Mecca Bingo Croydon

Mecca Bingo Croydon

Mecca Bingo Croydon is a vibrant location offering a variety of entertainment options. It’s housed within the Centrale Shopping Centre on Tamworth Road, ensuring a convenient outing for both avid players and newcomers to the world of bingo.

With doors opening at 10 am each weekday and at 11 am on Sundays, guests can plan their visit easily around their daily schedule. The centre closes at midnight, providing ample opportunity for evening entertainment.

Session prices at Mecca Bingo Croydon are designed to suit different budgets, ranging from £2 to £20. This inclusive approach means that you have the flexibility to enjoy a game without stretching your finances.

The club features both traditional paper-based games and modern electronic Max options, catering to all preferences. Importantly, a visit to Mecca Bingo is not just about the bingo; with other facilities like an arcade area, bar, and restaurant, you’re sure to find something to your taste.

Key Takeaways

  • Mecca Bingo Croydon provides a diverse entertainment selection within the Centrale Shopping Centre.
  • Flexible opening hours from the morning till midnight cater to varying schedules.
  • The club offers affordable gaming options, with prices starting at just £2.

Opening Times

Your visits to Mecca Bingo in Croydon align perfectly with flexible daily schedules.

Enjoy a game of bingo any day of the week with the following hours:

  • Monday to Saturday: Opening at 10 am, you have up until midnight to participate.
  • Sunday: A slightly later start at 11 am, but the doors stay open until the stroke of midnight.

Remember, no matter the day, the opportunity to play lasts until 12 am.

Session Prices

Morning sessions offer both affordability and choice, ranging from £2.50 to £5.

Your afternoons are similarly economical, generally sitting between £2.50 and £8. On Wednesdays, there are special 2-hour sessions for £21, and on Saturdays, you can play for £15.

Evening entertainment begins at just £2, extending up to £6. However, main events on Wednesday are £10, soaring to £20 on Fridays and stabilising at £15 on other weekdays.

Additional games are available, usually requiring a modest outlay of an extra £1 to £3 per ticket. Here’s a quick rundown of the pricing:

  • Morning: £2.50 – £5
  • Afternoon: £2.50 – £8 (Special sessions: £15 – £21)
  • Evening: £2 – £6 (Main events: £10 – £20)
  • Extra games: Add £1 – £3 per ticket


Mecca Bingo sits at the heart of Croydon, within the bustling Centrale Shopping Centre. Your local club offers a variety of options that cater to all of your bingo needs.

Conveniently located, Mecca Bingo is easily accessible by public transport, with nearby links including the West Croydon Train Station, ensuring a smooth journey for you.

Facilities are comprehensive, ensuring your visit is comfortable and enjoyable. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Disabled access: Ensuring ease for all members.
  • Electronic bingo: Modern gaming for a dynamic experience.
  • Restaurant and cafe: Serving tasty food including burgers.
  • Bar: A selection of beverages to enjoy while you play.
  • Free ATM: For any cash needs on-site.
  • Parking: Over 900 spaces in a multi-storey car park.

Moreover, Mecca Bingo provides exclusive benefits through the My Mecca App, which you can download to gain access to digital cards, pre-book games, and enjoy unique promotions.

Membership is straightforward, you can join online at, or at the club for direct access to all the offers and an array of events and prizes, making every visit memorable.

Contact details are readily available on the website, in case you require any assistance before you visit.