Mecca Bingo Taunton

Mecca Bingo Taunton

Mecca Bingo Taunton sits in a Grade II Listed building on Corporation St, Somerset, and brings fun to all who visit. Since 1932, this spot has transformed from a cinema to the bingo hall you know today.

Once called The Gaumont and now under local council care, it offers games like paper bingo and Mecca Max with prices that won’t break the bank. By using the My Mecca Club app, you get great deals and can even order your meal without leaving your seat.

New members can enjoy all bingo for £5 plus some extra treats. The place also dishes out tasty food such as chicken tikka curry and fish and chips at pocket-friendly rates.

Events here are always buzzing – think Father’s Day fun to Drag Bingo parties that bring everyone together. With room for 1,100 guests, big events help our community thrive both culturally and economically by pulling in around £10m each year.

Need more details or ready to book? Just call 01823 272282 but note times vary across the week.

The Historical Evolution of Mecca Bingo Taunton

Mecca Bingo Taunton has a rich past that traces back to 1932. This place started as The Gaumont, a spot buzzing with films and shows. It saw a big change when it turned from cinema seats to bingo tables.

The local council keeps the keys to this historic treasure, making sure its charm lasts. What makes it stand out is its status as a Grade II Listed building. This honour shows the importance of keeping its history alive.

Over ten years ago, Jim Laflin led an effort to bring Mecca Bingo Hall back into the heart of the community. His actions sparked new life into this venue, reminding everyone of its value beyond just games and fun nights out.

Here, you’re not just playing bingo – you’re part of preserving history every time you visit.

Schedule and Booking Details for Bingo Sessions

You can join in on bingo games at Mecca Bingo Taunton. The club opens at 10:00 and closes at 22:30 every Wednesday. Here’s what you need to know about the schedule and how to book:

  1. Bingo sessions have fixed times. Check the club finder or call directly to confirm the exact start times.
  2. Booking in advance secures your seat. You can pre-book for any session by calling 01823 272282.
  3. Prices vary depending on the time of day. Morning games might be cheaper, with prices rising to £2 – £10 for evening sessions.
  4. Choose your bingo style. Both paper bingo and Mecca Max digital are available in the evening.
  5. Special days might offer different pricing or unique games, so it’s wise to ask or look online for any changes.
  6. Arrive a bit early if you haven’t booked. This gives you time to get settled and grab something from the menu before your game starts.
  7. Use the My Mecca app for easy booking and to keep track of upcoming special events and entertainment nights that include live acts.

These points ensure you enjoy your time playing bingo responsibly at Mecca Bingo Taunton, making it easy for new members to get started and regulars to make the most of their visits

Menu Options at Mecca Bingo Taunton

At Mecca Bingo Taunton, enjoy tasty dishes like chicken tikka curry, burgers, and loaded fries. Dig into Harry Ramsden’s famous meals. Lunch options are a steal at £5, coming with a drink until 5pm daily.

Order from your seat using the My Mecca app for ease. A meal here won’t break the bank; expect to spend about £20 to £25 per person for a good time out. The general manager promises great value for every penny spent on food and drink while you play bingo or slots responsibly at

Keep it fun and savour affordable dining as part of your bingo outing in Taunton. With choices ranging from quick bites to full meals, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s cravings without missing any live entertainment moments.

Always gamble responsibly and check for more details on enjoying your visit wisely.

Upcoming Special Events and Entertainment

Mecca Bingo Taunton lines up exciting events for you. Enjoy live shows, bingo variations, and slot games.

  1. Father’s Day Special, 15th June: Every dad gets a box of Quality Street chocolates. This deal is while supplies last.
  2. Fiver Fever evenings: Play all bingo from 7-9pm for only £5. A great way to enjoy more games for less money.
  3. Anyway Up Bingo: This new style adds a twist to the traditional game, making any direction a potential win.
  4. Drag Bingo parties: Combine glamour with the fun of bingo. These nights are full of laughter and entertainment.

5 Events include not just games but also live performances, adding extra excitement to your visit.

Each event at Mecca Bingo Taunton brings its own unique flavour – from sweet deals on special days to the lively atmosphere of themed parties!

Explore Membership Benefits and Rewards

Joining Mecca Bingo Taunton offers fantastic deals. As a new member, you get all your bingo needs met for just £5. This deal also comes with extra vouchers to sweeten the package.

You won’t want to miss out on what’s next. With each visit, the rewards grow. After going four or more times in a month, enjoy great bonuses: get £10 for online bingo games, another £5 for slots online, and an extra £5 to use on slots in-club.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Make sure to check out their “Refer a Friend” promotion – it’s perfect for bringing buddies along and enjoying even more benefits together. Don’t forget Text Tuesday – simply update your contact details and grab “Half Price Main Game” offers that pop up weekly.

These perks are specifically for lovers of bingo and slots at Taunton’s favourite spot – ensuring every visit is rewarding!

Features of the My Mecca Club App

The My Mecca Club App turns your bingo experience on its head. With this app, you get a digital membership card – say goodbye to carrying around plastic. Book your bingo sessions ahead of time to secure your spot.

Hungry or thirsty during the game? Order food and drinks straight from your table, no need to miss any action.

Exclusive offers and deals are all yours with the My Mecca Club App. Enjoy Fiver Fever and Text Tuesday for special promotions just for you. Plus, stay updated with the latest offers directly through the app.

Payment methods for mecca bingo and slots in Taunton are easy and flexible via this app, making every visit smooth sailing.

Explore Local Attractions Near Mecca Bingo Taunton

Playing at Mecca Bingo and Slots Taunton offers more than just games. Around this area, you can find lots to see and do that will make your visit unforgettable.

  1. Hestercombe Gardens – With 1,121 reviews, these historic gardens are a must-see. They offer beautiful walks and stunning scenery all year round.
  2. The Museum of Somerset – This museum, boasting 931 reviews, tells the rich history of Somerset through captivating displays.
  3. Space Adventurers Indoor Play – Perfect for families, this indoor play area lets kids explore and have fun in a space-themed setting.
  4. Coates English Willow Visitor Centre – Learn about the traditional craft of willow weaving and explore unique gifts at this charming centre.
  5. Nearby attractions include The Roman Baths and Cardiff Castle – iconic places filled with history and grandeur.
  6. St Fagans National Museum of History – Discover Welsh life through the ages at this open-air museum.
  7. The Donkey Sanctuary – Meet friendly donkeys and learn about their care at this beloved sanctuary.
  8. For nature lovers, there are scenic walking areas where you can enjoy peaceful strolls amidst nature’s beauty.
  9. Markets in Taunton offer a chance to buy local produce, crafts, and unique finds.
  10. Historic sites around Taunton provide insights into the past with well-preserved buildings and stories waiting to be discovered.

Each of these spots brings its own unique atmosphere to your visit, enriching your time spent away from Mecca Bingo and Slots Taunton.

Insights on Mecca Bingo Taunton

Curious about Mecca Bingo in Taunton? This place is full of fun facts and helpful info. You’ll find answers to all your questions, from opening times to what games they have. Plus, there’s a way for you to get in touch directly!

How to Contact and Operational Hours of Mecca Bingo Taunton

Getting in touch with Mecca Bingo Taunton is easy. They offer customer service through live chat and phone for your convenience.

  1. You can start a live chat on their website for quick questions and support.
  2. Call them directly for more assistance or to make bookings.
  3. Check the local club page on their website for the most up-to-date operating hours.
  4. Operational hours are as follows:
    • Monday from 4:30 pm to 10:30 pm,
    • Tuesday from 10:45 am to 10:30 pm,
    • Wednesday and Thursday from 10 am to 10:30 pm.

  5. For press enquiries, email [email protected], ensuring you get the information you need straight from the source.
  6. Always check online or call ahead for any changes in opening times, especially during holidays or special events.

This way, you know exactly how and when to reach out to them or plan your visit.

Initiative to Restore the Mecca Bingo Taunton Venue

The Somerset Arts Business Cultural Alliance, with Andrew Knutt as its chair, leads a bold plan. This plan will turn the Mecca Bingo Taunton into a multifunctional hub. The aim? To make it more than just a place for bingo.

They want to include non-cultural activities too. This initiative could bring in £10m every year with 250,000 tickets sold.

The cost to refurbish ranges from £3-6m but promises big returns. By adding community-based workshops and events, they got positive feedback in 2010 for this idea’s relaunch. It’s clear: restoring Mecca Bingo Taunton is not just about saving an old building; it’s about creating a vibrant community space that offers something for everyone.


Mecca Bingo Taunton offers games with big wins. You can book your bingo spot in advance. They serve tasty food like curry and burgers. Check out the My Mecca Club app for deals and easy orders.

New members get a special £5 offer on all bingo plus extra vouchers. Explore attractions near Corporation Street after playing bingo. Mecca Bingo supports safe gambling practices, ensuring fun stays safe.

Why not seize these opportunities? Great food, exciting games, and welcoming atmosphere await at Mecca Bingo Taunton. Ready to enjoy the fun? Join now, enjoy rewards, and make your leisure time count! Each visit promises a new chance to succeed while enjoying delicious meals and engaging entertainment nearby – all in one place.