Perys Bingo Newark

Perys Bingo Newark: Times, Prices, And Club Information

Looking for a lively night out in Newark? You might be searching for somewhere fun, with a bit of excitement and the chance to score big. Well, Pery’s Bingo Newark ticks all those boxes.

Nestled within the Castlegate Leisure Centre, this bingo hall blends tradition with modern tech to offer up an exhilarating evening.

Your search ends here if you’re after session times, prices, and detailed info about Pery’s Bingo. With games running on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays—and paper tickets starting from just £8.50—you’ll find exactly what you need for your next outing.

Ready to call “bingo”? Keep reading!

Overview of Perys Bingo Newark

Perys Bingo Newark, nestled at 69 Castle Gate in the bustling Town Centre of Newark, NG24 1BG, offers a dynamic blend of traditional and cutting-edge bingo experiences. The club welcomes enthusiasts with open doors from its inception until its closing date on Sunday, May 26, 2024.

Whether you’re drawn to the charm of paper bingo or the excitement of digital gameplay, Perys provides everything you need. With its official site found at and direct line available at 01636 643802 for enquiries, getting all the details is straightforward.

The atmosphere within Pery’s walls is designed to be both welcoming and enjoyable for every visitor. Here, you’ll discover a venue committed to preserving beloved bingo customs while seamlessly integrating contemporary gaming technologies.

Guests can explore an assortment of games that cater to novice players and seasoned regulars alike. So whether your visit is spontaneous or planned with friends, expect an experience that echoes the heartening spirit of communal entertainment set against the backdrop of one of Newark’s purpose-built premises for leisure and amusement.

Opening Hours at Perys Bingo Newark

Perys Bingo Newark welcomes you with open doors and a vibrant atmosphere, right in the heart of Castlegate Centre. Here, the fusion of traditional bingo rituals and cutting-edge technology creates an experience like no other.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, Perys Bingo offers something for everyone. With its location at Newark NG24 1BE, getting there is straightforward – whether by car or public transport.

Now, here are the essential details about opening hours to plan your visit effectively.

Opening hours cater to both early birds and night owls. On Wednesday and Sunday, doors open from 5 pm until 10 pm – perfect for winding down after a day’s work with some exciting bingo action.

If weekends are more your thing, Saturday offers extended playtime starting from 11 am all the way through to 10 pm. This gives ample opportunity for those looking to spend their day off immersed in fun and games.

Afternoon sessions kick off at 1 pm while evening gatherings get underway at precisely 6:16 pm every session day. So grab your daubers and prepare for an exhilarating bingo experience that only Perys Bingo Newark can provide!

Bingo Session Schedules

Craving a game at Perys Bingo Newark? Here’s what you need to know about the bingo session schedules. The club rolls out games twice a day, ensuring you’ve got ample options to join in. Afternoon sessions kick off at 1 pm, perfect for a post-lunch entertainment. Come evening, things get lively with sessions starting at 6:10 pm. Now, let’s lay it all out in a simple, easy-to-follow table:

DayAfternoon SessionsEvening Sessions
Monday1 pm6:10 pm
Tuesday1 pm6:10 pm
Wednesday1 pm6:10 pm
Thursday1 pm6:10 pm
Friday1 pm6:10 pm
Saturday1 pm6:10 pm
Sunday1 pm6:10 pm

Each day offers a fresh chance to play, making it easy to fit a game into your schedule. Whether you’re wrapping up a busy day or looking for weekend fun, Perys Bingo Newark has you set for excitement. Times might vary on special occasions, so checking ahead is wise. Now, prepare yourself, pick a day, and enjoy playing bingo at Perys Bingo Newark. Enjoy the game!

Pricing for Bingo Sessions

Pricing for your Bingo sessions at Perys Bingo Newark doesn’t have to be a mystery. Let’s break it down.

SessionPaper Tickets PriceElectronic Bingo DealsOptional Extras
Evening Sessions£8.50 – £17.50£14 – £61 (Varies by day)£2 each (National, Early, Late)
Saturday Afternoon£13.50Changes based on package£2 each (National, Early, Late)
Other OptionsSome sessions start at 99pDeals availableFree game options

Prices are straightforward

Facilities and Services at Perys Bingo Newark

Perys Bingo Newark offers you both traditional and electronic games, ensuring everyone finds something they enjoy. The venue boasts a large arcade area filled with the latest slot machines for those who fancy a break from bingo or simply want to try their luck there.

You’ll find this all within the Castlegate Leisure Centre, making it easy to locate.

For food and drinks, there’s no need to step outside. A bar on-site serves hot meals and cold snacks at great prices, perfect for refueling between games. Plus, if you’re coming by bus, the station is just across the street from Perys Bingo Newark – making your visit hassle-free.

Nearby, UK Superbowl along with various bars and eateries offer more entertainment options once you’re done playing or if you’re looking for variety during your outing.

Events and Promotions at Perys Bingo Newark

Perys Bingo Newark brings excitement with special promotions and events. Mark your calendar for bingo nights every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday up to 26 May 2024.

  1. Wednesday Windfalls: Mid-week games offer bigger prizes. Players can win up to £500.
  2. Saturday Specials: Enjoy an evening of fun with both traditional and video bingo options.
  3. Sunday Funday: The last day of the weekend features progressive jackpots and special community games.
  4. Birthday Bonanza: Celebrate your birthday month at Perys and get free entry plus a meal voucher.
  5. Refer a Friend: Bring a buddy to play, and you both receive extra playing credits or sheets.
  6. Social Media Exclusive Offers: Follow their Facebook page for chances to win free entry, bonus points, or drinks vouchers.
  7. Early Bird Discounts: Arrive early for any session and enjoy reduced prices on select games.
  8. Loyalty Rewards Program: Regular guests earn points for free sessions or meals at the restaurant.
  9. Advance Booking Deals: Book your spot online in advance and save on entry fees for select sessions.

Every event offers you a chance to join the lively atmosphere Perys is known for while enjoying your favourite bingo traditions mixed with the latest bingo technology.

Additional Information

For more on Pery’s Bingo Newark, there’s lots to explore. Check out other bingo halls nearby, get in touch using the phone or email provided, and see what others say about their visits.

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Each venue stands out with its own set of attractions and amenities that make your visit enjoyable—making every game an adventure waiting to happen. Whether you’re chasing big wins or simply enjoying the excitement of the game among friends, these nearby venues promise good times just a stone’s throw from Newark.

Contact Details for Perys Bingo Newark

Perys Bingo Newark sits at 69 Castle Gate, Town Centre, Newark, NG24 1BG. You should call them on 01636 643802 if you need to check opening times or session prices. They use Facebook too.

So, for the latest news or any special events, look up their social page.

Before you head over to enjoy a game, it’s smart to get in touch. This way, you confirm everything is good to go. Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a regular player wanting updates on promotions—reaching out ensures no surprises await.


Pery’s Bingo in Newark brings fun to your evenings with its mix of old-style and new-tech games. Open Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, you find the perfect time to play. Prices start low at £8.50, making it easy for everyone to join in.

The venue boasts a wide range of facilities from electronic gadgets to tasty snacks at the bar. So, gather your friends for an exciting bingo night at Pery’s where good times roll and memories are made!