Buzz Bingo Plymouth, Charles Cross

Buzz Bingo Plymouth, Charles Cross

Buzz Bingo Plymouth at Charles Cross is a lively spot opposite Drake Circus Shopping Centre. Here, you find various bingo sessions – morning, afternoon, and evening with options for paper or electronic tickets.

The club offers more than just games; there’s a bar, diner, ATM, smoking shelter, and fully accessible disabled facilities to make sure everyone enjoys their visit. New members can join the fun for only £5 on their first two visits and look forward to events like Saturday Social Club and Live Bingo on the Big Screen.

With slot machines that could win you up to £500 instantly and various gaming tournaments plus jackpots up for grabs, excitement never ends. Prices are friendly too – ranging from £3 for Breakfast Bingo to between £2 – £10 for main events, making it easy on your wallet.

Opening times are generous from 10 am till late at night throughout the week including weekends when it stays open until 2 am. Customer feedback gives Buzz Bingo Plymouth an average Trustpilot rating of 3.3 out of 5 showing mixed reactions but highlighting areas of enjoyment as well as points needing improvement.

Owned by Buzz Group Limited which prioritises responsible gambling practices ensures a safe space for all players. Its ideal location comes with handy parking and bus services nearby making it effortless to get there.

How to Find Buzz Bingo Plymouth, Charles Cross

Finding Buzz Bingo in Plymouth at Charles Cross is simple. It’s right opposite the Drake Circus Shopping Centre, making it easy to spot. Here’s how you get there:

  1. Start from Charles Cross roundabout. This is a key landmark and very easy to find.
  2. Look for the signposts directing you towards the city centre or shopping centres.
  3. Head towards Drake Circus Shopping Centre; Buzz Bingo is just across the street.
  4. If you’re coming by bus, many local services stop near Charles Cross roundabout. From there, it’s a short walk.
  5. Driving? There are several car parks nearby, especially around Drake Circus Shopping Centre.
  6. Use your local search tool or satellite navigation and enter PL4 0BA as your destination.
  7. Contact Buzz Bingo Plymouth if you need help finding your way – phone them on 01752 228712.

Use these steps and you’ll find yourself at the doors of Buzz Bingo in no time, ready for party time special games or an afternoon and evening main event! Enjoy responsible gambling while there, refer to for support if needed, and check out their disabled facilities too if required!

Check the Opening Hours and Pricing

Knowing the right time to visit Buzz Bingo Plymouth, Charles Cross and how much it’ll cost you is crucial for planning your outing. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you.

DayOpening HoursSession Prices
Monday to Thursday10 am – 12 amBreakfast Bingo from £3, Main events £2 – £10
Friday and Saturday10 am – 2 amBreakfast Bingo from £3, Main events £2 – £10
Sunday11 am – 2 amBreakfast Bingo from £3, Main events £2 – £10
DailyVariesE-bingo from £5 for 18 tickets, up to £70 for 144 tickets

Make sure you check these times and prices before you go. This keeps surprises at bay and ensures a smooth visit at Buzz Bingo Plymouth. Enjoy your outing!

Explore Bingo and Slot Gaming Options

Buzz Bingo Plymouth offers a wide range of bingo and slot games to enjoy. You can choose from 14 bingo games with both paper and electronic tickets. For paper tickets, prices vary based on the package: Bronze gives you 18 tickets for £3, Silver gets you 30 tickets for £5, Gold offers 42 tickets for £7, Platinum provides 60 tickets for £10, and Diamond presents 72 tickets for just £12.

If you prefer electronic options, there are exclusive sessions starting at 21:15 that include five games, with ticket costs ranging from £3 to £12.

Slot machine fans will find plenty of excitement too. The machines offer a chance to win instant cash prizes up to £500. This means whether you’re a “Bingo Queen” looking to shout “Bingo!” or someone hoping to hit the jackpot on slots — Buzz Bingo Plymouth has something special waiting for you every day!

Discover Promotions and Upcoming Events

You can find special offers and exciting happenings at Buzz Bingo Plymouth, Charles Cross. For new members, there’s a deal to play for just £5 on your first two visits. Keep an eye out – players at Buzz Bingo take home over £2m in prizes each week.

While no events are on now, stay updated by following the venue. Think back to when someone won a £12,000 jackpot and the place threw a free bingo bash to celebrate. Always check for big buzz specials before you head over for afternoon or evening main events.

It’s worth it!

Enjoy Food and Beverage Choices

At Buzz Bingo Plymouth, Charles Cross, the club boasts a bar and diner that’s ready to cater to your cravings. Feel like having a snack or need a full meal? They’ve got you covered with various options.

Thirsty? The bar serves both hot drinks and cool beverages, perfect for any time of day.

Need cash for your order? Not a problem – a cash machine is right there in the venue. And if you enjoy smoking, there’s no need to step far away; use the smoking shelter provided.

Don’t worry about access either; full disabled facilities ensure everyone enjoys their visit without hassle. So relax, pick from the menu, and make your visit even better with something tasty by your side.

More about Buzz Bingo Plymouth

Want to know more about Buzz Bingo Plymouth? Keep reading for all the fun details.

Nearby Bingo Venues

Buzz Bingo Plymouth at Charles Cross isn’t your only option for bingo in the area. Many venues offer great bingo sessions. Here’s a quick guide to some nearby places where you can enjoy bingo.

  1. Mecca Bingo Exeter is an option worth checking out. Located less than an hour away, it offers both afternoon and evening main events packed with fun.
  2. Capital Bingo St Austell provides another excellent venue for bingo lovers. It’s a bit of a drive but delivers on exciting bingo sessions and slot games.
  3. Lastly, Mecca Bingo Bridgwater invites players from all over to join its community. Just like Buzz Bingo, they operate under strict guidelines from the UK Gambling Commission to ensure safe play.

All these venues aim to create a welcoming atmosphere for their guests. They offer various games, including traditional bingo and electronic slots, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Plus, they run promotions and events regularly to keep things interesting. Before visiting, check their opening times online to catch them at their best.

Customer Feedback

Customers give Buzz Bingo Plymouth a 3.3 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, placing it third among bingo halls. You might see mixed reviews – some people love the place, while others feel let down by changes over time.

The team at Buzz Bingo responds to feedback in different ways, showing they hear what guests say. Whether positive or negative, each review helps them improve and offer better times for players like you.


Buzz Bingo Plymouth, Charles Cross offers an exciting mix of bingo and slots. You’ll find it opposite Drake Circus Shopping Centre, ready with both morning and evening play times. Checking opening hours and prices is easy—they vary but suit all players.

Enjoy discounts as a new member on games, food, drinks, and more. Their events like Saturday Social bring fun to life. The venue serves tasty food including vegan dishes. Buzz Group Limited makes sure you gamble responsibly.

Choose from paper or electronic tickets for your games—options fit everyone’s needs. Special promotions keep things interesting; there’s always something new happening here! Slot tournaments add extra excitement if bingo isn’t enough for you.

With full facilities including a bar and diner, comfort meets fun at every turn.

It’s simple to get involved in the excitement at Buzz Bingo Plymouth; just show up ready to have fun! No matter what kind of gaming experience you’re after, this spot has something special for you.

So, take action now—visit Buzz Bingo Plymouth for unforgettable gaming adventures where good times roll with every visit!


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