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Feeling bored? Looking for something exciting nearby? Welcome to Buzz Bingo Doncaster Club, your go-to place for fun and games! Situated in the Wheatley Hall Retail Centre, this vibrant bingo hall offers more than just a chance to win some cash.

With an array of bingo games and slots, it’s where leisure meets excitement.

Here’s a fact: tickets at Buzz Bingo Doncaster range from free to £15, catering to all budgets. From paper tickets at £3 during specific hours to various promotions like Price Cut Tuesdays, there’s always something that fits your pocket.

This article will guide you through everything you need to know – from food and drink options to how you can join the club. Ready for some fun? Let’s get started!

Exciting Bingo Games and Slots at Buzz Bingo Doncaster

At Buzz Bingo Doncaster, you find exciting bingo games every day. Morning sessions start at 10:30 am sharp. For afternoon fun, come in at 1 pm, or 1:30 pm on Saturdays. Evenings light up with games at 7 pm.

You won’t pay more than £10 for all paper sessions. Electronic tickets vary from £3 to £60, giving you choices from bronze to diamond levels – that’s 18 to 72 tickets.

Get ready for special games too! Safe Cracker and Big Buzz Special are crowd-pleasers. Try Party Time Special or Cashbuilder Stamp if you’re feeling lucky; they cost just £1 to £2.

From early evening, enjoy electronic-only play from 18:00 to 18:45 with ticket options similar to daytime sessions. Then from 19:00 till late night at 21:00, grab your paper tickets for £5 or choose electronic ones—25 tickets for just £15 up to a whopping lot of 150 for £55.

Slots fans have their spot here as well—spin the reels and try your luck any time of the day between bingo breaks.

Explore Delicious Food and Drink Options

At Buzz Bingo Doncaster, you’ll find tasty meals to enjoy. They offer the iconic chicken basket that everyone loves. For those who prefer plant-based dishes, there are delicious veggie, vegan, and gluten-free options too.

You won’t be hungry here.

All day, every day, bar deals keep your thirst at bay with coffee or tea and soft drinks. Special promotions give new members discounts on these food and drink choices. Events like Million Dollar Men and BADA Bingo also include mouth-watering menu items.

So come and taste what’s cooking!

Special Promotions and Offers Available

Buzz Bingo Doncaster Club offers exciting promotions and special deals. These offers are created to make your experience more fun and rewarding.

  1. New members get £5 bingo on their first and second visits, stretching your playtime.
  2. Enjoy food and drink deals exclusive to club members, ranging from hot dogs to tea or coffee.
  3. Every Monday, try Beat the Score on slot machines for a chance at extra prizes.
  4. Thursdays host Slot Tournaments, where you can compete against others for rewards.
  5. Special events like Million Dollar Men and Bada Bingo feature tickets at £15, offering unique entertainment experiences.
  6. Welcome bonuses match 100% to 200% of your initial deposit, doubling the fun.
  7. Free spins promotions grant you 10 to 100 spins on selected games, increasing chances to win without extra cost.

Each offer comes with specific times and terms of service, making it essential to check details before participating. Join Buzz Bingo Doncaster Club today and enjoy these fantastic benefits right away!

Upcoming Events and Tickets at Buzz Bingo Doncaster

Buzz Bingo Doncaster is the place to be for exciting entertainment. Get ready for unforgettable nights with family and friends.

  1. Million Dollar Men, happening on 31 August, brings an exhilarating show that you won’t want to miss. It’s a celebration with dance and music that feels just like the real deal from Las Vegas.
  2. On 29 November, Bada Bingo XL Feat N-Trance, Flip & Fill + Karen Parry takes the stage. This event mixes classic bingo with epic live performances for a night full of fun and surprises.

Tickets for these events are easy to find. Just head over to Here, you can grab your spots for these must-see occasions.

Both events are only open to those 18 and above. So, make sure everyone in your group meets this age requirement before buying tickets.

Keep an eye on Buzz Bingo Doncaster’s promotions section or Facebook page too. Sometimes prices change during special offers, helping you save money or get extra benefits.

So there you have it – two amazing reasons to visit Buzz Bingo Doncaster soon. Grab your tickets now and join the excitement!

Learn More About Buzz Bingo Doncaster

Want to know more about Buzz Bingo Doncaster? Check their site for up-to-date opening times, prices, and how to get in touch.

Buzz Bingo Doncaster: Opening Times and Prices

Buzz Bingo Doncaster welcomes you from Monday to Saturday at 10 am until 1 am, and on Sunday, doors are open from 12 pm right up to 3 am. Ready for some fun? Here’s what you need to know about joining in:

DayOpening TimesClosing TimesSession Prices
Monday to Saturday10 am1 am£10 or less for paper sessions
Sunday12 pm3 am£10 or less for paper sessions
Everyday Electronic PackagesVariesVaries£3 – £60
Special Electronic Only Games at 21:15EveningSee Venue5 games ticket options

For those who love paper bingo, sessions cost £10 or less. Prefer gadgets? Electronic packages range from 18 to 72 tickets, costing between £3 and £60. And there’s a special treat at 13:00 to 14:35 – grab free paper tickets or snag electronic tickets ranging from 25 for £15 to 150 for £35. At 21:15, join electronic-only games featuring 5 bingo games for a unique twist.

Planning your visit? Buzz Bingo Doncaster’s doors stay open until 3 am on Fridays to Sundays, ensuring the fun doesn’t stop early. The rest of the week? You’ve got until 1 am to enjoy everything on offer. With prices this friendly, you can indulge in the excitement without breaking the bank. Get ready to enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, meet new friends, and maybe even succeed. See you at Buzz Bingo Doncaster – where the fun never pauses.

Venue Information and Contact Details for Buzz Bingo Doncaster

Buzz Bingo Doncaster sits at Wheatley Hall Retail Centre, Wheatley Hall Road, Doncaster, DN2 4PE. You can ring them at 01302 739099 if you need to talk or have questions. Want to send an email? Reach out to [email protected] for quick help or info.

They open doors from Monday to Saturday at 11 am and keep the fun going till midnight. Sundays are a bit different – they start at noon but don’t worry; they still close at midnight.

For more details or updates, check their website: Here, you’ll find all you need about joining in on the fun, playing responsibly, and what’s coming up next at the club!

How to Join Buzz Bingo Doncaster Club

Joining Buzz Bingo Doncaster Club is easy and fun. You’ll enjoy great games and make new friends in no time. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the club at Wheatley Hall Retail Centre, Wheatley Hall Road, Doncaster, DN2 4PE.
  2. Come in about 20 minutes before any main event starts. This gives you time to sign up.
  3. Talk to our friendly team at the reception. They’ll help you fill out a membership form.
  4. Show a valid ID to prove you’re over 18. This is required for all new members.
  5. Get your club membership number. You can use this on too.
  6. If you join online, you get a £10 bingo bonus for
  7. Use your bonus within 30 days as it expires after that.
  8. Know that winnings from your bonus are paid in cash – no vouchers, just money.

Enjoy playing responsibly at Buzz Bingo Doncaster Club and who knows – you could be the next big winner!


You found out about the fun at Buzz Bingo Doncaster Club. You learnt that you can play many bingo games and try your luck on slot machines. You also discovered you could enjoy tasty food and drinks there.

They have special deals on certain days, like Price Cut Tuesdays. Plus, they host exciting events you can join by buying tickets. To be part of this club, simply sign up.

Buzz Bingo Doncaster opens doors to endless entertainment—from paper to electronic tickets available throughout the day. With offers for new members and positive feedback from past visitors, it’s a spot not to miss in Doncaster.

So why wait? Step into Buzz Bingo Doncaster for an experience filled with joy and opportunities to win!