Crown Bingo Cosham

Crown Bingo Cosham

Crown Bingo Cosham stands tall at 15 High Street, welcoming everyone who loves a good game of bingo. With a solid 4.2 rating from 435 reviews, it’s clear this place has fans. For over half a century, Crown Bingo has been the go-to spot in Cosham, offering fun for all ages and backgrounds.

They roll out the red carpet for new members with free sign-up and even double your first £20 deposit for more playtime. Sounds great, right? From paper tickets to electronic bingo, games are easy on the wallet starting at just £6.60.

Daily sessions keep the excitement going from 11 am until late into the night.

And there’s more than just bingo! The surroundings teem with must-see spots like Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and Spinnaker Tower – perfect for adding extra sparkle to your visit.

Ready to make some memories? Keep reading to find out all about Crown Bingo Cosham.

Discover Crown Bingo in Cosham

Crown Bingo Cosham welcomes you with open doors on 15 High Street. You’ll find a place buzzing with fun, where laughter fills the air. This club is part of a bigger family that includes spots in Bognor Regis and Leigh Park.

For over half a century, it’s been a cornerstone for bingo lovers from all walks of life. Here, everyone finds something to enjoy, whether they prefer traditional paper tickets or modern electronic bingo.

Step inside, and you’re greeted by friendly faces ready to guide you through getting started. First-time visitors get a special treat—a 100% Bingo Bonus when they deposit £20. Don’t worry if you’re under 25; just show your photo ID or proof of age card with its shiny pass hologram at the door.

Joining is easy and free! Fill out a simple form and immerse yourself in an atmosphere where offers and promotions are as regular as the bingo games themselves. Crown Bingo operates under strict guidelines set by the Gambling Commission, ensuring every visit is both safe and exciting.

Events and Sessions Schedule

Crown Bingo Cosham offers daily bingo sessions and exciting events. You won’t miss out on fun and games with a schedule that fits everyone.

  1. Weekday bingo starts at 11 am, giving you plenty of time for morning fun.
  2. On Saturdays, doors open half an hour earlier at 10:30 am, making weekends special.
  3. Sundays are also fun days with sessions kicking off at 11 am, wrapping up by 10:30 pm.
  4. Get your day started with morning bingo sessions beginning at 11:45 am.
  5. Afternoon adventures start at 1 pm, except Saturdays when they begin at 1:30 pm.
  6. Evening sessions bring the excitement at 7:30 pm sharp.
  7. Cash prize bingo is a big deal here; join in to win substantial rewards.
  8. Keep an eye out for free giveaways that happen regularly, adding extra joy to your visit.
  9. Seasonal parties make holidays memorable with themed nights full of surprises.
  10. Crown Bingo is more than just a bingo hall; it’s a place where every visit counts, thanks to these well-planned events and sessions.

With opening hours from early till late and main session books packed with action, you’re set for a great time in Hampshire’s friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

Bingo Times and Pricing in Cosham

Ready to join the fun at Crown Bingo in Cosham? Here’s all you need to know about the bingo times and pricing to plan your visit. With a range of sessions each week, it’s easy to find a time that suits you. Prices vary, promising options for every budget.

DayAfternoon Session PricesEvening Session PricesElectronic Bingo Starting Prices

Whether you’re a fan of traditional paper bingo or prefer the modern electronic variant, Crown Bingo is well-prepared for you. Session prices start as low as £6.60, with electronic bingo options beginning at £8. This makes it easy to enjoy a game of bingo, regardless of your budget. Note that the cost can go up to £22.50 for special evening sessions, offering you larger prizes and more excitement.

So, grab your friends, pick a day, and head over to Crown Bingo in Cosham. With such a wide range of prices and sessions, you’re guaranteed a fantastic time filled with fun, laughter, and maybe even a lucky win! Don’t forget to check the schedule and prices for the day of your visit, as they can vary.

Membership at Crown Bingo

To play fun & games at Crown Bingo, you need to be a member. Good news – joining is free! Fill out a form and show photo ID if you’re under 25. The team, skilled in customer service, will help with any questions.

You’ll get to choose between paper and electronic bingo.

Once you join, enjoy the action any day. Crown Bingo is licensed and regulated, ensuring a safe space for everyone. Whether it’s your first time or you’re coming back for more excitement near Fratton, membership opens the door to endless entertainment.

Attractions Near Crown Bingo

After enjoying games at Crown Bingo, explore nearby spots. Famous sites and fun activities await just steps away.

Experience Local Attractions

Crown Bingo Cosham sits close to some must-see sights. You’ll find lots to do nearby, from history-rich tours to modern shopping.

  1. Portsmouth Historic Dockyard draws you into naval history with ancient warships and museums.
  2. The National Museum of the Royal Navy lets you dive deep into the stories of Britain’s maritime past.
  3. Climb Spinnaker Tower for breathtaking views over the harbour and beyond.
  4. Shop till you drop at Gunwharf Quays, where designer outlets meet waterfront dining.
  5. Stay at Portsmouth Marriott Hotel for luxury and comfort after a day of adventure.
  6. Somerset House Boutique Hotel and Restaurant offers unique rooms and great food.
  7. The Queens Hotel Portsmouth combines historic charm with modern amenities.
  8. Enjoy a peaceful stay at Langstone Quays Resort, set on the beautiful coast.

Each attraction promises fun times and new memories, just steps from Crown Bingo Cosham.

Favourites Among Visitors

Visitors love exploring the area around Crown Bingo Cosham. They find a mix of history, nature, and tasty food options nearby.

  1. Leisure Island offers endless fun with its games and challenges, making it a hit for all ages.
  2. Portsdown Hill gives you breathtaking views and a perfect spot for picnics or walks.
  3. History buffs flock to Wymering Manor to soak in its historic charm and ghost stories.
  4. Fort Widley Equestrian Centre attracts horse lovers who enjoy riding lessons or scenic trail rides.
  5. Royal Armouries – Fort Nelson showcases impressive collections of artillery, pulling in those interested in military history.
  6. Sightseeing tours around Portsmouth are popular for checking out the city’s best spots without missing anything important.
  7. Boat hire services allow adventurous visitors to explore the waters at their own pace.
  8. Surfing and windsurfing on the coast offer exciting experiences for water sports enthusiasts.
  9. Nature lovers appreciate the guided wildlife tours, showcasing local fauna and flora.
  10. Fishing charters provide a serene day out for those wanting to catch their own dinner.
  11. Nearby restaurants like Red Lion Hotel and Marjorie’s Tearooms & Bistro are always buzzing with visitors eager to try local dishes.
  12. The Taste of China and Indian Cottage are favourites for those craving exotic flavours after a day of exploration.

Each activity combines learning with fun or relaxation, ensuring there’s something memorable for every visitor near Crown Bingo Cosham.

Contact Crown Bingo Cosham

Reach out to Crown Bingo Cosham easily. Find them on their main website or Facebook page. Look for Crown Bingo in Cosham and get all the details you need. They have 2.7K likes and 3K followers there, showing they’re popular.

Call them if you prefer talking over typing. The team is ready to answer your questions about games, memberships, and events.

Want a genuine experience? Visit their location in Cosham! You’ll find friendly faces who love bingo as much as you do.

So, why wait? Get in touch with Crown Bingo today for fun times and new friends tomorrow!


Crown Bingo in Cosham is your go-to place for fun, with its welcoming vibe and a bunch of events to join. Members get special perks and the chance to succeed at various sessions. Nearby, you’ll find attractions adding more excitement to your visit.

You can easily get in touch for all the details you need. So, why not give it a shot? Keep memories alive with friends and maybe make some new ones along the way at Crown Bingo.