Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough

Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough

Your guide to Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough starts with a thorough club review. You’ll get details on opening times, session prices, and facilities. The outline covers exciting events for 2024, food and drink options, and travel tips.

It includes customer feedback, membership perks, and special offers. You’ll find info on jackpots, like the £500 Community Jackpot and Safe Cracker Bingo at main events. The article touches on responsible gambling, with Buzz Bingo licensed by The UK Gambling Commission.

Looking for a fun night out in Middlesbrough? Many locals and visitors struggle to find exciting entertainment options that won’t break the bank. Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough offers a solution with its variety of bingo sessions, special promotions, and jackpot stamps.

This article will guide you through everything you need to know about Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough. We’ll cover opening times, session prices, facilities, and upcoming events for 2024.

You’ll discover why this venue has become a popular spot for both bingo enthusiasts and casual players alike. Ready for some bingo action?

Opening Times

Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough offers bingo sessions every afternoon and evening. Doors open at 11 am daily, except on Sunday when they open at 12 pm. Closing time is midnight from Monday to Thursday and 1 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

DayOpen Hours
Monday11am – 12am
Tuesday11am – 12am
Wednesday11am – 12am
Thursday11am – 12am
Friday11am – 1am
Saturday11am – 1am
Sunday12pm – 1am

Session Times


Session Prices

Prices are reasonable with afternoon main events free on Monday and set at £1.99 on Saturday. The rest of the week costs £5.

Evening games offer good value with another freebie on Monday and the Wednesday and Saturday games priced at £1.99. The Tuesday and Thursday sessions are £5, while the Friday and Sunday mains are £10.

Electronic bingo offers a new experience with tickets sold in packages of 12 – 144 tickets starting from £3. For more information on e-bingo, contact the club directly using any of the listed methods.

Comprehensive Review of Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough

Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough offers a mixed bag of experiences. You’ll find special offers, helpful staff, and clean facilities. The prices are reasonable, and there’s a decent car park.

However, some patrons have noted slow bingo calling and poor prizes. Drinks come in plastic glasses, which may not suit everyone’s taste.

New members get attractive perks. You’ll receive £5 for your first and second visits, plus £5 for food and drink. There’s also a £10 slots offer for just £5. The club’s overall rating stands at 2.5 out of 5, based on 3 customer reviews.

This suggests room for improvement in certain areas of service and gameplay.

Detailed Guide to Opening Times and Session Prices

Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough offers flexible opening times to suit your schedule. The club runs multiple sessions daily, starting from noon and continuing into the evening. You’ll find games kicking off at 12:00, 13:00, 18:00, 19:00, and 21:15.

Ticket prices vary based on your preferred playing style. Paper tickets range from £1.99 to £10, while electronic options cost between £2 and £60. Choose from six ticket packages: Bronze (18 tickets), Silver (30), Gold (42), Platinum (60), Diamond (72), or Diamond+ (144).

Each session features 2 to 12 games, giving you ample chances to shout ‘Bingo!’.

Overview of Facilities and Amenities at Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough

Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough boasts top notch facilities for bingo lovers. You’ll find a spacious main hall, cosy bingo lounge, and dedicated slots area – perfect for varied gaming preferences.

The venue offers special promotions, jackpot stamps, and estimated prize money, subject to change.

Food and drink options abound at this Middlesbrough club. Grab a cuppa or soft drink while you play, or enjoy hot dogs and other snacks. Don’t forget to check out the touchscreen machines and photocopier services available on-site.

Remember, prize money splits among multiple winners as per legal requirements.

Highlight of Exciting Events at Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough in 2024

2024 promises thrilling events at Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough. BADA Bingo, Safe Cracker Bingo, Our House, and GO GO Bingo top the list. Don’t miss Bada Bingo XL on 13th-14th December, featuring Andy Whitby & QFX – it’s set to be a showstopper.

Jackpot hunters, mark your calendars. The £500 Community Jackpot and Safe Cracker Bingo offer big win chances. Main event sessions run at 1pm (Mon-Fri), 1.30pm (Sat-Sun), and 7pm daily.

Savvy players can take advantage of Price Cut Tuesdays, Half Price Bingo, and Super Sunday promotions.

Supplementary Information

Dive deeper into Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough with extra info on grub, travel tips, and what others say… You’ll want to read on!

Explore Food and Drink Options at Buzz Bingo

Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough offers a tasty menu with all-day bar deals, hot food, and desserts. You’ll find great selections to satisfy your cravings while playing. Fancy a cuppa? Grab a tea or coffee 20 minutes before any main event session.

New members get a £5 voucher for food and drink – a perfect way to sample the delicious offerings. No need to book… just pop in, order your favourites, and enjoy the bingo experience with friends.

Travel Tips: Getting to Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough and Nearby Accommodations

Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough sits in the heart of North Yorkshire, England. You’ll find it easily accessible by car or public transport. For overnight stays, several hotels dot the area – perfect for extended bingo sessions.

Nearby attractions like Project Escape and Hatchet Harry’s Axe Throwing offer extra entertainment options.

Local eateries cater to various tastes. Grab a quick bite at Lifeboat Fish Bar or enjoy tapas at La Roca. Crema E Cioccolato Scarborough satisfies sweet cravings, while Love Brew Cafe serves up caffeine fixes.

These spots provide fuel for your bingo adventures.

What Customers Say: Reviews and Feedback on Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough

Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough holds a mixed reputation among patrons. With a 2.5 out of 5 rating, customer opinions vary. Some praise the club’s special offers, helpful staff, and clean facilities.

They appreciate the reasonable prices and decent car park. Others express disappointment, citing slow bingo calling and poor prizes as drawbacks.

Feedback highlights a few specific concerns. Drinks served in plastic glasses irk some visitors. Yet, the overall atmosphere receives positive mentions. Your experience at Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough may depend on personal preferences and expectations.

Membership Benefits and Promotional Offers at Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough

Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough rolls out the red carpet for new members. You’ll snag £5 off your first and second visits, plus a fiver for food and drink. Fancy some slots? Get £10 worth for just £5.

Regulars, don’t fret – there’s plenty for you too. Price Cut Tuesdays slash prices, while Half Price Bingo stretches your pounds. Super Sunday offers extra value. Pick your perfect package: Bronze (18 tickets), Silver (30), Gold (42), Platinum (60), Diamond (72), or go all out with Diamond+ (144).


Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough offers thrilling events and top-quality facilities. You’ll find competitive prices and a wide range of bingo sessions to suit your schedule. The venue boasts excellent amenities, including tasty food and drink options.

Special promotions and membership benefits add extra value to your experience. Customer reviews highlight the friendly atmosphere and professional service. Visit Buzz Bingo Middlesbrough for an unforgettable night out with friends and family.