Mecca Bingo Norwich

Mecca Bingo Norwich

Mecca Bingo Norwich stands as a beacon for fun on Aylsham Road, offering a place where up to 1,500 players can come together under one roof. With its doors opening wide early in the day and not closing until midnight most days, it promises endless entertainment with its mix of traditional and electronic bingo.

The place doesn’t just stop at bingo; it throws open its doors to events that transform regular nights into something unforgettable. And for those keen on making every visit count, rewards await through simple visits or by using their clever app.

But Mecca Bingo isn’t all about staying indoors—the vibrant Norwich scene around invites exploration before or after your gaming session. Though some have had their ups and downs with parking and waiting times, the friendly staff always seem to make it worth the while.

Overview of Mecca Bingo in Norwich

Mecca Bingo in Norwich, located at Norwood Rooms, 285 Aylsham Road, enjoys a central place in the city’s entertainment scene. With its impressive capacity to host close to 1,500 players and equipped with 100 electronic bingo terminals, it stands out as a premier venue for both traditional and digital bingo fans.

The integration of touch screen technology with the classic game format brings an innovative twist to your gaming experience.

The establishment is part of Rank Interactive (Gibraltar) Ltd., ensuring market-leading security technology safeguards your play sessions. You’re guaranteed peace of mind with their stringent safety protocols while enjoying a range of games.

What sets this location apart is not just its commitment to providing a secure environment but also its approachable atmosphere that caters to both seasoned players and newcomers alike.

Whether you’re syncing your gameplay on Mecca Max or cherishing the excitement of shouting “house” in one of the bustling rooms, every visit promises something unique.

Adding flavour to your visit are options at the food and drink counter offering great value drinks and tasteful pub food – making sure that hunger doesn’t distract from your winning streaks.

Live entertainment events further elevate the vibe, turning ordinary evenings into memorable outings where karaoke can follow up rounds of bingo.

When planning your next outing here, use the My Mecca App or Club Finder feature on their website for hassle-free session bookings—it’s crafted for convenience right at your fingertips.

In essence, Mecca Bingo Norwich stands as more than just another hall; it’s an inclusive hub aimed at delivering exceptional amusement experiences paired with unwavering attention towards customer satisfaction and community well-being.

Timings and Pricing for Bingo Sessions

Choosing the right time and session for your Mecca Bingo visit in Norwich ensures a fun and cost-effective experience. Here’s what you need to know about bingo session times and prices:

DayOpening TimesSession TimesPrice Range
Weekdays10:00 AM – 12:00 AM10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 6:20 PM£2 – £26
Saturday9:00 AM – 12:00 AM10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 6:20 PM£2 – £26
Sunday11:00 AM – 12:00 AM12:00 PM, 6:20 PM£2 – £26
Electronic PackagesAvailable every day during opening hours£2 – £155

For newcomers, all bingo games, including flyers, are available for just £5. This special offer lets you explore without spending much. With hundreds of prizes available weekly and various promotions, your visit might be more rewarding than you expect. Keep these timings and prices in mind as you plan your trip to Mecca Bingo Norwich.

Options at the Food and Drink Counter

You’ll find a variety of food to enjoy at Mecca Bingo Norwich. The menu has chicken tikka curry, burgers, loaded fries, and dishes from Harry Ramsden. You can order these directly from your table or use the My Mecca app for added convenience.

Plus, there’s a licensed bar offering tasty drinks.

The diner facilities make it easy to grab classic dishes without missing out on the bingo fun. Bars serve up your favourite drinks quickly. With options like these, you’re set for a great night out at Mecca Bingo Norwich.

How to Book Your Bingo Sessions

Booking your bingo sessions at Mecca Bingo Norwich is easy and fast. Make sure you grab a seat for your favourite games in advance. Here’s how:

  1. Download the My Mecca Club app from your smartphone’s app store. This app is your key to everything Mecca Bingo.
  2. Sign up or log in if you already have an account. New members get a special deal—all bingo, including flyers, for just £5.
  3. Look for the Norwich location using the app’s search function.
  4. Check out the daily bingo sessions times and pick one that suits you best. Sessions last about 2 hours.
  5. Pre-booking is available, ensuring you always get a seat. Select the session you want to join and proceed.
  6. Choose your payment method from available options to pay for your session securely.
  7. Confirm your booking details and submit them through the app.

Make sure to gamble responsibly; support is available from BeGambleAware if needed. Enjoy playing bingo at Mecca Bingo Norwich!

Events and Extra Activities at Mecca Bingo

At Mecca Bingo, you find more than just games. They host exciting events and extra activities that stand out. Enjoy the Forbidden Nights show with an after-party to keep the fun going.

Love music? Then don’t miss the Anyway Up Bingo 90s and 00s party, where DJ Bradley from S Club 7 spins tracks all night. For fans of classics, The Jersey Quartet pays tribute to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.

They also spice things up with themed bingo nights like Boots Down Bingo Texas Edition – a Texas-themed drag bingo event that promises laughs and surprises. Plus, Bounce Bingo gives you jive bingo sessions unlike any other in town.

With these various live entertainment choices at the club, your visits will always be filled with new experiences.

Useful Tips for Bingo Players

For bingo fans, always check the My Mecca Club app for updates. It’s a smart way to earn more rewards every time you play. Keep playing and discover what’s next!

Explore the My Mecca Club App

Download the My Mecca Club App to make your visits more rewarding. Right away, you get a welcome offer worth £60 after signing up as a new player through the app. This digital companion brings promotions and exclusive offers straight to your phone.

You can quickly order food and drinks or play bingo halls with just a few taps.

The app links directly to your Mecca membership card for faster service at every visit. It uses top security technology to keep your information safe, making sure you enjoy responsible gambling.

With this app, earning rewards on each visit becomes easy and secure.

Earn Rewards on Your Visits

Every time you drop by Mecca Bingo in Norwich, you get a chance to bag some excellent perks. Join the club for just £5 and you will enjoy your bingo and receive extra vouchers to use on your visits.

The real game changer? Mecca Perks rewards programme. Visit the venue four times or more in a month, and bam! You’re in for bonuses. This isn’t about small prizes either; we’re talking about guaranteed big prize money every week.

Imagine walking into the club knowing that amazing guaranteed prizes await throughout the week. It’s all thanks to those regular visits. Plus, with each visit, payment methods include fast options so getting started is smooth and easy – less time waiting, more time playing.

So come down, play your heart out at Mecca Bingo Norwich and watch how visiting more can turn into winning more.

Explore Nearby Attractions and Other Bingo Halls

After enjoying Mecca Bingo in Norwich, you’ll find plenty to do just a short drive away. Visit Waterloo Park, Norwich Cathedral, or the Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell—all within 6 miles.

You won’t go hungry with so many restaurants offering Indian, Caribbean, and British dishes within 3 miles.

Feel like trying your luck elsewhere? Check out Palace Bingo Great Yarmouth, Merkur Bingo Lowestoft, or Winners Bingo Thetford for more bingo fun. Plus, there’s free parking at these places too.

Located halfway between the city centre and the airport makes getting around easy with regular bus services. And if you’re up for something different, historical tours and lifeboat cruises are great ways to spend your day nearby.

What Customers Say About Mecca Bingo Norwich

Customers have mixed feelings about their visits to Mecca Bingo Norwich. Some had fun, especially at special events like the drag bingo night back in January 2023. They found it lively but mentioned long queues for drinks could be a hassle.

Management said sorry and took this feedback seriously. Others weren’t as pleased. A visit in May 2024 saw players only getting through four of six planned games due to low turnout, making for a less than stellar experience.

The team at Mecca Bingo noted these concerns and promised improvements.

Reviews from earlier times reveal more upsides, such as praise for party packages that offered good value and affordable drinks in July 2022. Not all experiences hit the mark though—some visitors felt rushed during their bingo sessions in March 2023, commenting on poor interaction with the game caller which dampened the fun atmosphere expected from an outing at Mecca Bingo.

In response to these issues, management apologised and ensured that the feedback reached the Norwich staff for action, showing they are committed to improving guests’ experiences based on visitor input.


Mecca Bingo Norwich offers a £120 bonus for new punters who put down £10 on bingo in a week after their first deposit. You find Mecca at Norwood Rooms, Aylsham Road, with doors open early to late, prices ranging from £2 to £26 for games.

You’ve got food and drink options plus events to enjoy. Near the club are other halls and attractions if you fancy a wander. Make sure to use the My Mecca Club app for bookings and rewards on your visits—simple ways to boost your game time and fun.