Buzz Bingo Leeds

Buzz Bingo Leeds Club

Seeking a vibrant spot in Leeds for an evening full of fun, games, and good food? Buzz Bingo Leeds Club beckons. Nestled near Stonebridge Mills in the Wortley area, and just off the A6110 Ring Road, this club promises more than your average bingo hall experience.

It’s a reimagined space where laughter fills the air from 11:30 am until midnight on weekdays, with doors staying open till 1 am on Fridays.

With two main bingo sessions daily at 1 pm and 7 pm—priced between free to £15—and electronic packages from £3 to £70, finding something that suits both your schedule and budget is straightforward.

What’s more—the article ahead will guide you through everything Buzz Bingo Leeds has to offer; from game varieties to culinary delights, exclusive promotions, and essential tips for first-timers including parking details.

Ready for some fun? Time to begin.

Exploring Buzz Bingo Leeds Club

Buzz Bingo Leeds Club sits in Stonebridge Mills, Stonebridge Lane, Leeds. It opens its doors from Monday to Saturday at 11:30 am, closing at midnight. On Sundays, the start time is pushed back half an hour to noon but still closes at the same time as other days.

On Fridays, they extend the fun until 1 am. This place welcomes you with a variety of games and activities suited for everyone looking for a good time.

You can reach them at 020 8551 2558 or send an email to [email protected] for more details or queries. Also, visit their website if you need more information.

They celebrate different events throughout the year and offer special promotions that make each visit unique. Customers love this place; it has a perfect five out of five user review rating based on feedback from happy visitors who have enjoyed what Buzz Bingo Leeds Club has to offer.

Buzz Bingo Leeds Club Session Times and Pricing Details

Jump into the vibrant atmosphere of Buzz Bingo Leeds Club, where the fun never stops. With games kicking off in the afternoon at 1 pm and evening sessions starting at 7 pm, you’re set for a day packed with excitement. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

SessionTimePrice RangeElectronic Bingo PackagesOptional Extras
Afternoon1 pmFree – £15£3 – £70I Love Double Money, Party Time Special, Our House, Big Buzz Special, Safe Cracker, Cash Builder Jackpot
Evening7 pmFree – £15£3 – £70I Love Double Money, Party Time Special, Our House, Big Buzz Special, Safe Cracker, Cash Builder Jackpot

For newcomers, Buzz Bingo Leeds rolls out the red carpet with discounted rates on your first two visits. Ticket options include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, each offering a unique experience. The thrill doubles with promotions like Price Cut Tuesdays, Half Price Bingo, and Grab a Grand, ensuring you more chances to win.

So, prepare for a day or evening at Buzz Bingo Leeds, where every moment is a chance to succeed and make memories.

Variety of Games at Buzz Bingo Leeds: Bingo and Slots

Buzz Bingo Leeds offers traditional 90-ball and 75-ball games for bingo lovers. You will find electronic ticket options too, like Regular, Large, Extra Large, and Double XL. This means more choices for how you play.

They also have special jackpot games that bring bigger prizes. If you enjoy online slot machines, Buzz Bingo Leeds won’t disappoint. They offer a wide range of online slot machines with various themes and jackpots.

This club makes sure there’s something for everyone. With electronic versions of bingo tickets, playing has never been easier or more fun. Plus, their exclusive slots are perfect if you’re looking for something different from the usual game selection in most places.

No matter your preference—be it hitting bingo numbers or spinning slots—Buzz Bongo Leeds covers all bases to ensure an exciting visit every the time.

Culinary Experiences at Buzz Bingo Leeds

At Buzz Bingo Leeds, you can enjoy fast casual dining with Mexican inspired dishes. Choose to eat in or take away. Nearby, you can visit Mill Kitchen for a coffee, Whitelock’s for a drink, Hickory’s Smokehouse for deep south inspired food, BrewDog Leeds for beers, or The Flamingo’s Teapot for something unique.

Food and drink at the club are sure to please.

Whitelock’s is special because it is the oldest pub in Leeds since 1715. Each place offers its own charm. Whether you’re after a meal or just snacks and drinks during your bingo games, these options provide everything you need.

Exclusive Promotions at Buzz Bingo Leeds Club

Buzz Bingo Leeds Club offers special deals that make playing more fun. They have slot tournaments, big prize giveaways, and sessions where you pay less. These promotions come with specific start and end dates.

To get these deals, follow a simple guide. It’s important to check their page often to catch the latest offers. This way, you won’t miss out on chances to save money or win substantial prizes.

Joining Buzz Bingo can lead to exciting rewards for players like you. With each visit, there might be new ways to play bingo or slots for free or at a discount. Stay in touch through their Facebook page for updates on what’s new or coming soon.

This keeps your playing experience fresh and full of surprises.

Tips for Enhancing Your Experience at Buzz Bingo Leeds

For a better time at Buzz Bingo Leeds, bring friends to share the fun. Keep reading to learn more!

Advice for Newcomers to Buzz Bingo Leeds

Start your time at Buzz Bingo Leeds by joining as a member. It’s free and easy. You’ll get access to special offers for members only. Bring ID if it’s your first visit. This makes signing up faster.

Get to know the game times and prices before you go. This info is on their website under “times and prices.” Pick a time that suits you best.

Try paper bingo or use touchpads for an easier play experience. Touchpads can help you keep track of numbers better if you’re new to bingo. Playing with friends can make your visit more enjoyable, so invite some along! Look around when you arrive for local attractions and parking details, making sure your whole trip is smooth from start to finish.

Ask staff for help if needed—they’re there to make sure you have a great time.

Playing responsibly is key; decide how much you want to spend before starting games or slots at Buzz Bingo Leeds Club Finder can locate other clubs but keep in mind, playing locally supports community building within Leeds.

Local Attractions and Parking Information

Parking at Buzz Bingo Leeds is easy and free. You can leave your car and step right into the fun without worry. Around the area, you’ll find Whitelock’s for a drink, BrewDog Leeds for some craft beer, Hickory’s Smokehouse for a meal, and The Flamingo’s Teapot for a unique tea experience.

If you’re up for an adventure, Kanyu Escape offers highly rated escape rooms in Yorkshire—a thrilling challenge! There’s also St Matthew’s Community Centre in Holbeck with events to enjoy.

For visiting these attractions or playing at Buzz Bingo Leeds, no booking is needed. Just come over when you want to play bingo or try your luck on the slots. Public transport makes it simple to get here too if driving isn’t your choice today.

Customer Feedback on Buzz Bingo Leeds Club

Customers say different things about Buzz Bingo Leeds Club. Some love it! They talk about nice workers and a fun place to be. They even say they win enough money to pay for their visit sometimes.

But, not everyone is happy. Some people find the workers rude and aren’t pleased with the food or how they join in.

Buzz Bingo listens, though. They answer 96% of unhappy comments in less than a day on Trustpilot. The club has a score of 3.5 out of 5 from six reviews there. So, if you’re thinking of going, you’ll see both good and bad opinions but know that the club tries to fix problems fast.

Planning Your Trip to Buzz Bingo Leeds Club

Planning your visit to Buzz Bingo Leeds Club is easy and fun. Make sure you’re ready for a night full of excitement and wins.

  1. Check the opening times before you set out. Buzz Bingo Leeds opens daily, but hours vary.
  2. Look at session times and ticket pricing on the club’s website to pick the best time to play.
  3. Join the membership programme for free games, food and drink discounts, and exclusive event access.
  4. Explore online games on their strong web presence if you can’t make it in person.
  5. No need to book – just pop in! Yet, arriving early guarantees a good seat.
  6. Plan your transport – local bus services drop close by, and there’s plenty of parking if you drive.
  7. Prepare for themed nights or jackpot games by checking special events online before visiting.
  8. Follow club rules: play responsibly and ensure you’re of legal age to gamble.
  9. Bring ID to sign up as a new member on arrival; it’s quick and gets you instant benefits.
  10. Consider visiting nearby attractions like Headingley or Armley before or after your bingo session for a full day out.

This list will make your trip smooth, leaving more time for fun at Buzz Bingo Leeds Club!


Buzz Bingo Leeds Club brings fun and games, with bingo sessions twice a day. You’ll find slots and special events too. With prices from free to £15, you can choose what suits your budget.

It’s easy to get there by bus or car, thanks to free parking on site. Give Buzz Bingo Leeds a try for a great night out