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Buzz Bingo Leicester

Looking for an exciting way to spend your evening in Leicester? You might want to try your luck at Buzz Bingo Leicester. This club offers a vibrant atmosphere, a chance to win prizes, and a welcoming space for both seasoned players and newcomers.

Buzz Bingo is known for its diverse range of games and friendly staff, ensuring you have a great time.

We will take you through everything from game times and ticket prices to current promotions and dining options available at Buzz Bingo Leicester. Get ready for fun!

Overview of Buzz Bingo Leicester: Facilities and Features

Buzz Bingo Leicester stands as a beacon of entertainment, nestled in the bustling Beaumont Leys area. This popular game and amusement locale offers an escape into a place where joy and excitement are always on the menu.

Boasting slots and bingo sessions with prize monies staggering up to £25,000 weekly—and jackpots reaching £50,000—it’s no surprise that it draws patrons from all corners. But there’s more than just games within its walls; you’ll find a fully licensed bar alongside a value-for-money dining experience.

With doors open daily from 10:30 to 2:00—except Sundays when timings adjust slightly—you’re granted ample opportunity to join the fun at this LE4 1DS property.

At Buzz Bingo Leicester, every visit is an adventure waiting to happen. The facility caters not only for your gaming spirit but ensures comfort with free parking and WiFi availability.

Whether joining after work or planning an exciting weekend outing, the opening times accommodate everyone’s schedule. Enjoy paper bingo or opt for modern touchpad versions; either way, exhilaration is guaranteed.

Plus, don’t forget to check their Facebook page for updates on events and promotions—making every play potentially more rewarding than the last!

Bingo Session Schedules and Pricing at Buzz Bingo Leicester

Explore the centre of the action at Buzz Bingo Leicester. Here, you find a mix of session schedules and prices customised to meet your entertainment desires.

SessionTimeDaysPrice Range (£)Session Type
Afternoon Main Event13:00Monday to Friday5 – 15Paper
Afternoon Main Event13:30Saturday & Sunday5 – 15Paper
Evening Main Event19:00Daily5 – 15Paper
Electronic TouchpadVariesDaily3 – 15Electronic
Package DealsVariesDaily10 for 18 tickets up to 90 for 72 ticketsPaper & Electronic

Prices range from just £3 up to £84 for various game sessions, ensuring there’s something for every budget. Whether you prefer the tactile experience of paper bingo or the quick pace of electronic touchpad games, Buzz Bingo Leicester caters to your preferences. With packages available, you can choose between 18 tickets for £10 or go all out with 72 tickets for £90.

The afternoon main event starts at 13:00 from Monday to Friday and at 13:30 on weekends, perfect for an exciting start to your leisure time. Evenings bring more excitement, with sessions kicking off at 19:00 daily.

Plan your visit, grab your dabber, or power up your electronic device. Buzz Bingo Leicester awaits with open doors, ready to offer an unmatched bingo experience.

Current Promotions and Offers at Buzz Bingo Leicester

Buzz Bingo Leicester rolls out exciting offers to make your bingo visit even better. From discounts to freebies, there’s something for everyone.

  1. New members get a special deal. Play for £5 on your 1st and 2nd visits.
  2. Tuesdays become more exciting with Price Cut Tuesdays. Enjoy games at reduced prices.
  3. Snag a bargain with £1.99 Bingo available on select days.
  4. Saturdays just got more social with the Saturday Social Club offering exclusive benefits.
  5. Free bingo tickets are up for grabs as part of ongoing promotions.
  6. Bonus spins for slot games can be found among the current offers.
  7. Always check the Facebook page or promotions section for the latest deals, as prices may change during promotional events.

Each promotion has specific rules, so it’s wise to look into the details before playing. Whether you’re saving on your game or enjoying bonus play, these offers boost your visit to Buzz Bingo Leicester.

Dining and Beverage Choices at Buzz Bingo Leicester

At Buzz Bingo Leicester, you enjoy tasty meals and iconic dishes any day. They offer a variety of food and drinks for players. New members get special offers on these options too. Look out for different promotions available on specific days to save money.

Bar deals are up all day, every day, making it easy for you to grab a drink while playing. Whether it’s a quick snack or a full meal you’re after, you’ll find plenty of choices here.

So come hungry and ready to have some fun!

Explore Buzz Bingo Leicester Further

Dive deeper into Buzz Bingo Leicester and see what’s around. Find other fun places and hear what people say.

Discover Local Attractions and Nearby Bingo Halls

Exploring Buzz Bingo Leicester opens up a world of fun beyond bingo. This place sits close to some fantastic attractions and other halls for bingo lovers like you.

  1. Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre – Just a short drive from Buzz Bingo, this hub offers art galleries and cinema experiences. Perfect for a day out before heading to the evening bingo session.
  2. Beaumont Leys Shopping Centre – Need a quick shopping spree? It’s right around the corner from the hall. Find everything from clothes to snacks, making your visit convenient and fun.
  3. Mecca Bingo Leicester – A great alternative nearby if you want to mix up your game nights. They host several bingo games throughout the week, catering to all levels of players.
  4. Palace Bingo Coalville – For those willing to venture a bit further, this hall offers another cosy spot for bingo fans. Check their schedules as they often have special events.
  5. Buzz Bingo Derby – A short trip down the road, offering similar excitement with its own unique promotions and jackpots. Take friends or family along for double the fun.
  6. Historical Tours of Leicester – Delve into history before hitting the boards at Buzz Bingo. These tours show off England’s rich past and are an excellent activity for weekends.
  7. Sprinkled around these attractions are hotels and inns, perfect for extending your stay after long nights at Buzz Bingo Leicester or exploring East Midlands more deeply.

Real Feedback: Patron Reviews of Buzz Bingo Leicester

Buzz Bingo Leicester scores a TrustScore of 4 out of 5. This rating comes from five reviews. People say nice things about it. Jessica Black gave it a perfect score, praising the fun Go Go game and the nice staff.

Gary Hall rated it four stars, liking the friendly team but not happy with how much money regular visits cost him.

Terrence Collins also left a four-star review. He wished for more bar team members on busy nights. Carol Gimson felt there were too many tabletop games and not enough bingo, giving three stars.

Kimberley awarded five stars, thankful for first aid help from the staff when she needed it.

Directions and Contact Details for Buzz Bingo Leicester

Getting to Buzz Bingo Leicester is easy and straightforward. It’s located at 100 Beaumont Way, Leicester, LE4 1DS, making it accessible for both locals and visitors.

  1. Call Buzz Bingo Leicester on 0116 2351515 if you need help with directions.
  2. Email [email protected] for enquiries about special events, times and prices.
  3. Opening times are welcoming; start your fun at 10:30 am on weekdays, join early at 10 am on Saturday or enjoy a midday start on Sunday.
  4. Late nights are part of the excitement – doors close at Midnight from Monday to Thursday and extend to 2 am on Friday through Sunday.
  5. Travel by bus – several lines stop near Beaumont Way, walk just a few minutes to reach us.
  6. Driving? There’s plenty of parking space surrounding our building for your convenience.
  7. Nearby landmarks include local shops and cafes — perfect for a bite before or after your games.
  8. Use GPS or map apps on your phone; just type in our address for step-by-step directions from your location.
  9. Check our website or contact us directly for updates during public holidays or special events that might affect opening hours.

Enjoy hassle-free visits every time you come to play bingo or try out our slots and games, thanks to these clear instructions and helpful details!

Additional Entertainment: Slots and Games at Buzz Bingo Leicester

Buzz Bingo Leicester shines with more than just bingo. Find excitement at the slots and games, where big prizes await. Every week, the potential prize money reaches up to £25,000.

Get ready for action with every spin.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Choose from a variety of gaming machines that are easy to play but hard to walk away from. With free parking and WiFi, you can stay connected and comfortable as you try your luck and aim for that progressive jackpot.

Keep in mind, it’s not all about gambling; it’s about having a good time in a legal setting under the eyes of the Gambling Commission.


Discover the excitement of play at Buzz Bingo Leicester. With games ranging from £3 to £84, there’s something for every pocket. Check out the bingo sessions, slots, and tasty food choices.

Don’t miss the latest dealsjoin now for just £5! Loving bingo comes easy here, with endless fun both day and night. Why not drop by this weekend? Your adventure awaits at Buzz Bingo Leicester.