Mecca Bingo Southend

Mecca Bingo Southend

Mecca Bingo Southend is a fun place where people gather to play bingo. It’s in Greyhound Way, Southend-on-Sea SS2 5PY. This place went through a big change and spent £1.5 million making its bar, diner, toilets, and outside area better.

You can find it easily by bus, train, or DLR and there’s space for over 200 cars to park.

Inside Mecca Bingo Southend, you’ll see traditional bingo games but also modern touchscreens people use to play on. With more than 900 seats and 140 electronic things to play on, there’s plenty of room for everyone aged 18 and up.

Games cost between £2 and £20 so it suits most pockets.

The doors open at 10 am from Monday to Saturday and at midday on Sundays. They close at midnight or sometimes stay open until 2 am on Sunday nights!

You can grab something to eat or drink there too because they have a menu that staff will bring right to your table or you can order using the My Mecca app – very modern! There are also machines for playing slots games, a bar with all kinds of drinks, an ATM if you need cash, places for disabled guests to get around easy-like,and even somewhere for smokers without having them go far.

Every now then they put on special nights with music or funny themes like Drag Bingo which makes everything feel like a party!

But what do people think? Well…it gets mixed reviews really which means some folks love it while others reckon there could be some tweaks hereandthere.

Now let’s talk about group fun – you can book ahead if lots of you want to go together or maybe even hold your own event there which sounds pretty cool right?

Contacting them is straightforward; just pick how you prefer – phone,email.

Curious? Stick around as we explore more about this entertaining spot.

Overview of Mecca Bingo in Southend

Mecca Bingo Southend has transformed. Following a £1.5 million refurbishment, it now offers you an unmatched bingo experience in the area. With over 900 seats and 140 electronic bingo terminals, your options for fun stretch as far as your luck does.

It’s not just about the numbers; two bars and a cafe promise great value drinks and tasty food amidst the exhilaration of live entertainment and a vibrant atmosphere.

Situated at Greyhound Way, Southend-on-Sea SS2 5PY, reaching Mecca Bingo is straightforward whether by car or public transport—making it an accessible destination for both locals from Leigh-on-Sea, Shoeburyness, or if you’re coming from further away.

Open seven days a week with flexible timings to fit most schedules; this venue caters to every type of player. Whether you favour traditional bingo halls or relish modern twists with online casino vibes featuring slots and table games—you’re covered here.

Keen on keeping things safe? The club emphasises safer gambling through measures like self-exclusion programmes available via resources such as and

Plus, payment methods are diverse for all activities within Mecca Southend—ensuring convenience meets security.

Prepare yourself for varied game times aimed at providing non-stop entertainment matched with competitive pricing structures that cater to everyone’s budget. And keep in mind: big prize money gets guaranteed every week! So yes, regardless if you’re joining live bingo games or spinning slot machines solo—the action never stops here.

Moreover, enriching your visit beyond gaming is simple with their lineup of upcoming events including live performances that guarantee evenings filled with excitement… Ready to make unforgettable memories? Consider making group bookings or planning private events easily managed through their efficient booking system—or simply use the my mecca app for even smoother access.

In summary, Mecca Bingo in Southend stands out as a premier spot not only for its comprehensive facilities but also due to its strong community vibe supported by customer reviews averaging 2.5 out of 5—an honest reflection of real visitor experiences amidst ongoing enhancements post-refurbishment.

Location and How to Get There

Mecca Bingo Southend sits at Greyhound Way, ready for fun. It’s easy to reach by car or public transport. Here’s how you can get there:

  1. Find it at Greyhound Way, Southend-on-Sea SS2 5PY, near many local attractions.
  2. Drive and park in one of the 200 spaces available if you have a car.
  3. Catch a bus – multiple routes stop near the club, making it convenient.
  4. Use the train – Southchurch station is only 108 metres away, a quick 2-minute walk.
  5. Ride the DLR for another public transport option that gets you close by.
  6. Plan your trip with the Moovit app for the best routes via public transit.

For any questions, call 01702 466003 or email at [email protected]. Whether you’re local or coming from afar, reaching Mecca Bingo Southend is straightforward. Enjoy your time and gamble responsibly!

Club Opening Hours

Knowing the opening hours of Mecca Bingo in Southend is key to planning your visit. Here’s a straightforward look at when doors open and games begin.

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday to Saturday10 amMidnight
Sunday12 pm2 am

Morning games kick off at 10 am, except on Sundays when they start at 12 pm. Afternoon sessions roll out at 12 pm daily. For evening fun, it all starts at 6 pm. Make sure to arrive on time to get the most out of your visit.

Game Times and Pricing

You’re curious about game times and pricing at Mecca Bingo Southend, right? Here’s a concise breakdown that gets straight to the point.

SessionTimePrice Range (£)
MorningVaries2.50 to 5
AfternoonVaries2 to 15
EveningMain sessions10 to 20
Additional GamesOptional1 to 2

Players aged 18 and over are welcome. Ticket prices span from £2 to £20, depending on the session. Morning games cost between £2.50 and £5. For afternoon sessions, prices range from £2 to £15. Evening sessions see the main games priced between £10 and £20, with additional games offering more chances to win at £1 to £2 each. Get ready for fun at Mecca Bingo Southend, where both the excitement and the prices fit just right for your budget.

Facilities and Services Available

Mecca Bingo in Southend offers a wide range of facilities and services to make your visit enjoyable. They ensure comfort, entertainment, and convenience for every guest.

  1. Table Service for Food and Drink: You can order food and drink right from your table. No need to miss any action.
  2. My Mecca App: Use this app to place orders too. It makes things easy and quick.
  3. Slots Play Area: Enjoy a variety of slot games available for you to play.
  4. Licensed Bar: A bar is on the premises, serving a selection of drinks.
  5. Cash Machine On-site: Need cash? There’s an ATM right inside, so you don’t have to leave.
  6. Disabled Access: The club is accessible for guests with disabilities, ensuring everyone can join in the fun.
  7. Smoking Shelter: A dedicated area is provided for guests who smoke.

Upcoming Events and Entertainment

Southend’s Mecca Bingo lights up with special events and themed nights. Get ready for live music and entertainment on select evenings. Mark your calendars for big names like Neighbourhood Weekender, Parklife, and Playground Festival.

Don’t miss out on Reminisce Festival, Snowboxx, Solfest, Terminal V, The Weekender, and Westfest. These events bring together bingo lovers for unforgettable nights of fun.

Check out our online bingo site or use the club finder to stay updated on what’s next. Whether you enjoy classic bingo games or thrive in casino game atmospheres, there’s something for everyone.

Play responsibly to keep the fun going strong!

Additional Information

For more fun, check out local sights near Mecca Bingo. You’ll love what else you can do! Read what people say about their visits and get tips for first-timers.

Other Local Attractions

You’re in Southend for Mecca Bingo but there’s so much more around. This city is full of fun. Here’s where you can go next:

  1. Adventure Island – Just a short walk from the bingo hall, find rides and games for all ages.
  2. Southend Pier & Railway – Take a ride on the world’s longest pleasure pier. Enjoy stunning views and a piece of history.
  3. Sealife Adventure – Meet fascinating sea creatures up close. Perfect after a day of bingo.
  4. Beach and pool clubs – Relax by the water or dive into swimming fun at one of the local clubs.
  5. Golf courses – Hit the links at excellent courses around Southend. Great for relaxing outside.
  6. Horseback riding – Experience scenic trails and enjoy horseback riding adventures nearby.
  7. Tivoli Park – Spend time in nature with beautiful gardens and walking paths to explore.
  8. Appeal to your artistic side at Norwich Theatre Royal, offering diverse performances year-round.
  9. Discover Skipton Castle for a journey back in time through medieval architecture.
  10. Learn about the past at Museum of Scottish Industrial Life, showing how industry shaped Scotland.

Take breaks between games to enjoy these amazing spots!

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Mecca Bingo in Southend has a TrustScore of 1.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot, showing mixed feelings from visitors. Victoria Campbell enjoyed her time, giving it a 4 out of 5 rating. She likely had fun with the casino games and maybe even won some cash or took advantage of a no-deposit bonus.

On the other hand, Nick B only rated his experience as 2 out of 5, pointing towards areas needing improvement. Interestingly, the Customer Experience Team reached out to him, showing they care about feedback and want to make things better for everyone who comes through their doors.

Another visitor, Summer H, was not happy at all, giving just a 1 out of 5 rating. This suggests that problem gambling or issues with privacy and security might have affected her visit negatively.

Despite these varied experiences, it’s clear Mecca Bingo is open to hearing what people think and is willing to act on their suggestions to improve future visits for bingo lovers near Greyhound Retail Park or those staying at Premier Inns nearby.

Advice for New Visitors

Make sure you’re over 18 before you step into Mecca Bingo Southend. This rule is strict. Also, plan your visit to include local sights. Southend-on-Sea has lots to offer, from beaches to golf courses and even historical tours.

It’s a good idea to check out these attractions during the day before enjoying bingo in the evening.

Bring some ID with you; it proves your age. The club loves welcoming new faces but needs to make sure everyone meets the age requirement. If you’re looking for more fun after bingo, consider exploring nearby nightlife spots — bars and clubs await! Lastly, don’t miss out on water activities or free entry attractions around Southend-on-Sea for a well-rounded trip.

Options for Group Bookings and Private Events

Planning a group outing or a private event at Mecca Bingo Southend? You’re in luck. They offer various party packages that cater to any occasion. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Party Packages: Choose from different party packages created for celebrations, team outings, or even family gatherings. These include specific games, along with food and drink options.
  2. Pre-booking Service: For your convenience, you can pre-book games, meals, and beverages. This ensures everything is ready upon your arrival.
  3. My Mecca App: Use the My Mecca app to effortlessly order food and drinks straight to your table during your visit. It’s perfect for group bookings, making service smooth and hassle-free.
  4. Safety Measures: Rest easy knowing that the safety and security of players’ accounts are top priorities here, thanks to market-leading security technology.
  5. Events Arranged for You: Host unique events such as Anyway Up Bingo or Drag Bingo parties that promise a memorable experience for everyone involved.
  6. Contact Information: For more details or to make bookings, directly contact Mecca Bingo Southend’s team through their official website or over the phone.

These options ensure your event at Mecca Bingo Southend is not only fun but also perfectly organised and secure for all your guests.

Booking and Contact Information

You can book your spot at Mecca Bingo Southend easily. Call them or visit their website for quick booking options. They have a dedicated team ready to help you with any questions. Whether it’s for you alone, with friends, or for a big event, they have all the necessary arrangements.

Their contact number is there on the site. Email addresses are also available if calling isn’t your thing. For group bookings and special events, mention your needs; they customise offers.

Make sure to check opening times before you visit or book. This way, you avoid any disappointment. Ready to enjoy some fun? Contact Mecca Bingo South by phone or online now!


Mecca Bingo Southend gives you top fun with its blend of classic games and the latest tech. With over 900 seats, plenty to eat and drink, and games ranging from £2 – £20, your visit promises excitement.

The club sits at Greyhound Way – easy to find, with loads of parking plus great public transport links. They revamped the place for £1.5 million, making everything from bars to loos better, even adding an outdoor area.

Get ready for a fab time – book ahead or just show up; either way, Mecca Bingo Southend aims to please!