Buzz Bingo Fishponds

Buzz Bingo Fishponds

Buzz Bingo Fishponds sits at 663-665 Fishponds Road, Bristol, and has become a key spot for bingo lovers since its rebranding from Gala Bingo in the summer of 2018. Here, over 700 players gather daily to enjoy bingo sessions with free parking available for around 150 vehicles.

With afternoon games costing as little as £2 and evening mains stretching between £3-£10, plus electronic games ranging from £5 up to £55 for various ticket packs, it’s easy to find a game that fits your budget.

Regular promotions like Saturday Social Club and Free Bingo Thursdays make it even more attractive alongside new member deals where you can play bingo for just £5 on your first two visits.

The place isn’t just about bingo; it boasts an arcade area and garden plus a diner and bar offering tasty meals like burgers and drinks including specials if you have dietary needs.

Entertainment options extend beyond the typical bingo hall experience with slot machines featuring high jackpots currently sitting at £2,163; themed games; live shows catering to a range of tastes ensure there’s something for everyone.

Visitors rate Buzz Bingo Fishponds highly – averaging 4.1 out of 5 on Trustpilot – praising the friendly atmosphere and prompt response to concerns within 24 hours. Open from early until midnight or later depending on the day, this venue suits both early risers looking for fun in Bristol or those seeking late-night entertainment.

Jump straight into a world of excitement!

Overview of Buzz Bingo Fishponds

Located at 663-665 Fishponds Road, Bristol, Avon, Buzz Bingo Fishponds offers you an exceptional bingo experience in the bustling city of Bristol. This vibrant location boasts a seating capacity for 700 Bingo lovers and provides free parking for circa 150 vehicles, ensuring easy access for everyone.

Open from Monday to Thursday between 11 am and midnight, and offering extended play on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 am until 2 am, with Sunday sessions also available from noon till 2 am.

Rebranded in summer 2018, this venue transitioned smoothly from its former Gala Bingo identity to become a go-to hub for bingo players across the region.

Embrace an array of entertainment options including state-of-the-art slot machines packed with exciting jackpot games ready to test your luck. Besides classic bingo games that draw crowds throughout the week, Buzz Bingo Fishponds spices up your visit with live shows and performances guaranteed to elevate your leisure time here.

Whether you’re drawn by the appeal of potentially winning big at slots tournaments or relish participating in one of Bristol’s most engaging social activities—Bingo—the venue ensures adherence to responsible gambling practices for a safe and enjoyable visit every time.

Timetable and Pricing at Buzz Bingo Fishponds

Sure thing. Here’s your quick guide to timetable and pricing at Buzz Bingo Fishponds:

SessionTimePrice Range (£)
Electronic Only Session18:00 – 18:453 – 12
Paper Ticket Session19:00 – 21:0010 – 55
Afternoon SessionsStart at 13:00Varies
Evening Main EventsBegin at 19:00Varies
Regular TicketsN/A13 for 20 tickets, 23 for 40 tickets, 33 for 60 tickets, 53 for 120 tickets
Electronic Main GamesN/A5 for 18 tickets to 55 for 72 tickets

Choose your slot, pick your price. Afternoon or evening, paper or electronic, Buzz Bingo Fishponds caters to your preference. Whether you’re in for a quick game or an evening of fun, prices are set to match every budget. Get your tickets and join the excitement.

Current Offers and Discounts

Buzz Bingo Bristol Fishponds loves to give you more ways to win and have fun. Here, the deals make your visits exciting every time.

  1. Saturday Social Club brings a new twist to weekends with games and offers exclusive to club members.
  2. Catch Live Bingo on the Big Screen for a unique experience; it’s not just about dabbing numbers but enjoying the game in cinema style.
  3. Free Bingo Thursdays allow you to play without spending a penny. It’s all the fun, zero cost.
  4. The Facebook page of Buzz Bingo Fishponds posts free games now and then. Stay tuned there for unexpected treats.
  5. If you’re new around here, your first and second bingo sessions will only cost £5 each – a sweet deal for beginners.
  6. Drop £5 into a slot machine on your first visit, and Buzz Bingo hands you another £5 to keep playing. Double the fun!
  7. Prize money shifts based on how many tickets are sold, so more players mean bigger winnings.
  8. Management might change prize boards now again; changes could bring surprises.

Check opening times and find out how public transport can get you here for these fantastic deals!

Menu Options at Buzz Bingo Fishponds

At Buzz Bingo Fishponds, you can enjoy a meal for just £5. Choose from burgers, hotdogs, and chips. Pick a soft drink, tea, or coffee to go with it. The place serves food all day.

You’ll find bar deals too.

They have the famous chicken basket on the menu. There are also veggie, vegan, and gluten-free choices. Whether you’re playing bingo or slots, snacks and drinks are ready for you. Enjoy your game with something tasty to eat and drink!

Entertainment and Games

At Buzz Bingo Fishponds, fun never stops. You’ll find exciting slot machines and live shows that keep the energy high.

Slot Machines and Jackpot Games

Slot machines and Jackpot games at Buzz Bingo Fishponds give you the excitement of winning. Every Thursday, you can play the latest slot games for free with a chance to win cash prizes.

  1. Enjoy free gaming sessions on Thursdays, where playing the newest slot machines won’t cost you a penny.
  2. Jump into the excitement with a Community Jackpot currently standing at £2,163—everyone has a shot at winning.
  3. For just £2, try your luck with Safe Cracker, offering another layer of fun and rewards.
  4. Spend as little as £1 to join in on the Cash Builder Jackpot; small stakes could lead to big wins.
  5. Explore various jackpot slots, each packed with unique themes and opportunities to win lucrative payouts.
  6. Encounter promotions aimed at different gaming sessions throughout the week—your chances of hitting the jackpot increase every time you play.
  7. Legal notices ensure you understand that prize amounts might change, keeping things fair and transparent.

Come see why these games are favourites among visitors looking for entertainment and big-win possibilities!

Live Shows and Performances

Buzz Bingo Fishponds shines with its live shows and performances. These events cater to all age groups, making every visit a memorable experience.

  1. Enjoy themed bingo games that transform traditional play into an exciting activity, featuring music bingo nights where tunes replace numbers.
  2. Members get exclusive benefits, including reduced price tickets for specific shows – from comedy nights to live music performances.
  3. Expect a range of live shows, such as stand-up comedy acts and local bands taking the stage, ensuring entertainment for everyone.
  4. Social events are a big hit, offering party nights, birthday celebrations, and engaging competitions – all with a nightclub vibe.
  5. Dance-offs and quirky prizes add to the fun during these social nights, creating an atmosphere filled with laughter and dancing.
  6. Special events often feature celebrities or themed parties, turning an ordinary bingo evening into a star-studded occasion.
  7. Scratchcards and other surprises keep the excitement levels high throughout the night, ensuring no moment feels dull.

Each performance at Buzz Bingo Fishponds guarantees a blend of excitement, laughter, and unforgettable memories for friends and family.

Feedback from Visitors

Visitors rate Buzz Bingo Fishponds highly, with an average score of 4.1 out of 5 on Trustpilot. Many happy customers talk about the welcoming staff, lively atmosphere, and fun-filled party nights they experience.

On the flip side, some visitors have raised concerns over parking fines and feelings of being unfairly treated.

The company shows commitment to customer care by responding to 98% of negative feedback within a day. They actively seek all types of reviews from their patrons—both good and bad—and put effort into extra services to make your visits better.

This approach helps ensure that every visit can be as enjoyable as possible for you.


Buzz Bingo Fishponds stands at 663-665 Fishponds Road, Bristol, welcoming players every day. With more than 1,000 seats, it’s a large spot for bingo lovers. You can park your car in one of the 150 spots or take public transport there.

They have three sessions from Monday to Saturday and two on Sundays. Plus, they offer great deals like free games and discounts on food.

The club also has tasty food options and drinks at the diner and bar. For fun beyond bingo, try slot machines or catch a live show. People who visit always have something good to say about their time there.

So why not see for yourself? Head over to Buzz Bingo Fishponds for a game or two – you might just love it!