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Castle Bingo Corby

Are you looking for a place to enjoy bingo in Corby? You want excitement and the chance to secure substantial rewards, all while being part of a vibrant community. Castle Bingo Corby has been serving smiles and jackpots since 2011, rooted deeply in local traditions for over four decades.

This club offers an experience like no other. With sessions throughout the day and special events that bring everyone together, there’s something here for every bingo fan.

From morning till night, prizes await and fun never ends… Ready to play?

Exploring Castle Bingo Corby

Castle Bingo Corby sits at 82 George Street, making it a prime spot for your bingo adventure. Since 2011, this place has been a key part of the local scene, charming players for over four decades.

With Andre Lines leading as General Manager, you’re in good hands. Here, you’ll discover more than just bingo; it’s a hub where the community gathers, laughs, and wins together.

Join sessions that fit perfectly into your schedule. Morning birds or night owls – there’s something for everyone. Regular session prices won’t break the bank but promise exciting prize money returns.

It’s all about fun times and great chances to win every week here in Corby. Plus, getting details is easy; just call them at 01536 202741 or check updates on Facebook before you visit.

Schedule of Bingo Sessions

Let’s go directly into the schedule of Bingo sessions at Castle Bingo Corby, ensuring you know exactly when to join in the fun.

Time of DayStart TimesSession Details
Morning10:30 amStart with 3-page sessions at 11 am and another at 11:30 am.
Afternoon12 pmBegin with a cashpot flyer, followed by Bingo at 12:30 pm, 1 pm, and 1:30 pm.
Evening6 pmKick off with a 3-page session, a 10-page session at 6:45 pm, and another at 7:30 pm.
Late Evening9:20 pmIncludes 2 pages of in-house Bingo plus the linked Cashpot Flyer.

Castle Bingo Corby invites you every day of the week, offering diverse session timings to cater to your schedule – whether you’re an early bird or a night owl. Plan your visit to make the most of these offerings, partaking in the excitement of the game and the chance at prizes. Your next opportunity to play and win awaits just around the corner, with sessions created to fit seamlessly into your daily routine.

Costs and Prizes for Regular Sessions

Exploring costs and prizes for regular sessions at Castle Bingo Corby ensures a clear picture of what to expect. Here’s a breakdown:

SessionDayPrice (Paper)Price (eCub)Prize Money (Main Session)
AfternoonMonday£5 (6 tickets)£12 (18 tickets)6 x £50 & 4 x £100
EveningMonday£10 (6 tickets)£15 (18 tickets)Varies

Opt for paper or eCub based on preference. Prices for the afternoon session start at £5 for paper and £12 for eCub, with prizes reaching up to £100. Evening sessions increase slightly in cost, with paper at £10 and eCub at £15. Prize amounts for evening sessions vary, offering exciting winnings. Options like the C45TLE Jackpot and the National Bingo Game present additional opportunities, enriching the experience. Specifics can change, so checking updates is wise.

Morning Bingo Offerings

You’ll find the morning bingo session times at Castle Bingo Corby inviting. Doors open at 10:30 am, offering a bright start to your day with friends and fun. Here’s what you need for a great morning:

  1. Morning sessions kick off early, starting at 10:30 am—perfect for those who love an early game.
  2. You can join in on 3-page sessions at 11 am and again at 11:30 am, giving you plenty of chances to win.
  3. Breakfast Bingo introduces both paper and eCub options, catering to traditional and modern players alike.
  4. With session times set throughout the morning, you easily fit a game or two into your schedule.
  5. Added features improve your gameplay experience, making every visit memorable.
  6. Prize money varies, offering excitement and the chance for a good win early in the day.
  7. These sessions are offered 7 days a week, so any day is good for playing.

Morning bingo at Castle Bingo Corby sets up your day with energy, community, and maybe even some extra cash in your pocket!

Afternoon Bingo Activities

Afternoon sessions at Castle Bingo Corby are the best way to keep your interest high. They start with excitement and promise great fun.

  1. Afternoon activities kick off with the Cashpot Flyer at 12 pm. This is a fast-paced game that gets everyone ready for more action.
  2. The Teaser game follows at 12:30 pm, building anticipation before the main session.
  3. Early games begin at 13:00, offering a chance to win before the major event.
  4. The main afternoon session starts sharply at 13:30 and is the highlight of the day.
  5. Costs for Monday’s paper tickets are just £5 for six tickets, making it an affordable choice.
  6. If you prefer playing on electronic tablets, eCub tickets cost £12 for 18 tickets – offering more opportunities to win.
  7. Players have the option to join extras like the C45TLE Jackpot and National Bingo Game for more excitement.
  8. An Americano game is another choice for those looking for variety in their bingo activities.

Each activity is designed with fun in mind and gives every player a fair shot at securing big prizes.

Evening Bingo Options

Evening bingo at Castle Bingo Corby starts early and offers many chances to win. You get to choose from different sessions and prize options.

  1. Teaser games kick off at 18:00, setting the stage for an exciting evening.
  2. At 18:45, the Early session begins, warming up players for the main event.
  3. The Main evening session takes the spotlight at 19:30 with bigger prizes.
  4. For those arriving later, a Late session & Cashpot starts at 21:20, offering last-minute wins.
  5. Monday Paper prices are £10 for six tickets, a budget-friendly option for everyone.
  6. The eCub price stands at £15 for eighteen tickets, catering to tech-savvy players.
  7. Optional extras like the C45TLE Jackpot and Americano add spice to the game, promising hefty rewards.
  8. National Bingo Game brings an exhilarating end to the evening with its nationwide appeal.

Each option is crafted to fit your schedule, budget, and excitement level perfectly.

Special Events at Castle Bingo Corby

Castle Bingo Corby holds exciting special events throughout the year. Check their website for upcoming dates and details. These events often have different prices and prizes than regular sessions.

For example, during National Bingo Day in 2023, the club celebrated with unique games and raised money for Variety, a children’s charity.

You can find out more about these specials online. Castle Leisure Limited owns Castle Bingo Corby, making it a key place in the local community for over 40 years. Whether you’re after the excitement of British version bingo or prefer the American style game, these special events cater to all preferences while supporting good causes.

Tips and Extras for Visitors

To make your visit even better, try the eCub for a new twist on bingo. Also, stay in touch with updates by following them on Facebook—it’s a great way to keep up!

Experience the eCub

The eCub makes playing bingo at Castle Bingo Corby easier and more fun. For £12, you get 18 tickets, and if you want more, each extra set is just £3. There’s also an added feature for £5 that makes the game even better.

The club offers eCUBs because they know you love convenience and good deals.

Updates on Facebook keep you in the loop about these great value packages. So, always check there to see what’s new. This way, you won’t miss out on any opportunity to enjoy bingo with the ease of an eCub at your favorite club in the United Kingdom.

Updates via Facebook

Follow Castle Bingo Corby on their Facebook page. This is where you learn about fresh events and offers. They post news, share winners, and talk about job chances too. You’ll always know what’s happening at the club without missing a beat.

Their Facebook keeps you in the loop with all activities. So, check it often to stay informed and make sure you don’t miss out on fun bingo sessions or special promotions!

Celebrate National Bingo Day at Castle Bingo Corby

Castle Bingo Corby throws a big party for National Bingo Day. This club, loved by locals for 40 years, knows how to celebrate. On this special day in 2023, Castle Bingo Corby raised money for Variety, the children’s charity.

You can join the fun by playing the National Bingo Game for just £2. Fancy a drink? Grab an Americano for £1. Whether you’re new or a regular player, it’s the perfect place to mark National Bingo Day and support a good cause at the same time.


You’ll love Castle Bingo Corby for its rich tradition and variety of games. It opens early and closes late, letting you play when it suits you best. Costs are clear, so you always know what to expect.

They offer morning, afternoon, and evening sessions—each with unique prizes. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates and never miss out on fun events like National Bingo Day.

Get ready to mark your cards at Castle Bingo Corby!