst the action, Buzz Bingo Derby City caters to diverse preferences offering something special for everyone who walks through its doors.

Buzz Bingo Derby City Opening Times

Buzz Bingo Derby City welcomes you every day of the week. From morning until midnight, find your perfect time to play.

  1. Begin your week right; Monday to Saturday doors open at 10 AM.
  2. Take it easy on a Sunday, start at noon.
  3. Not an early bird? Evening sessions welcome you at 19:00 daily.
  4. Fancy a morning game? Join us at 10:30 AM for some bingo fun.
  5. Sunday afternoons offer a slightly later start for your leisure—sessions from 13:30.
  6. During the week, and on Saturdays, afternoon sessions kick off at 13:00.
  7. Choose from a variety of games across all these times—there’s always something happening.
  8. With doors closing at midnight, there’s plenty of time to enjoy everything on offer.

Simple decisions lead to great moments at Buzz Bingo Derby City.

Session Prices at Buzz Bingo Derby City

Exploring session prices at Buzz Bingo Derby City gives you clear insights into affordable fun. Here’s what you need to know:

Ticket TypePrice RangeNumber of Tickets
Paper£3 to £12.50
Electronic£17 to £8018-72

Prices for paper tickets start at £3, offering a budget-friendly option. For a more upgraded experience, electronic tickets range from £17 to £80, depending on how many tickets you buy. Bronze level gives you 18 tickets for just £3, making it an easy start. Silver offers 30 tickets at £5, perfect for stepping up your game. With Gold, get 42 tickets for £7, balancing cost and potential rewards. Platinum and Diamond levels elevate your play, offering 60 and 72 tickets at £10 and £12, respectively. Choose wisely based on your budget and desire for fun.

Current Promotions and Offers at Buzz Bingo Derby

Buzz Bingo Derby City brings you exciting promotions and offers that make your time there even more exhilarating. They cater to both new members and regular players, ensuring everyone gets a piece of the action. Here’s what’s on offer:

  1. New members get to play with £5 on their first and second visits – giving you a warm welcome.
  2. Half-price bingo lets you enjoy your favourite game for less, stretching your money further.
  3. The Saturday social club combines bingo fun with special deals, making weekends memorable.
  4. Experience live bingo on the big screen – it’s like being at a cinema but for bingo lovers.
  5. Million Dollar Men event promises high stakes and big entertainment, drawing crowds every time.
  6. Safe Cracker Bingo offers a twist on traditional games with added excitement and chances to win.
  7. Go Go Bingo features a Community Jackpot of £7,952, creating excitement among players eager for large wins.

Each of these offers unique experiences, from saving money to winning significant prizes. Buzz Bingo Derby City makes sure there’s something special happening all the time, inviting you to join the fun and maybe even strike it lucky.

Amenities at Buzz Bingo Derby City

At Buzz Bingo Derby City, you’re in for a treat with their wide range of features. From tasty meals to exciting slot games and easy-to-use facilities for everyone, they’ve got something to make your visit special.

Dining and Beverage Options

At Buzz Bingo Derby City, you’ll find an iconic chicken basket that everyone talks about. For those who prefer different diets, there are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices too.

Prices are easy to recall: starters cost between £5 and £10, mains are set from £10 to £20, and desserts fall within the range of £6 to £12. The drink menu is just as exciting with cocktails, wines, beers, soft drinks, and juices to choose from.

Chef John Smith makes sure your meals at Buzz Bingo Derby City are special. With dishes featured in cooking magazines and on TV shows, expect daily specials and seasonal options that keep your taste buds happy.

Whether it’s a quick snack or a full meal before playing your favourite bingo games or slots – something tasty awaits you here every day of the week.

Gaming Machines and Bingo Games

Buzz Bingo Derby City hosts a variety of gaming machines and bingo sessions that keep players coming back for more. Among these, fruit machines stand out, offering chances to secure significant wins with progressive jackpots.

These aren’t just your ordinary slots; they’re equipped with touchscreens and buttons, making the experience both modern and interactive.

For those who love bingo, the hall runs multiple sessions throughout the day. Whether it’s in the morning or evening, you can join in on games that promise real money prizes. And don’t miss out on Thursdays – Buzz Bingo Derby offers free fruit machine games with cash prizes then.

It’s a perfect blend of excitement and opportunity for all who walk through its doors, ensuring there’s always something new to try every visit.

Accessibility Features

Buzz Bingo Derby City makes sure everyone can join in the fun. The entrance has ramps and automatic doors that are wide enough for all, including those using wheelchairs or with mobility issues.

You’ll find nine Blue Badge parking spots right near the entrance. These spots have a lower kerb to make it easy to get from your car into Buzz Bingo.

Inside, there’s an accessible toilet you can use with a radar key. Plus, the staff here know how important it is to understand and help everyone equally—they’ve had training in disability awareness and equality.

So, they’re ready and eager to assist whenever needed, ensuring you have a great time at Buzz Bingo Derby City without any hassles.

How to Contact Buzz Bingo Derby City

To reach Buzz Bingo Derby City, use these clear steps. Call them at 01332 299998 for quick answers. Want to write? Email [email protected]. They’re keen to help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with your questions or feedback. Whether it’s about game times or special events, they’ve got the info you need. Find them at Liversage St, Derby, DE1 2LD if you prefer visiting in person. They welcome everyone looking for fun bingo games and good company.


Buzz Bingo Derby City sits near the Intu Derby shopping centre, giving you easy access to fun and games. With doors opening at 10 am on weekdays and Saturday, and 12 pm on Sunday, you have plenty of time to join in.

Prices for sessions won’t empty your wallet—they start at just £3. Look out for special offers each month on their site or social media pages. You’ll find bingo, jackpot slots, and tasty food options there.

Reach out directly if you need more details—just call or email them.


1. What time does Buzz Bingo Derby City open?

Buzz Bingo in Derby City welcomes you at 10am every day. Yes, that includes weekends too.

2. Can I find Buzz Bingo near other bingo halls?

Indeed, Buzz Bingo sits proudly near the Intu Derby Shopping Centre, surrounded by a few other bingo clubs. It’s easy to spot on the A601 ring road.

3. How do I check session times and prices for Buzz Bingo Derby City?

For accurate session times and prices, visit their Facebook page or official website. They keep everything up-to-date there.

4. Is gambling at Buzz Bingo regulated?

Absolutely, it operates under a licence from the UK Gambling Commission – ensuring safe play for all UK customers.

5. Do they offer any free bingo sessions?

Yes! Free bingo is part of what makes them stand out; just ensure you’ve checked their current offers online first.

6. Are there facilities for disabled guests at Buzz Bingo Derby City?

They’ve got you covered with excellent disabled facilities, ensuring everyone enjoys their visit without hassle.