Club 3000 Bingo Bristol

Club 3000 Bingo Bristol

Club 3000 Bingo in Bristol is a top spot for fun. Managed by Kerry Weeks, it sits at 32 Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Knowle, Bristol. It’s open from morning till midnight most days, ready for you to play bingo whenever you like.

This place started in 2006 and has everything you need for a great time out – tasty food, drinks at the bar, and even access for wheelchairs.

People have won big here; imagine someone aged 83 winning £50,000!

You will love it here with all the special events and deals they offer. Plus, there are plenty of things to do nearby if you fancy a break from bingo.

Getting there is easy too – just hop off the bus at Greenmore Road stop and walk for one minute.

Exploring Club 3000 Bingo in Bristol

At Club 3000 Bingo in Bristol, excitement fills the air as players of all ages gather. You step into a friendly space where laughter and chatter make you feel welcome right away. Every corner of this bingo hall buzzes with energy, from beginners trying their luck to regulars eyeing big prize money.

Imagine an 83-year-old member winning £50,000 on 8th October—proof that wins can happen here.

The club offers everything you need for a perfect afternoon or evening out. With sessions running at different times, you might join an afternoon session or choose one later in the day.

While waiting for the next game, fruit machines light up with bright colours and fun sounds. Or perhaps you’d prefer to grab a meal; the food is tasty and adds to your experience. Plus, if guidance is needed, friendly staff are always ready to show new players how it’s done.

This place isn’t just about winning; it’s about enjoying every moment.

Key Details: Location and Opening Hours

Club 3000 Bingo in Bristol is a place where fun awaits you. Here, the key details like location and opening hours are crucial. They ensure you don’t miss out on any of the action.

Located at 32 Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Knowle, Bristol, BS4 2QU, Club 3000 Bingo offers easy access to bingo fans. Kerry Weeks, the general manager, ensures the venue operates smoothly. You can call at 0117 933 2582 for more information or to make reservations.

The opening hours cater to both early birds and night owls. From Monday to Saturday, doors open at 10:30 am and close at midnight. Sundays offer a slightly later start at 11:30 am but the same closing time. This schedule accommodates various session times — morning, afternoon, and evening, allowing you to fit a game into nearly any part of your day.

Below is a concise overview:

Address32 Broadwalk Shopping Centre, Knowle, Bristol, BS4 2QU
General ManagerKerry Weeks
Telephone0117 933 2582
Opening Hours (Mon-Sat)10:30 am to midnight
Opening Hours (Sun)11:30 am to midnight
Session TimesMorning, Afternoon, Evening

So, plan your visit and involved yourself in the excitement that Club 3000 Bingo in Bristol offers. Whether aiming for a big win or simply looking for a fun night out, you know exactly where and when to go.

Celebrating Big Wins and Jackpots at Club 3000

At Club 3000 in Bristol, big wins aren’t just stories—they’re real. Imagine cheering as an 83-year-old member hits a £50,000 jackpot on 8th October. These moments happen here. In the past three months alone, two lucky members have won £50,000 each.

It’s clear why people keep coming back to try their luck.

Club 3000 isn’t just known in Bristol for its jackpots. The Cardiff location also made headlines with a massive £3 million project to make it even better for bingo fans like you. This place is called the luckiest club in Wales for a reason.

And let’s not forget the winner at Club 3000 Greenock who also took home £50,000 from the National Live Jackpot. Each win shows how anyone can strike it big during their visit—making every call and game exciting and full of potential.

Amenities and Services at Club 3000 Bingo

Club 3000 Bingo Bristol brings you comfort and fun in one spot. You get great food, drinks, and games all wheelchair accessible. Here’s what you can enjoy:

  1. Variety of bingo games, from traditional paper to electronic bingo, catering to all tastes.
  2. Quality meals and snacks available throughout opening times – never play on an empty stomach!
  3. Licensed bars serve a wide range of drinks, from soft beverages to spirits.
  4. Customer service desks offer help with any queries or needs.
  5. Access for everyone – the club is fully wheelchair accessible.
  6. Live music and special promotions provide extra entertainment beyond bingo.
  7. Secure parking ensures your vehicle is safe while you play.
  8. Nearby hotels and resorts make it easy to extend your stay.
  9. Electronic tablets bring modern tech to traditional bingo for a unique enjoyment.

Play, dine, and relax at Club 3000 Bingo Bristol with these features arranged for a good time!

Exclusive Events and Promotions at Club 3000

At Club 3000 Bingo, excitement always awaits with unique gatherings and special deals. Get ready for nights that mix fun games with amazing prizes, setting the stage for unforgettable memories.

Directions to Club 3000 Bingo

Getting to Club 3000 Bingo in Bristol is easy. You can catch a bus or train thanks to the good public transport links in the area.

  1. Start at Greenmore Road, Knowle – it’s only a 1 min walk away from the club. This makes it convenient if you’re nearby.
  2. Use the Moovit app for the easiest routes and live updates on bus and train times. Moovit gets you there without hassle.
  3. Look for buses run by Stagecoach Oxfordshire if you’re coming from further away. They have several routes that stop close to Club 3000.
  4. National Rail services are also an option for longer journeys. Check their times to plan your trip well.
  5. The bingo caller starts games at various times throughout the day, so check Club 3000’s schedule to not miss out.
  6. Walking from nearby areas is a breeze due to the club’s central location in Bristol.

Following these steps will ensure you reach Club 3000 Bingo smoothly, ready for an enjoyable day or evening out.

Attractions Near Club 3000 Bingo

Club 3000 Bingo sits close to many fun spots. You can find places to eat, bars, and venues for different shows nearby. This means you don’t have to travel far for a good time before or after bingo.

If shopping is your thing, several centres are just a short walk away.

You’re also near cultural sights that offer a peek into Bristol’s rich history and art scene. And if you prefer more action, other entertainment options abound in the area—something exciting always happens around here!


You’ve discovered Club 3000 Bingo in Bristol, a place full of fun and chances to win. It’s easy to find at 32 Broadwalk Shopping Centre, open from morning till midnight almost every day.

Here, friendly staff guide beginners through games while seasoned players aim for jackpots. The club boasts great food, drinks, and access for everyone. Don’t miss out on special events and promos that increase the excitement even more.

So go ahead—join the fun at Club 3000 Bingo and make your days a bit brighter with every visit!