Apollo Bingo Camborne

Apollo Bingo Camborne

Apollo Bingo Camborne is a spot on Chapel Street that has brought fun to its visitors since it first opened as an Empire Cinema back in 1915. Over time, it changed—first showing films, then adding bingo in the 1970s.

Today, you can visit any day of the week from early morning until late evening and try your luck at various games for prices ranging from free to £17. This place isn’t just about playing bingo; it’s equipped with a bar, diner, facilities for disabled guests, parking nearby, and even a spot for smokers.

If you’re keen to find out more or book a game, ring them at 01209 712269 or check online through their site or Facebook page. In 2017, people won big here – over £44k was given away in national games alone! Folks like Kirsty Nancholas and Derek Andrews took home hefty sums.

While some say the games could be fairer based on two mixed reviews giving it three stars overall—the staff gets high marks for being kind and helpful.

Get ready to learn how Apollo makes winners every day.

Overview of Apollo Bingo in Camborne

Apollo Bingo, nestled on Chapel Street in Camborne, Cornwall, boasts a rich history and vibrant present. This venue first opened its doors as an Empire Cinema back in 1915, marking it as a cornerstone of entertainment within the community.

With time, it transformed into a dual-purpose site in the 1970s – combining cinema magic with the excitement of bingo games.

Fast forward to today. Apollo Bingo has recently reopened, inviting everyone to partake in its fun-filled offerings. It’s more than just a game hall; it’s a slice of local heritage reborn under licence from Broadway Gaming Group and Broadway Gaming Ireland DF Limited, ensuring that all activities are properly licensed and regulated for your peace of mind.

Contacting Apollo couldn’t be easier; simply dial 01209 712269 if you need details about opening times or wish to inquire about session schedules or ticket pricing. So whether you’re looking to place a bet on some bingo rounds or immerse yourself in this establishment’s storied past, Apollo Bingo offers both excitement and nostalgia packed into one location at 24-26 Chapel Street.

Bingo Session Times and Ticket Prices at Apollo

Discover the perfect time to join the fun at Apollo Bingo in Camborne. With sessions arranged to suit your schedule, you’re sure to find a slot that works for you, and with ticket prices that won’t break the bank, you can enjoy the excitement of the game without worry. Here’s a detailed guide:

DaySession TimesTicket Prices
Monday4.30pm to 10.30pmVaries
Tuesday4.30pm to 10.30pmVaries
Wednesday11.30am to 10.30pmVaries
Thursday11.30am to 10.30pmVaries
Friday11.30am to 10.30pmVaries
Saturday10.00am to 10.30pmVaries
Sunday4.30pm to 10.30pmVaries

Ticket prices may change, so always check before you play. With varied session times, you can join after work, during your lunch break, or even make a day of it on weekends. Your chance to win is waiting at Apollo Bingo. Connect with friends, make new ones, and maybe, just maybe, become the next big winner.

Current Promotions at Apollo Bingo

Apollo Bingo offers great deals. You can find promotions on their website or by asking the club. These deals might let you play more for less money. Some games even start free. Others ask for £1 each ticket.

If you like to wager, keep an eye out for special offers that could help you save or win more.

Check often, as Apollo updates promotions regularly. This means new chances to win at different times, like Saturday mornings at 10:30 am or evening sessions every day from 5:15 pm.

Prices change too, ranging up to £17 for some sessions but keeping an eye out for the right promotion could let you join in on the fun without spending much at all.

Big Winners at Apollo Bingo Camborne

Apollo Bingo Camborne is a place of luck and joy. Many have left with big wins, making their dreams come true.

  1. In 2017, players won over £44,000 at Apollo Bingo.
  2. This location ranked sixth across the country for big payouts on national games.
  3. Kirsty Nancholas, Marshall Goldsworthy, and Derek Andrews were among the top winners.
  4. Recently, a fortunate player walked away with £1,500 in winnings.

These successes show how Apollo Bingo Camborne stands out as a lucky spot for bingo lovers.

Discover More About Apollo Bingo in Camborne

To dive deeper into Apollo Bingo in Camborne, check out their games and get social. Their new games and community can surprise you every day.

Playing Bingo at Apollo

Playing Bingo at Apollo gives you a fun chance every day of the week. You find yourself in the last bingo hall in mainland Britain, offering more than just games. Imagine sitting comfortably as you mark your cards, surrounded by friends or making new ones.

This place has it all – a cosy bar to grab drinks, a diner for tasty meals, and even special spaces for those who need them. Street parking means you can come right up to the door.

If you’re someone who enjoys a quick break outside, there’s a shelter for that too.

Your game could turn exciting with just one call — “Bingo!” With sessions running throughout the week, pick what fits your schedule best. Costs won’t hold you back; tickets are priced just right so everyone can join in on the excitement.

Plus, if ever curious about what’s new or seeking some amazing deals on playing slots or bars during breaks between games—check Apollo’s Facebook page. Here’s where real winners share their joy, and maybe next time, that lucky person shouting “Bingo!” could be you.

Connect with Apollo Bingo on Social Media

Apollo Bingo has a Facebook page. Here, you get the latest offers and games. Look for posts with #BingoNights and #FirstAndLast to stay updated. Joining their social media helps you catch special deals fast.

You’ll never miss out on fun events or big wins happening at Apollo Bingo in Camborne.

Customer Feedback and Testimonials

People say different things about the Apollo Bingo Camborne. Some customers really like it here. They talk about how nice and helpful the staff and management are. Half of the people who wrote reviews would tell their friends to come play bingo here.

But not everyone is happy. A few people think that the bingo machines might not be fair. Overall, this place gets a rating of 3 out of 5 stars from just two reviews. This shows what some players think but does not give the whole picture with so few opinions shared.

How to Contact Apollo Bingo Camborne

Want to get in touch with Apollo Bingo Camborne? Easy. Call them on their phone line or drop an email. Find all these details on their official website, including directions and more. Visit Apollo Bingo in person too, located on Chapel Street in Cornwall. They open every day, ready for your calls and visits. Their team responds quickly, helping you with schedules, ticket prices, or any question you have. Reach out; they’re welcoming and eager to assist. Now, why not make that call or visit today?


Apollo Bingo in Camborne offers you excitement and big wins. You can play bingo every day on Chapel Street. Prices vary, so check times and prices before you go. Don’t forget to follow Apollo on Facebook for promotions using #BingoNights and #FirstAndLast.

Ready to try your luck? Visit Apollo Bingo today and join the winners!


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