Buzz Bingo Peterborough

Buzz Bingo Peterborough

Buzz Bingo Peterborough, once known as Gala Bingo before 2018, offers a blend of fun and games. This place opens its doors for two main sessions each day, plus special ones called Lunch Club and Big Bite.

You’ll find it less than a mile from Queensgate Shopping Centre. It boasts traditional bingo games, over 1,000 slot machines to try your luck on, and even has a spot for grabbing a drink or bite to eat with parking space for up to 250 cars.

Opening times are generous – from 10 am until 1 am Monday through Saturday and an extra hour on Sundays till 2 am. When you’re ready to play, ticket prices won’t break the bank; they start at £2 going up to £10 for paper ones and £3 to £80 if you prefer going digital.

If you’re new, there’s an enticing offer waiting: two trips for just £5 each. Plus deals on snacks, drinks, and slots games keep things interesting. Regular events like the Saturday Social Club or big screen bingo add that extra buzz.

Overview of Buzz Bingo Peterborough

Buzz Bingo Peterborough, located at Lime Kiln Close, Peterborough, PE3 9TA, stands out as a premier spot for those passionate about bingo and slot machine games. This venue prides itself on offering an accessible environment with full disabled facilities, ensuring everyone can join in the fun.

You’re greeted by a wide array of gaming options ranging from traditional bingo to exciting jackpot slots. Your adventure at Buzz Bingo Peterborough combines entertainment with the opportunity to win substantial rewards in a welcoming atmosphere designed to meet diverse needs and preferences.

Buzz Bingo Peterborough Opening Times and Pricing

Buzz Bingo Peterborough welcomes you every day of the week, offering varied opening times to fit your schedule. The excitement starts early and ends late, with doors opening at 10 am from Monday to Saturday, and a bit later at 11 am on Sundays. The fun doesn’t stop until 1 am during the weekdays and Saturdays, while on Sundays, it pushes the limit to 2 am, giving you ample time to enjoy everything on offer.

Explore the pricing and session times, ensuring you never miss out on the action. With a range of prices to suit every budget, Buzz Bingo in Peterborough makes sure everyone can join in. Prices for paper tickets start as low as £2, stretching up to £10 for those preferring more extensive gameplay. For electronic lovers, prices range from £3 to a maximum of £80, allowing for a broad selection based on your preference.

Early12:00 to 1:00Paper£3 – £15
Afternoon13:00 to 14:35Electronic£12 – £42
Early Evening18:00 to 18:45Electronic£3 – £12
Main Evening19:00 to 21:00Paper & Electronic£5 – £55
Late21:15Electronic£3 – £12

This schedule and pricing guide ensures you can plan your visit with precision. Select the session that fits your budget and time, and enjoy the excitement at Buzz Bingo Peterborough. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, Buzz Bingo has something for you.

Exclusive Promotions and Welcome Offers at Buzz Bingo Peterborough

Excitement awaits you at Buzz Bingo Peterborough with its array of exclusive promotions and welcome offers. Whether you’re new to bingo games or looking for exciting ways to enjoy your time, this place has something special for everyone.

  1. On your first visit, spend just £5 for an evening of bingo fun.
  2. Your second visit is equally enticing; another chance to play bingo games with only £5.
  3. Enjoy complimentary food, drink, and a go on the slot machines as part of the new member offer package.
  4. Take part in the Saturday Social Club for unique games and prizes.
  5. Experience Live Bingo on the Big Screen, bringing a whole new level of excitement.
  6. Join the All In Main Events for a chance to win in bingo games.
  7. Prices for promotional sessions can vary, so keep an eye on the promotions section or Facebook page for updates.
  8. Grab a Cashbuilder Stamp for just £1.
  9. Don’t miss out on jackpot opportunities like the Pot of Gold Community Jackpot, currently valued at £3,285.

With these varied and exciting options, Buzz Bingo Peterborough ensures every visit is memorable and full of potential wins.

Dining and Beverage Choices at Buzz Bingo Peterborough

At Buzz Bingo Peterborough, you have a wide range of food and drink options. You can enjoy meals from midday to 14:30 and again from 17:15 to 20:30. This means you get tasty options no matter when you play.

For drinks, the bar serves deals all day, every day.

For your first two visits as a new member, it’s special—pay £5, and this covers bingo games plus food and drink. The menu caters to different tastes with several dining choices that keep members coming back for more.

Entertainment and Games at Buzz Bingo Peterborough

At Buzz Bingo Peterborough, fun awaits with every visit. From electric slot machines to big prize draws, there’s always something exciting going on.

Slot Machines and Jackpot Games

Buzz Bingo Peterborough invites you to try your luck with over 1,000 slot machine games. The excitement is real with each spin. You could land on free spins, match your deposit, or even get cash back from some plays.

Always check the terms and conditions for each game—it’s simple and keeps surprises away.

Eye on the prize? The Community Jackpot sits at £2,163. Imagine hitting that jackpot! Each game has its unique flavour and chance for big wins. With such a vast choice, finding a favourite won’t take long.

Enjoy fun times and maybe leave with heavier pockets!

Upcoming Events at Buzz Bingo Peterborough

Buzz Bingo Peterborough is set to host a series of exciting events. These range from bingo specials to exciting slot machine challenges.

  1. Lunch Club Bingo happens every weekday. This event starts at 12:30 pm, offering players a quick and fun game alongside their midday meal.
  2. Big Bite Games occur on Saturdays and Sundays, kicking off at 1:30 pm. For just £5, you can enjoy an afternoon of bingo with the chance of winning big prizes.
  3. Monday Mayhem introduces a special offer where all games during the evening session are half price. The action begins at 6:45 pm.
  4. Wednesday Jackpot calls out for those who dream big. Starting at 7 pm, this event features higher stakes and bigger wins.
  5. Friday Feast brings everyone together for an end-of-week celebration starting at 7:30 pm with special prizes and discounted food from the menu.
  6. Monthly Mega Draw takes place on the last Sunday of every month, giving members the chance to win exclusive gifts and cash prizes starting from 8 pm.
  7. Seasonal Specials, like Easter Extravaganza or Christmas Countdown, offer themed games and unique promos based on the holiday season.

Each event promises not just a game of bingo but also a vibrant community gathering spot where food, fun, and winnings come together under one roof at Lime Kiln Close, Peterborough, PE3 9TA.

Customer Feedback and Testimonials for Buzz Bingo Peterborough

People say a lot of good things about Buzz Bingo Peterborough. They think the staff are great, and they love the atmosphere and value for money. The place got a Trustpilot rating of 3.9 out of 5, which is pretty decent.

But, not everyone is happy all the time. Some folks have trouble with accessibility if they’re disabled and they worry about whether games are fair.

The managers at Buzz Bingo Peterborough listen to what people say, both the good stuff and the complaints. They talk back to reviews, offering ways to fix problems or just saying thanks when someone leaves a nice comment.

This means they care about making things better for everyone who comes in.


Buzz Bingo Peterborough stands out with its welcoming atmosphere and variety of games. Every week, you can join two full sessions a day, besides Lunch Club and Big Bite games. Doors open early – at 10 am on weekdays, making it easy for everyone to find a suitable time to play.

With its location near Queensgate Shopping Centre and a big car park, getting there is hassle-free. The club also has special promotions that bring extra value to your visits. Whether enjoying traditional paper games or trying electronic ones, there’s something for every type of player here.

So why not visit Buzz Bingo Peterborough next time? It promises fun times and great memories with friends or family.