Astoria Bingo Hull

Astoria Bingo Hull

Looking for a fun afternoon or evening out in Hull? You might be searching for an entertaining activity that doesn’t break the bank. Astoria Bingo Club, nestled on Holderness Road opposite Morrisons, offers just that—an affordable, enjoyable experience with the added excitement of possibly winning some cash.

This independent bingo club prides itself on creating a welcoming atmosphere where anyone can join in the fun.

Astoria Bingo Club provides an array of games and features sessions ranging from £6 to £25—catering to both paper and electronic ticket fans. With doors opening for afternoon bingo from 11:30 to 15:10 and evening bingo from 16:30 to 21:10, it fits perfectly into your schedule.

Here, you’ll find details on how this spot gives you great value entertainment and potentially rewarding experiences in Kingston upon Hull. Ready to try your luck?

Exploring Astoria Bingo Club in Hull

Astoria Bingo Club, once the grand Astoria Cinema from 1934, transformed into a bingo lover’s haven in Hull after 29 years. This independent club offers a warm welcome, creating an inviting spot for both new and seasoned players.

Here, you’ll enjoy high-quality bingo games in a friendly atmosphere. Besides the excitement of the game itself, the club serves up great value food and drink options to keep you energised.

Discovering this gem on Holderness Road means stepping into history designed by James E Adamson. It’s easy to feel the nostalgia of its cinema days while revelling in modern bingo fun.

From exciting main session games to special events that promise substantial wins like “Big Link” jackpot sessions, there’s always something going on at Astoria Bingo Club Limited. Plus, with affordable prices for tickets and sessions running throughout the week, it fits easily into your plans any day you choose to visit.

Finding Astoria Bingo Club: Location and Access

Astoria Bingo Club stands at 669 Holderness Road, Hull, just across from Morrisons. You can reach it easily. If you’re using the bus, hop off at Tower Grange stop. It’s only a one-minute walk from there.

Need to call them? Dial 01482 374156 for direct talk or visit for more info. They shut doors on Tuesdays and Sundays so check your calendar before heading out.

Getting there won’t take much work. Whether by foot after shopping at Morrisons or a short stroll from the bus stop, access is straightforward. This place is easy to find and ready for visitors most days of the week except those two off-days when doors close.

Bingo Times and Ticket Prices at Astoria

Discover the excitement of spending your day at Astoria Bingo Club in Hull, where fun meets affordability. Here’s everything you need to know about bingo times and ticket prices at Astoria.

Afternoon Bingo11:30 to 15:10£7.50 to £15
Evening Bingo16:30 to 21:10£6 to £25

Sessions include Cashpot, Early Session, Main Session, and others like Treasure Chest, ensuring you have plenty of choices. For E-bingo, consult directly with the club for pricing. This blend of times and prices means you can easily find a session that fits your schedule and budget. Your days and evenings just got more exciting!

Facilities and Services at Astoria Bingo Club

At Astoria Bingo Club, you get to enjoy excellent gaming in either the Main Hall or the Main Auditorium. Joining is easy and free, plus you snag a £5 discount on your first game here.

The club keeps things exciting with special weekly deals shared on social media.

Open from 11:30 am to 15:10 pm and again from 16:30 pm to 21:10 pm, there’s plenty of time for fun. It’s all above board too; they’re licensed by the Gambling Commission (account number 1715).

So, head over to 669 Holderness Road in Hull and join the action at Astoria Bingo Club.

Explore Nearby Attractions Around Astoria Bingo Hull

Step out of Astoria Bingo, and adventure awaits. Discover East Park for a breath of fresh air, or catch the latest at the nearby cinema—fun’s just around the corner.

Transport Options Near Astoria Bingo Club

Getting to Astoria Bingo Club is easy, thanks to many transport options. Whether you prefer buses or trains, you’ll find a choice that suits your needs.

  1. The nearest bus stop is Tower Grange, just a 1-minute stroll away. You won’t have to walk far.
  2. Catch the first bus of the day, number 14. It stops nearby at 07:32, perfect for early sessions.
  3. If you’re staying late, the last bus, number 57, stops nearby at 23:36. So, no rush.
  4. For train travellers, Hull station is a bit further but reachable in a 51-minute walk. Good exercise or a short taxi ride.
  5. The first train option in the morning is the TransPennine Express at 08:05. It’s reliable for an early start.
  6. Heading home late? The last train back is also via TransPennine Express at 00:20 – convenient for night owls.

With these transport choices, planning your visit to Astoria Bingo Club becomes simple and stress-free. Enjoy your game without worrying about how to get there or back!

Dining and Shopping Close to Astoria Bingo

Astoria Bingo in Hull sits near plenty of places to eat and shop. You’ll find great spots just a short walk or bus ride away.

  1. Head over to The Coffee House on Holderness Road for your morning fix. They serve fresh coffee and tasty pastries right from 7 AM.
  2. Bella’s Diner offers classic British meals. It’s perfect for a hearty lunch after a bingo session, opening at 12 PM.
  3. Check out East Park for some outdoor shopping at the weekend markets. Find local crafts and food items every Saturday.
  4. Kingston Shopping Center, just a 10-minute bus ride away, hosts a variety of stores for fashion, electronics, and home goods.
  5. For grocery shopping, there’s Asda Superstore on Mount Pleasant, open until 8 PM daily for all your essentials.
  6. Enjoy dinner at Spice House, where they offer delicious Indian cuisine till late hours – till 11 PM on weekdays.
  7. For fans of sweets, Sugar Rush serves up homemade cakes and ice cream until 6 PM.

    8 Accessible by First West Yorkshire buses, you can easily hop on service numbers 56 or 57 from Bradford Interchange near Astoria Bingo to reach most dining and shopping venues.

  8. If you’re looking for entertainment options after bingo, Odeon Cinema is located in Kingston Retail Park, showing the latest movies with evening shows running till around midnight.

All these spots make sure you have plenty to do before or after enjoying your time at Astoria Bingo Club in Hull.

Customer Opinions on Astoria Bingo Hull

People love Astoria Bingo Hull for its friendly staff, warm atmosphere, and tasty food. They talk about their good times there in reviews online. You can see this yourself by checking the bingo hall’s website or calling them at 01482 374156.

Many say it’s a great place to play bingo and have fun with friends.

The business hasn’t claimed its listing yet to update info or reply to comments. But that doesn’t stop customers from sharing positive feedback about their visits in June 2024 or before that.

Photos of the Main Hall show why people enjoy coming here for a game session or a bite to eat during breaks. The last time someone checked, everything was up-to-date as of November 26, 2023.


Astoria Bingo in Hull offers you fun times and great deals on games. You can play in the afternoon or evening with prices that won’t break the bank. Find this bingo club easily on Holderness Road, across from Morrisons.

Enjoy food and drinks while you play various bingo games like Cashpot and Bullseye. Check out shops or grab a bite nearby when you’re done playing. Make sure to call them at 01482 374156 for more details or visit their website.

Get ready for an exciting time at Astoria Bingo – it’s all set to welcome you!