Merkur Bingo Cricklewood

Merkur Bingo Cricklewood

Bingo is a popular pastime that brings people together for fun and the chance to win prizes. In North-West London, MERKUR Bingo Cricklewood stands out as a spacious venue where you can enjoy this classic game.

It’s not just any bingo hall; it holds a record for the largest single prize payout in the history of bingo, an impressive £100,000. With its modern facilities, the hall can accommodate a significant number of players, making it a bustling hotspot for bingo enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a morning bird or a night owl, MERKUR Bingo Cricklewood offers flexible hours to fit your schedule. It’s open round the clock from Monday to Saturday. This ensures that you can always find a session to join, whether you have a free morning, a leisurely afternoon, or you’re looking for some excitement after dark.

The prices for sessions vary and are designed to cater to everyone’s budget, ensuring that the joy of bingo is accessible to all. When you visit, you’ll notice that the establishment is not just for bingo; it’s equipped with slot machines, along with restaurants and bars, enriching your visit with a variety of entertainment options.

Key Takeaways

  • MERKUR Bingo Cricklewood is renowned for its record-breaking prizes and ample space.
  • The bingo hall is open 24 hours from Monday to Saturday, fitting all schedules.
  • Affordable session prices and extra amenities like slots and dining make it a complete entertainment hub.

Opening Times

Your bingo club is available to you anytime, with doors open 24 hours daily. Remember to verify times on public holidays through the club’s official website, as they may differ.

  • Monday: Open 24 Hours
  • Tuesday: Open 24 Hours
  • Wednesday: Open 24 Hours
  • Thursday: Open 24 Hours
  • Friday: Open 24 Hours
  • Saturday: Open 24 Hours
  • Sunday: Open 24 Hours

Session Times

Bingo takes place daily. The morning sessions commence at 11am, a perfect start for early birds.

Post-lunch, the afternoon sessions occur promptly at 1:30pm, offering a midday entertainment option.

Meanwhile, evening sessions start at 7:30pm, ideal for those who prefer a night-time activity.

  • Morning: 11am
  • Afternoon: 1:30pm
  • Evening: 7:30pm

Regardless of the day you choose to attend, the sessions are consistently scheduled across the week. There’s also a late session, especially for those wanting to extend their evening’s fun.

Session Prices

Afternoon games range in price from 25p to £1.50 per set. You’ll find a free main session on Sundays, making them ideal for a budget-friendly outing.

The evening games are priced between 25p to £4 per set with more chances to claim victory.

Jackpots for full houses hit as high as £5000. With affordable prices, your afternoon or evening could turn exciting with a significant prize.

  • Afternoons: 25p – £1.50/set
  • Evenings: 25p – £4/set
  • Jackpots: Up to £5000 for a full house

Your winnings can escalate quickly, from £200 to a life-changing £5000, if luck is on your side.


Merkur Bingo is a prominent spot in Cricklewood, London, renowned for its expansive bingo and slots offerings. Rebranded from Beacon Bingo, Merkur Bingo Cricklewood has become a household name amongst those who enjoy the thrill of numbers and fortune.

As one of the UK’s largest bingo halls, the venue caters to over 2,700 players, boasting a contemporary setting designed for both comfort and excitement.

Your visit here isn’t just about bingo; the establishment features modern facilities, including two inviting restaurants, a dedicated smoking area, and diverse games to satisfy your entertainment needs.

Engage in bingo or the variety of slot machines any day, as the club is open 24-hours from Monday to Saturday due to its soaring popularity. Being in the heart of Cricklewood Broadway means you’re well-connected by excellent public transport links, making access easy and convenient.

Merkur Bingo maintains a strong commitment to responsible gambling. As a licensed and regulated entity by the Gambling Commission in Great Britain, it ensures that gambling is conducted fairly, upholding the protection of children and vulnerable adults.

For any feedback or complaints, Merkur Bingo values your input, continuously striving for a safer gambling environment free from crime and disorder.

Here’s a quick look at what Merkur Bingo offers:

  • Capacities: Seating for over 2,700 players
  • Games: A wide array of bingo and slots
  • Facilities: Two restaurants, three bars, and a smoking area
  • Accessibility: Excellent public transport access in North-West London
  • Promotions: Unique seasonal offerings
  • Support: Dedicated to gamble responsibly with BeGambleAware support

In addition to being a leader in entertainment, Merkur Bingo Cricklewood holds the distinction of a Guinness World Record for awarding an unprecedented single payout, a testament to its stature within the industry. Merkur Casino Holdings UK Limited owns and operates the venue, ensuring that each visit is memorable and enjoyable.