Beacon Bingo Redcar

Beacon Bingo Redcar

Looking for a place to enjoy an evening of bingo in Redcar? Wondering what Beacon Bingo on the seafront offered before closing its doors? You’re in luck. Beacon Bingo Redcar, once a busy hub for bingo fans, has permanently ceased operations as of June 21, 2024.

This fact marks the end of an era for the traditional British pastime in this seaside town.

This article guides you through what Beacon Bingo offered, from session times and prices to travel options and on-site amenities. Even though you can’t visit anymore, understanding its legacy helps if you’re seeking similar experiences nearby.

Keep reading for insights into alternative venues and how to stay connected with the community that once gathered at Beacon Bingo Redcar.

Overview of Beacon Bingo in Redcar

Nestled on the picturesque seafront, Beacon Bingo Redcar once stood as a landmark entertainment venue. Its doors opened to bingo fans and casual visitors alike, seeking the excitement of the game with a view of the ocean.

Acquired by Marwyn in April 2012, this bingo hall was more than just a place to play; it was an integral part of Redcar’s amusement complex located opposite the iconic Redcar Beacon.

Despite its closure in Spring 2021 due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, memories of fun-filled nights linger among its patrons.

Before shutting down permanently on 21 June 2024, it offered both traditional British version bingo and modern electronic versions that attracted a dynamic crowd. With its location at 17 Esplanade, TS10 3AE, accessing Beacon Bingo was effortless for locals and tourists visiting the esplanade for leisure and joy.

This establishment wasn’t just about playing bingo; it embodied a community hub where friends met, laughter echoed through halls filled with anticipation of winning big jackpots or simply enjoying a meal together amidst games.

Beacon Bingo Redcar: Opening Times and Session Costs

Planning your visit to Beacon Bingo in Redcar? You’ll want to know when to go and how much it’ll cost. Here’s a clear guide:

DayOpening TimesSession Costs
Monday to Friday11 am – 10 pmAfternoon: £1 – £10, Evening: £5 – £15
Saturday10 am – 10 pmAfternoon: £1 – £10, Evening: £5 – £15
Sunday11:30 am – 10 pmAfternoon: £1 – £10, Evening: £5 – £15

These games are for those aged 18 and older. Plan your visit and budget for some fun at Beacon Bingo. With sessions available every morning, afternoon, and evening, there’s plenty of opportunities to join in. And parking is easy and affordable at Euro Car Park on West Dyke Road, with charges as low as 60p. So, grab your dabber and get ready for a great time at Beacon Bingo Redcar.

Current Events and Special Promotions at Beacon Bingo

Beacon Bingo Redcar offers exciting events and special deals. You can join in the fun and possibly win substantial prizes.

  1. Holiday bingo sessions – These exclusive games give players a chance to win all-inclusive holidays. Back in January 2019, Beacon Bingo awarded the seventh of eleven holidays. The holiday packages are worth £2,200 each, including free flights and transfers plus unlimited quality food and drinks.
  2. The next big game – Mark your calendars for Thursday 7th March 2019. This is when the next holiday bingo session took place, adding another lucky winner to the list.
  3. Session costs – Playing at Beacon Bingo doesn’t break the bank. Prices vary depending on the time of day but expect to pay between £1 – £10 for most games during the afternoon and evening sessions.
  4. Facebook updates – For the latest news on events and promotions, check their Facebook page regularly. Beacon Bingo posts updates about special games, opening times, and even menu changes here.
  5. Progressive jackpots – Besides holiday giveaways, Beacon Bingo also features progressive jackpots that increase over time until someone wins them. These add an extra excitement to your usual bingo experience.
  6. Merkur slots introduction – Recently introduced at Beacon Bingo Redcar, Merkur slots provide an additional gaming option. These gambling machines come with various themes and jackpot levels.

Commitment to Safe Gambling at Beacon Bingo

Beacon Bingo cares deeply about safe play. They follow a Code of Conduct called Getting It Right, started in 2015. This shows their dedication to keeping bingo fun and safe for everyone.

The Bingo Association, which includes 98% of all licensed retail bingo locations in Great Britain, backs this up.

In 2016, Beacon Bingo launched a self-exclusion scheme to help players who need a break from gambling. This process involves an interview with trained staff and filling out an online form.

It’s part of their commitment to ensure gambling remains enjoyable and under control for all visitors.

Travel Options to Beacon Bingo Redcar

Getting to Beacon Bingo in Redcar is easy. You can catch a bus or train, with the Redcar Central railway hub being your closest stop.

Closest Bus and Train Connections

You can easily get to Beacon Bingo in Redcar by bus or train. Here’s how:

  1. Town Clock bus stop is just a 2-minute walk away.
  2. If you’re coming from Regent Walk Shopping Centre, it’s a 6-minute stroll to the club.
  3. For bus travelers, routes 63X, 462X, 23X, 3X, and 4AM4 serve these stops.
  4. Longbeck train station is a 24-minute walk if you prefer trains.
  5. Redcar Central railway station takes a bit longer at 62 minutes on foot but is still an option.
  6. The Northern and TransPennine Express are the train services that will bring you close to the action.
  7. Once you arrive, public transport links make it easy to find us.

This guide helps ensure you reach Beacon Bingo without any hassle. Use these options for a smooth trip!

Public Transport Links to Beacon Bingo

Getting to Beacon Bingo in Redcar is easy with several public transport options. Over 1.5 million users trust the Moovit app for live updates and directions, making your trip smoother.

  1. Buses directly connect you to Beacon Bingo. Routes include the 63, X2, 3, X3, X4, and X4A. These buses stop near popular spots like Town Clock and Regent Walk Shopping Centre.
  2. For a bigger adventure, trains serve the area well. Longbeck and Redcar Central stations are the nearest train stops, putting you within easy reach of Beacon Bingo.
  3. The Moovit app gives step-by-step directions from your location straight to Beacon Bingo. Simply enter your starting point and let the app guide you through each stage of your journey.
  4. Travel costs vary depending on your starting point but are generally affordable with options for single journeys or day passes if you plan on exploring more of Redcar.
  5. Parking options are available nearby if public transport doesn’t suit your plans. Look for parking spots at just 60p for convenience close to Beacon Bingo.
  6. Lastly, always check the latest travel updates before you leave home. Public transport schedules can change, so it’s best to have the most current information right at your fingertips.

With these transport links, reaching Beacon Bingo promises ease and convenience for a pleasant outing in Redcar.

Menu and Refreshments Available at Beacon Bingo

At Beacon Bingo, you can enjoy tasty meals and drinks. The Beacon Lounge serves food from 12 pm to 10 pm on Sunday through Thursday. On Friday, they serve until 8 pm, and on Saturday, the kitchen closes at 5 pm.

Dine inside or sit outside. People give it a score of 4.3 out of 5 based on 813 reviews.

Choose from various snacks and full meals while you play bingo or take a break in the games area. Whether you want something light or a hearty meal, there’s plenty to pick from any day of the week.


Beacon Bingo in Redcar offered games every day. Prices were from £1 to £15. You could find amazing slots and tasty snacks there too. Buses and trains made the trip easy. They cared about safe play a lot.

Social media kept everyone updated. Sadly, it closed down on 21 June 2024. Other places still let you play bingo nearby.