Palace Bingo Felixstowe

Palace Bingo Felixstowe

Palace Bingo Felixstowe stands out not just any bingo club. It has become a hub of joy for many with its doors open from 10:30 am to 11:00 pm daily.

With features like cinema and café upstairs and enticing promotions that keep the game interesting, it’s clear why this venue shines in Felixstowe. Ready to find out how you can join the fun? Let’s explore what makes Palace Bingo tick.

Exploring Palace Bingo in Felixstowe

Palace Bingo in Felixstowe offers you a welcoming atmosphere and a social vibe that’s hard to find elsewhere.

The club is not just about playing bingo; it’s about creating moments with friends in an environment where everyone feels at home.

You’ll find Palace Bingo easy to spot and ready for your visit, complete with its own car park for hassle free access. Inside, the excitement kicks off with various games including the popular Blue Cashpot among others.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or trying out your luck for the first time, there’s something here for everyone. Grab your dabber and join the fun – who knows? Today might be your fortunate day!

How to Find Palace Bingo: Location and Contact Details

Finding Palace Bingo in Felixstowe is easy. The club sits at Crescent Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 7BG. For help or to book a game, call them on 01394 282787. It’s right in the centre of town.

You won’t miss it with its own parking space and more spots across the street. Near by, there’s even a Tesco for quick shopping trips before or after your games. So grab your friends or family and head down for some fun bingo time!

Opening Times and Playing Sessions at Palace Bingo

Palace Bingo in Felixstowe opens its doors to fun and excitement every day of the week. Here’s a guide to the opening times and the bingo sessions you can join.

DayOpening TimesPlaying Sessions
Monday to Sunday10:30 AM to 11:00 PMMorning, Afternoon, Evening

You have three opportunities every day to play bingo starting from 11:30 AM. Here’s a breakdown of the sessions to help you plan:

SessionTimesGames Included
AfternoonStarts from 11:30 AMBreakfast Club, Blue Cashpot, Main Session, Second Session, Late Flyer
EveningVaries, check scheduleBlue Cashpot, Main Session, Second Session, Gold Cashpot

Make sure to check the exact times for evening sessions as they may vary. Now you know when to drop in and the variety of games you can enjoy each visit. Get ready to mark your cards and possibly achieve a big win at Palace Bingo!

Ticket Pricing and Membership Options

Discovering the right prices and membership deals at Palace Bingo in Felixstowe is straightforward. Here’s all you need to know to start your next bingo session without any surprises.

TypePrice RangeNotes
Paper Tickets£6 – £16Accessible for everyone, offering a tangible experience.
Electronic Bingo£14 – £105‘Pals’ packages give you more main session tickets, increasing your odds.
ExtrasVariesIncludes Blue Cashpot, Gold Cashpot, Late Flyer, and Two Game Early Links.

Grabbing a membership at Palace Bingo improves your experience. It’s simple, usually free, and sometimes, you might snag exclusive perks. Whether it’s your first visit or you’re a seasoned player, understanding these options sets you up for a good time. Mark your calendar, select your game type, and enjoy the excitement of bingo in Felix’s favourite spot.

What’s On Offer: Features and Amenities at Palace Bingo

At Palace Bingo in Felixstowe, you get more than just a game. Think cinema and cafe—places to relax, watch movies, and grab a bite while playing your favourite bingo games.

Cinema and Cafe Facilities

Palace Bingo Felixstowe shines with its upstairs cinema, a place where movies come to life. You can sit back in comfy chairs and enjoy the show, thanks to a top sound system. They screen a mix of films and host different events—something for everyone.

For your next movie night, head over to to book your spot.

While you’re there, don’t miss out on the cafe. It’s perfect for grabbing a bite before or after your game or movie. The menu has lots of tasty options that won’t disappoint. Enjoying what Palace Bingo has to offer is easy, making your time there fun and carefree.

Events and Promotions at Palace Bingo

Palace Bingo Felixstowe hosts a variety of events and promotions that cater to every bingo lover’s needs. You’ll find these offers not just exciting but also great for saving money on your favourite games.

  1. Free bingo sessions are available, letting you play without spending a penny. Check the schedule on for when these games happen.
  2. Regular promotions reduce the cost of your game tickets. This means more fun at lower prices.
  3. Special days come with big jackpots. Imagine winning a huge prize on a night out with friends!
  4. Member-exclusive deals offer rewards for those signed up with Palatial Leisure Bingo Club. From discounts to special prizes, being a member pays off.
  5. Seasonal events, like Christmas or Easter bingo nights, add a festive twist to regular gameplay, complete with themed prizes.
  6. Loyalty programmes reward you for playing at Palace Bingo Felixstowe regularly, turning your usual evening out into a chance to earn points for free games or food.
  7. Weekly and monthly promotions give regular players something new to look forward to—everything from additional jackpot games to entries in prize draws just for showing up.
  8. Unique promotions might tie in with local Felixstowe events or holidays, making community engagement part of the fun.

These activities and offers ensure that each visit to Palace Bingo is filled with excitement and opportunities to win, all while enjoying the welcoming atmosphere that makes this place one of the most popular clubs in the country.

Joining Palace Bingo: Membership Process

Joining Palace Bingo in Felixstowe is easy and straight to the point. You’ll love the simple steps to become a member and start playing.

  1. Visit Palace Bingo in Felixstowe or use their phone line at 01394 282787 to express your interest in joining.
  2. Provide your basic contact details such as name, address, and email. They need this information for registration.
  3. Bring along a valid form of ID (like a driver’s license or passport) when you first visit. They use it to confirm your age and identity.
  4. The staff will guide you through filling out the membership form – it’s quick and takes only a few minutes.
  5. You get instant access to a range of bingo games, both traditional and electronic, as soon as your membership is confirmed.
  6. Explore upcoming events and promotions right away – ask the team or check the noticeboards for details.

And just like that, you’re all set up! Enjoy playing at Palace Bingo with other members who share your enthusiasm for bingo games.


Palace Bingo in Felixstowe offers fun every day of the week, opening its doors from 10:30am to 11:00pm. You’ll find it easily on Crescent Road, complete with parking and nearby shops.

With options for both paper and electronic games, you can choose what suits you best – electronic packages give more game for your money. The place also has a cinema and café, making it perfect for a full day out.

Don’t miss their exciting events; check the details by ringing them up at 01394 282787. This spot wraps entertainment and convenience into one package – why not give it a go?