Ritz Bingo Kings Lynn

Ritz Bingo Kings Lynn

Ritz Bingo Kings Lynn is a game spot you’ll find interesting. It sits in an old building from 1815 on Theatre Royal, St James Street. This place has seen bingo lovers come through its doors since 1962.

You can ring them up at 01553 772870 or drop an email at [email protected] if you have questions. Their doors are open from 11am to 10pm most days, letting folks join one of the two sessions on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Prices for joining in start from £4 up to £15, making it easy for anyone wanting to try their luck. For those driving over, there’s room for about 15 cars right outside and more space not far off in a big car park.

Getting there is simple with buses stopping nearby or if you prefer trains, the station is just a ten-minute stroll away. Visitors often talk about how nice everyone is here and how clean they keep the place; plus, they get excited over possibly winning big jackpots reaching over £5,000 or even special prizes that can go up to £50,000.

Looking around Kings Lynn shows there’s more bingo fun elsewhere too – with places like Winners Bingo Wisbech and Corn Exchange Bingo Club offering different vibes but similar chances at winning big! If you’re curious enough to check this out…

Overview of Ritz Bingo in Kings Lynn

Ritz Bingo in King’s Lynn offers you a blend of historical charm and modern entertainment. Nestled within the walls of the Theatre Royal, a building steeped in history since 1815, this venue combines tradition with contemporary bingo gaming.

Since transforming into a bingo hall in 1962, it has become a beloved spot among locals and visitors alike. With its stylish renovation, Ritz Bingo provides not just games but an atmosphere rich with historical significance.

You’ll find Ritz Bingo at Theatre Royal on St James St, making it easy to locate for an evening out or a leisurely afternoon session. Contacting them is straightforward—either call on 01553 772870 or send an email to [email protected] if you need specifics about session times or ticket costs.

The venue prides itself on accessibility too; offering disabled facilities ensures everyone can join in the fun. Whether you’re checking their Facebook page for the latest news or consulting with the Gambling Commission for your peace of mind, rest assured that all rights are reserved for your safety and enjoyment during every visit.

Where to Find Ritz Bingo: Location Insights

Ritz Bingo sits at Theatre Royal, St James St, Kings Lynn, PE30 5BZ. This place has a small car park for 15 cars only. If it’s full, there’s more space in a multi-storey car park nearby.

Buses drop passengers at the end of the road. From the train station, you’re just a 10-minute walk away. So, getting here is easy whether you drive or use public transport.

You can’t miss this spot if you enjoy bingo. It’s close to other fun places too – like Gala Bingo Kings Lynn – if you want to explore more games around town.

Operating Hours at Ritz Bingo

Planning your visit to Ritz Bingo in Kings Lynn? Know the operating hours to make the most of your time. Here’s a straightforward guide:

DayOperating Hours
Monday3pm – 10pm
Tuesday11am – 10pm
Wednesday3pm – 10pm
Thursday11am – 10pm
Friday12pm – 10pm
Saturday11am – 10pm
Sunday11am – 10pm

Check these times, plan your visit, and enjoy your game.

Play Sessions and Ticket Costs

Ritz Bingo in Kings Lynn offers you exciting play sessions at affordable prices. Here’s a detailed look at what to expect:

DaySession TimesMain Session Book CostNational Game Ticket CostFull House Prize Money
Tuesday, Thursday, SaturdayTwo sessions£12-£14£1 for 2 tickets or £2 for 5 tickets£20-£250
Rest of the weekEvening session at 7:30pm£12-£14£1 for 2 tickets or £2 for 5 tickets£20-£250

Costs range from £4 to £15, offering you flexibility. Enjoy the game without spending too much. The excitement of winning with values from £20 up to £250 makes every game exhilarating. Whether you’re a regular or a newcomer, Ritz Bingo caters to all.

Feedback and Thoughts from Ritz Bingo Visitors

Visitors at Ritz Bingo in Kings Lynn often share their joy. Many say the staff are always smiling and helpful. The place shines with cleanliness, making every visit pleasant. Players love winning extra prizes for calling bingo on certain numbers – like £100, £1,000, or even a huge £50,000 jackpot.

They tell stories of wins big and small, with a great-grandmother once bagging £50,000!

You’ll hear tales of excitement over the Golden 7’s Jackpot that can grow to more than £5,000. Every afternoon and evening brings a chance to win at least £5 or £10. This makes games exciting for everyone who comes through the doors of the former ABC cinema location.

With all rights reserved for fun and good times, visitors leave eager to return and play again.

Exploring Nearby Bingo Opportunities

If you love Ritz Bingo, try other bingo spots in King’s Lynn too. They’re worth a look.

Other Bingo Locations in Kings Lynn

Kings Lynn offers a variety of bingo halls, ensuring you have plenty of options for your next game night. Each location provides a unique atmosphere and game experience.

  1. Winners Bingo Wisbech is not far from Kings Lynn and attracts players with its vibrant games and friendly community. Here, you can join in on exciting bingo sessions that are perfect for both new and seasoned players.
  2. Just a bit further, Winners Bingo Thetford offers another excellent choice for bingo fans. It stands out with its wide range of games and special events designed to provide maximum enjoyment and chances to win.
  3. Mecca Bingo Norwich might require a bit of travel from Kings Lynn, but it’s worth the trip. This venue is known for its large selection of games, modern facilities, and welcoming atmosphere that keeps players coming back.
  4. The Corn Exchange Bingo Club brings bingo right into the core of local social life in Kings Lynn. This spot combines the excitement of bingo with the charm of historic surroundings, offering an unforgettable gaming experience.
  5. Bahasa Empire Bingo & Social Club is where fun meets friends. Near Kings Lynn, this club presents a cosy place to play bingo, socialise, and enjoy various entertainment options throughout the week.

Each location brings its flavour to the game of bingo, providing multiple choices close to home or worth a short journey.

How to Contact Ritz Bingo

You can reach Ritz Bingo easily. They sit inside the old ABC cinema hall, now called The Theatre Royal, on St James Street. Want to pop in or have a question? Just dial 01553 772870.

Prefer typing over talking? Send an email to [email protected]. They’re open different times each day, so it’s smart to call ahead or check online before you visit. Bear in mind their spot has room for 15 cars only.

But don’t worry – there’s more space close by in a multi-storey car park. If public transport is your go-to, buses stop near the end of the road and walking from the train station takes about ten minutes.

So why wait? Get in touch with Ritz Bingo today!


Ritz Bingo in King’s Lynn gives you games and fun at Theatre Royal. Find it easily on St James St, with parking nearby. Play costs between £4 and £15. Visitors love the friendly staff and clean place.

For more bingo action, try Winners Bingo Wisbech or Mecca Bingo Norwich. Need to talk? Call 01553 772870 or email [email protected]. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, Ritz Bingo welcomes everyone for a great time!


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