BJ’s Bingo Reading

BJ’s Bingo Reading

BJ’s Bingo Reading is a lively place where people gather to play bingo and enjoy slots. You can sign up for free membership in just 60 seconds, either online or at the club if you’re over 18 with a valid photo ID.

This popular spot, located at Gillette Way, Reading, Berkshire RG2 0BS, offers a mix of games and tasty food options.

With regular events like live music and quizzes, there’s always something exciting happening here. Members earn points that can be exchanged for gift vouchers too. Safe gaming practices are followed as they operate under Shipley Brothers Ltd and align with the 2005 Gambling Act.

Freshly prepared meals are on offer, which you can order straight from your table using Bingo Bee technology… making your visit even more comfortable!

Exploring BJ’s Bingo in Reading

BJ’s Bingo in Reading offers free membership. You can sign up in just 60 seconds. Enjoy exciting bingo and slot games every day of the week. Members get value food and drinks, making each visit fun and affordable.

Various events like live music, quizzes, and ladies’ nights happen regularly. Bingo runs seven days a week with sessions in the afternoon and evening at different prices for everyone.

Only people over 18 with valid photo ID can join BJ’s Bingo Reading, which trades under Shipley Brothers Ltd.

Visiting Hours and Directions

Are you planning to visit BJ’s Bingo in Reading? Here is important information about hours and how to get there.

  • Address: Gillette Way, Reading, Berkshire RG2 0BS.
  • Free Parking: Available near Victoria Cross and Pure Gym.
  • Daytime Sessions: Open for bingo games during the day.
  • Evening Sessions: Bingo sessions are also available in the evening.
  • Special Hours: Open at different times on Summer Bank Holiday and Christmas Day.
  • Official Site: Visit for more details.
  • Email Contact: Reach out at [email protected].

Overview of Gaming Options

BJ’s Bingo in Reading offers a variety of gaming options for every kind of bingo lover. You can enjoy classic bingo, or try your luck at the thrilling slots games with a wide selection to choose from.

The slot machines provide non-stop entertainment and chances to win big.

If you prefer online play, BJ’s Bingo has got plenty of options too. New players receive a welcome bonus that gets you off to a great start. Bingo Bee Credit is available in denominations ranging from £10 to £100 and can be used for bingo, food, drinks, slots, and table games—ensuring flexibility in how you wager across different activities.

Advantages of BJ’s Bingo Membership

Membership is free and takes just 60 seconds to sign up. You get a digital membership card which makes it easy to join exciting bingo and slots games. Play online too, with an amazing welcome bonus for newbies.

Earn points that turn into vouchers. Use these vouchers for food or drinks in the club. Pre-book seats and arrive with ease knowing your spot is saved! Save your cart, manage everything through your in-club account, and play responsibly under licensed regulation by the Gambling Commission (account number 2794).

Menu and Beverage Choices

Enjoy freshly cooked dishes at BJ’s Bingo. Your food is served right to your table, so there are no long waits. Order with the Bingo Bee for quick service and social distancing.

Choose from a menu full of snacks, meals, and drinks. All items are made fresh on request. The bar is fully licensed, offering a variety of beverages. Find great value in both food and drink options that make your bingo night even better!

Upcoming Events and Offers

BJ’s Bingo in Reading has many special events and offers. You can expect something exciting each time you visit.

  1. Live Music Events: Enjoy top bands performing live, creating a vibrant atmosphere.
  2. Quizzes: Participate in fun quiz nights with friends and win prizes.
  3. Ladies’ Nights: Special nights for ladies with exclusive deals and entertainment.
  4. Free Bingo Offers: Avail yourself of free bingo games on selected days.
  5. Special Promotions: Receive tailored offers via post, SMS, telephone, or email.
  6. Regular Prize Draws: Enter draws to win fantastic prizes like Love2Shop vouchers.
  7. Seasonal Celebrations: Join themed events for holidays like Christmas or Halloween.

Experience more at BJ’s Bingo with their regular updates and exclusive opportunities!

Commitment to Safe Gaming

All players must be over 18 years of age at BJ’s Bingo. The management and staff are committed to safe gaming. They support the objective detailed in the 2005 Gambling Act. All gaming must be conducted by an official appointed by the proprietors.

This ensures a fair and regulated environment.

BJ’s Bingo is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission. The company registration number is 2799746, proving its legitimacy. Staff provide information and support to customers about responsible gaming practices.

They have the right to refuse membership applications if necessary for safety or compliance reasons.

BJ’s Bingo Extra Services

BJ’s Bingo offers a few extra services for your convenience. You can learn about Bingo Bee Credit and gift vouchers easily….

Bingo Bee Credit Explained

Bingo Bee Credit ranges from £10 to £100. You can use these credits for bingo, food, drinks, slots, and table games. Order from your seat with Bingo Bee… This reduces queues and makes it safer by enhancing social distancing.

Unused credit stays on the account for future visits or withdrawal. Any winnings also remain on your Bingo Bee account. You avoid carrying cash and enjoy a seamless process every time you play!

Options for Seating

BJ’s Bingo in Reading offers various seating options. The hall can seat over 1,000 people and has tables for up to four.

  • Colour Coded Areas: The seating zones are colour coded. You will find Cyan, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Ruby, Dark Green and Brown areas.
  • Tables and Chairs: Each table holds up to four people. This is perfect for small groups or families.
  • Wheelchair Access: The flat floor design makes it easy for wheelchairs to move around.
  • Membership Number Seats: Special seats are available for those with a membership number. This gives members extra comfort and perks.
  • Company Registration Number Seating: For business events or large groups from one company (registration number 2799746), there are dedicated spaces.

The seating layout is well-organised with ample room for everyone. Enjoy your bingo night in comfort!

How to Reach BJ’s Bingo

BJ’s Bingo in Reading is easy to find. Follow these steps to get there:

  1. Address: Head to Gillette Way, Reading, Berkshire RG2 0BS.
  2. Free Parking: Park for free at the location, near Victoria Cross and Pure Gym.
  3. Bus Stop: Get off at Gillette Way, Whitley… just a 2-minute walk away.
  4. Driving Directions: Use any GPS device or app. Enter the address mentioned for precise directions.
  5. Join Online: You can become a member online before your visit.
  6. On-site Sign-up: Sign up as a club member when you visit for the first time if not done online.
  7. Landmarks Nearby: Look for Victoria Cross and Pure Gym as reference points near the location.
  8. Train Station Access: If traveling by train, arrange a taxi from Reading station straight to Gillette Way.

Have fun reaching BJ’s Bingo quickly using these practical steps!


You can join BJ’s Bingo in Reading quickly. Membership is free and takes 60 seconds to sign up. Play bingo every day in the afternoon and evening with varied prices. Free parking is available, and it’s near Victoria Cross and Pure Gym.

Members enjoy exciting bingo, slots games, food, and drinks. Regular events like live music, quizzes, and ladies nights add fun for everyone.

Earn points to exchange for vouchers by joining the club.

For those over 18 with a valid photo ID, membership offers many rewards.