Mecca Bingo Dagenham

Mecca Bingo Dagenham

Bingo has a long-standing tradition in the UK as a popular pastime, offering a blend of social interaction and the potential for prizes. Mecca Bingo halls, a leading name in the industry, provide a venue for both seasoned players and newcomers to join in the fun.

With locations spread across the country, Mecca Bingo offers a diverse range of games with varying stakes to suit every player’s budget.

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Key Takeaways

  • Mecca Bingo is a well-established name in the realm of UK bingo halls.
  • The halls are open daily, catering to different lifestyle schedules.
  • Session costs are set to accommodate a variety of budgets, making the game widely accessible.

Opening Times

Mecca Bingo Dagenham welcomes you daily from 10:45am and remains lively until midnight, allowing ample time for your visit. Detailed weekly timings are consistent, ensuring you can plan your entertainment without hesitation.

Here’s a snapshot of the operational hours:

  • Monday: 10:45am – 12am
  • Tuesday: 10:45am – 12am
  • Wednesday: 10:45am – 12am
  • Thursday: 10:45am – 12am
  • Friday: 10:45am – 12am
  • Saturday: 10:45am – 12am
  • Sunday: 10:45am – 12am

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Session Prices

Morning bingo is a bargain at only £2.50 per session, with a special offer on Saturday’s second session priced at £5. Meanwhile, Saturday’s noon session offers 18 games for an exceptional £15.

Afternoon sessions range from £2 to £8, and prices are straightforward and made to fit your budget.

Evening mains won’t break the bank either, usually between £2 and £20. However, games like the Link will add a mere £1 to your evening’s entertainment costs.

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Mecca Bingo Dagenham is located in the bustling Dagenham Leisure Park, a hub for entertainment that hosts various activities and amenities. The club has recently been refurbished with a significant £1.5 million investment. This has updated the venue with modern features including mood lighting.

The facility provides an array of electronic bingo terminals. These allow you to play E-Bingo from any corner of the premises.

Your visit here isn’t complete until you’ve explored the social lounge. It’s an inviting space where you can unwind and enjoy tasty offerings from the menu. Here, you can find drinks, snacks, and more substantial meals. Sit back and socialise in the comfort of the stylishly renovated bar area.

If you’re arriving by car, rest assured that there’s ample parking space. Those using public transport will find bus routes 173, 287, and 687 conveniently stopping near the entrance.

Beyond bingo, the leisure park also presents a Vue cinema, ten pin bowling, and a selection of restaurants, promising a fulfilling outing.

Here, you’re treated to more than just the joy of bingo. It’s the full entertainment package with live music, slot machines, and the chance of bagging impressive prizes.

Feel welcome to pre-book or simply drop by. The contact details are as follows:

  • Address: Dagenham Leisure Park, Cook Road, Dagenham, Essex RM9 6UQ
  • Phone Number: 0208 593 9862