Crown Bingo Leigh Park

Crown Bingo Leigh Park

Crown Bingo Leigh Park stands out for more than 50 years, this spot has been popular among bingo players. Joining is simple and free, but you must sign up to play.

With regular games across the week and special deals for first-timers like a 100% Bingo Bonus when you deposit £20, there’s always good times waiting here. This place isn’t just about playing bingo; it’s regulated by the Gambling Commission under account number 2589 to ensure everything is fair and safe.

Their doors open from Thursday to Saturday, ready for long evenings of fun. If that’s not enough, over 2.4k followers on their Facebook page seem to love this place, rating it at 4.5 based on 280 reviews! You’ll find your spot among friends here with plenty of chatter and laughter filling the air around you—so keep reading if excitement calls your name!

Exploring Crown Bingo Leigh Park

Crown Bingo Leigh Park has been a favourite for over 50 years, nestled in Havant. It’s at Sombourne Drive, making it easy to find. This place thrives on creating a warm space where everyone feels welcome.

Imagine playing bingo with friends or family, laughing and hoping for that winning number.

At Crown Bingo, you can enjoy both electronic and paper bingo; the choice is yours. You’ll also find main session books that could lead to big wins. Be sure to bring your photo ID if it’s your first visit—they need to check your age before you play.

The staff here are known for excellent customer service, always ready to help or chat. Plus, they even offer complimentary bingo sessions! Always check the latest terms and conditions though—to ensure you play responsibly and make the most of your visit.

Club Details and Facilities at Crown Bingo

Crown Bingo in Leigh Park offers both electronic bingo and paper tickets, so you can play the way you like best. The club is at Sombourne Drive, making it easy for you to find. They have a phone number, +44 23 9247 6321, and an email, [email protected], so getting in touch is simple.

The staff are well-trained to answer your questions or help with any problems.

This bingo hall creates a friendly and inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. Joining is straightforward; just show proof of age if asked and start enjoying free bingo games among other activities.

With these details and facilities, Crown Bingo stands out as a prime spot for entertainment in Havant.

Opening Times of Crown Bingo Leigh Park

Planning your visit to Crown Bingo Leigh Park? Here are the essential details you need to know about the opening times. Get ready to mark your calendars and set reminders.

DayOpening Times
Thursday11:00 – 23:00
Friday11:00 – 23:00
Saturday10:30 – 23:00
Sunday11:00 – 22:30

These hours are set so you can enjoy a full day of bingo action. Being aware means you can plan your visit perfectly, whether you’re fitting in a game before dinner or making a day of it with friends.

Follow the official Facebook page for Crown Bingo Leigh Park to stay updated on any changes and special events. Your bingo adventure awaits with doors wide open on these days and times.

Crown Bingo Session Times and Pricing

Crown Bingo Leigh Park offers you exciting bingo sessions at various times throughout the week. Prices for joining these games differ between paper tickets and electronic bingo, ensuring options for every player.

Here’s how the schedule shapes up:

DaySession TimePaper Ticket PriceElectronic Bingo Price
MondayAfternoon and EveningVariesVaries
TuesdayAfternoon and EveningVariesVaries
WednesdayAfternoon and EveningVariesVaries
ThursdayAfternoon and EveningVariesVaries
FridayAfternoon and EveningVariesVaries
SaturdayAfternoon and EveningVariesVaries
SundayEvening onlyVariesVaries

Always check the latest details before your visit, as prices can change.

For newcomers, there’s a sweet deal too. Your first deposit of £20 gets a 100% Bingo Bonus. But, claim it within 7 days and meet the wagering requirement twice the bonus funds.

Catch these sessions for some fun and maybe even a big win. Crown Bingo Leigh Park awaits your presence, ready to deliver a memorable bingo experience.

Community Feedback and Reviews of Crown Bingo

Players love Crown Bingo in Leigh Park. They give it a high score of 4.5 out of 280 reviews. This shows that many people enjoy their time there and think highly of the place. On its official Facebook page, the club has attracted 2,400 followers and even more likes—2,368 to be exact.

Plus, with 37 active discussions about it on Facebook, you can tell it’s a popular topic among the crowd.

The online buzz doesn’t stop there. Photos and videos shared on Facebook show fun times at Crown Bingo, making others want to join in too! With over 8,557 check-ins recorded on Facebook, it’s clear this spot is a go-to for bingo lovers around Somborne Drive area.

People visit here to play and share their great experiences online for all to see—making Crown Bingo Leigh Park a well-loved community hotspot.

Exciting Promotions and Events at Crown Bingo

At Crown Bingo, you’ll find lots of fun games and special nights. These make every visit exciting. Check it out to see what’s on!

How to Join Crown Bingo Leigh Park

Joining Crown Bingo Leigh Park is easy and free. You just need to fill out a form with some personal details. Here’s how:

  1. Visit Crown Bingo Leigh Park in person or head to their website.
  2. Find the membership section—look for signs at the venue or a tab online.
  3. Get the form. You can ask staff for it or download it from their site.
  4. Fill in your details like name, address, and date of birth.
  5. Show valid ID. This proves you are old enough to join and play.
  6. Hand in your completed form at the club or submit it online.
  7. Wait for confirmation from Crown Bingo—this usually comes fast.
  8. Collect your membership card when you visit Crown Bingo next.

Staff are always ready to help new members join. They make sure you understand how everything works, from game rules to using your new member privileges.

Joining lets you take part in all the games and events they offer, following guidelines set by the Gambling Commission to ensure safe play for everyone involved.

Buzz Around Crown Bingo

People love Crown Bingo because it feels welcoming to everyone. Beginners and long-time fans alike enjoy playing here. Its clubs in Bognor Regis, Cosham, and Leigh Park are hot spots for bingo lovers.

They offer many bingo games that fit any budget.

Crown Bingo stands out for its friendly vibe. Players always say the staff makes them feel at home. This place is not just about winning; it’s where you meet people who share your interest in bingo.

Plus, with a license from the Gambling Commission (number 2589), you know everything is fair and safe here.


You’ve learnt loads about Crown Bingo Leigh Park. This place is more than just a spot for bingo; it’s where fun meets prizes and community. Joining is easy—fill in a form, no cost involved.

Check out the club’s different events, with cash bingos and free stuff to grab. Games run on set schedules and prices vary, so check before you go. Feeling social? Find your crowd here, welcoming everyone into the fold.

Give them a ring or look online for any questions. And hey, newbies get a nice bonus when they deposit their first £20.

Make your move – join the fun at Crown Bingo Leigh Park today!