Buzz Bingo Barnsley

Buzz Bingo Barnsley

Looking for a unique spot in Barnsley to unwind and have some fun? Buzz Bingo Barnsley might just be your answer. With a mix of bingo, slots, and exciting games on offer, it stands out as a go-to venue for those looking to enjoy their evening with an extra dose of excitement.

This club features various sessions across the week – each with distinct ticket prices and game options.

Buzz Bingo on Pontefact Road offers an inviting atmosphere where both newcomers and seasoned players gather to play. You’ll find everything from traditional paper tickets to modern touchpad bingo games there.

Prices range from £3 up to £40, depending on what you choose to play. Plus, there are always fresh promotions rolling out and special events crafted to make your visit even more enjoyable.

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Exploring Buzz Bingo Barnsley

Buzz Bingo Barnsley sits just a 5-minute stroll from the town centre, making it easy to reach. You’ll find it on Pontefract Road, in South Yorkshire’s Barnsley, postcode S71 1AY. This place welcomes you nearly all week, with doors open from 10:30 until 22:30.

Both bingo fans and slot machine fans gather here for fun.

Around Buzz Bingo, there’s more to see and do. The Glass Works Shopping Centre offers a spot for shoppers right nearby. Culture seekers can visit the Civic Cultural Centre or Experience Barnsley Museum.

Sports fans might check out Oakwell Stadium too. With an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 from customer reviews, this venue shows mixed feelings among visitors but remains a popular choice for those looking to play bingo or spin slots in Barnsley.

Check Buzz Bingo Barnsley Opening Times and Ticket Prices

Planning your visit to Buzz Bingo Barnsley? Here’s what you need to know about their opening times and how much it’ll cost you for a day or night of fun.

DayOpening TimesMain Event Bingo PricesElectronic Ticket Pricing
Monday to Friday10 am – 12:30 amAfternoon: £5 (except Sunday £10)
Evening: £2 – £10
Bronze: £17
Silver: £20
Gold: £30
Platinum: £40
Diamond: £52
Diamond+: £62
Saturday and Sunday10 am – 1:30 amAfternoon: £5 (except Sunday £10)
Evening: £2 – £10
Bronze: £17
Silver: £20
Gold: £30
Platinum: £40
Diamond: £52
Diamond+: £62

Free paper main event bingo is up for grabs every Thursday. This gives you a cost-effective option to join the excitement. Ticket prices for a session at Buzz Bingo Barnsley start from as low as £3 and can go up to £62, offering a range of choices depending on how you want to play. Whether you’re stopping by on a weekday or spending your weekend here, you’re in for a good time with options that fit various budgets.

Experience Bingo and Slots at Buzz Bingo Barnsley

At Buzz Bingo Barnsley, you can join in on exciting bingo games. They offer both paper and electronic options. You don’t need to worry about the cost, as ticket prices are affordable, ranging from £3 to £30.

For those feeling lucky, there are extra chances to win substantial amounts with jackpot stamps, Safe Cracker, and Cash Builder Jackpot.

If you’re new here, your first visit is on the house – that’s right, play for free! On your second go-around, it’s just £5 for traditional paper or touchscreen tickets. Each main event lasts around 2 hours – plenty of time to get into the game and possibly walk away with a prize.

Visitors often praise the friendly staff and great sign-up deals. Plus, if slots are more your style, there’s a variety of machines waiting for you to try your luck at winning cash prizes.

Discover Promotions and Special Events

Buzz Bingo Barnsley rolls out the red carpet for both new and regular players with exciting offers. You’ll find money-saving promotions and lively events that make every visit special.

  1. Enjoy half-price bingo on select nights, doubling your fun without stretching your budget.
  2. Super Sunday elevates the end of your week with exclusive games and bonus jackpots.
  3. Sign up as a new member and get £10 worth of slots for just £5 on your first trip, making it a brilliant way to start.
  4. Every Monday, try to beat the score in Beat the Score games for extra prizes.
  5. Join BADA Bingo nights, where traditional bingo mixes with music and laughter for an unforgettable experience.
  6. Thursday Slots Tournaments offer a competitive twist with cash prizes for top slot players.
  7. Go Go Bingo brings a fast-paced, energetic version of bingo that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.
  8. Look out for loyalty rewards that thank you for coming back; these include free spins, cashback deals, and more surprises.
  9. Special events like progressive jackpot evenings invite you to win with others aiming for that life-changing sum.
  10. Take advantage of optional extras available during many promotions; they can add to your winnings or simply make the night more enjoyable.

Each event carries terms and conditions—some may ask you to gamble responsibly or meet certain criteria to participate. These offers vary but always aim to boost your chances at winning or provide added entertainment value during your visit.

Learn About Parking at Buzz Bingo Barnsley

Finding a place to park your car at Buzz Bingo Barnsley is easy. The car park offers 126 spaces, so finding a spot won’t be hard. You will pay £2.20 for parking up to 2 hours, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy your visit without rushing.

There are no height limits, making it convenient for any vehicle type. Also, there are spots available for disabled visitors, showing that everyone is welcome.

For paying the parking fee, use Connect Cashless Parking or send an SMS—both options make payment hassle-free. Whether you’re looking for shuttle parking, valet services or just want to park and walk, Buzz Bingo Barnsley offers everything you need.

With a PARKINGCHEAP rating of 4.3 out of 5 from over five thousand reviews, rest assured the parking experience here meets high standards.

Supplementary Information

Find out more about what’s close to Buzz Bingo Barnsley and hear what folks think.

Attractions Near Buzz Bingo Barnsley

Buzz Bingo Barnsley sits close to some amazing places you’ll love to explore. From museums to parks, there’s something near for everyone.

  1. Barnsley Market is a shopper’s paradise, just a short drive from the bingo hall. Here, you can find fresh produce, unique gifts, and tasty food.
  2. Experience Barnsley Museum and Discovery Centre offers an exploration of local history with interactive displays — perfect for families.
  3. Elsecar Park, known for its beautiful green spaces and playgrounds, makes an ideal picnic spot on sunny days.
  4. The Glass Works Shopping Centre provides a modern shopping environment with a variety of stores and restaurants.
  5. Tyke Racing offers go-karting fun for those seeking speed and competition nearby.
  6. Operation Laser Tag invites groups for exciting laser tag battles in a specialised arena.

Every location promises unique fun and learning moments just minutes from your favourite bingo spot. With options ranging from leisurely walks to adrenaline-pumping activities, Buzz Bingo Barnsley ensures your visit is better than just a game of bingo or slots.

What Customers Say About Buzz Bingo Barnsley

Customers give Buzz Bingo Barnsley an average TrustScore of 3.5 out of 5, showing mixed feelings. Some praised the staff for their excellent service, mentioning specific people who went above and beyond.

Yet, not everyone liked the electronic bingo boards introduced, with opinions split between love and dislike. Reviews ranged from 2015 to 2023, giving a broad view over time. All comments on Tripadvisor get checked before they go live, ensuring what you read is fair and true.

People talked about playing paper games or using tablet computers for bingo – showing there’s something for both traditional and tech-savvy players. Parking was also noted as easy, making visits stress-free right from the start.


Buzz Bingo Barnsley offers fun. You can play bingo and slots every day. Ticket prices start at £3 for paper games and go up to £40 for electronics, depending on what you choose. Parking is easy here, making your visit smooth.

Nearby attractions add more to your trip. So, grab friends or come solo – it’s time for fun at Buzz Bingo Barnsley!