Buzz Bingo Colchester

Buzz Bingo Colchester

If you’re a bingo fan in Colchester, you’ll love Buzz Bingo Colchester. This spot offers daily bingo sessions. Located at the town’s heart, Buzz Colchester provides a social hub for both traditional and electronic bingo iterations. Catering to a diverse crowd, it’s a place where you can join others who share your interest in this entertaining pastime. The schedule fits almost any lifestyle.

Bingo has long been a staple of British leisure, and Buzz Bingo takes pride in upholding this tradition within the Essex community. With games throughout the day and into the night, the sessions can accommodate early risers and night owls alike. The pricing structure is designed to suit a range of budgets, making the game accessible to all who wish to participate.

Key Takeaways

  • Buzz Bingo Colchester is a central destination for daily bingo games in Essex, UK.
  • Access to bingo sessions is readily available for all schedule types.
  • Game pricing is structured to be inclusive for participants with different budgets.

Opening Times

Buzz Bingo Colchester welcomes you from 11 am to 1 am, Monday through Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, the doors remain open longer, from 11 am to 3 am, aligning with your leisurely weekends. Should you prefer a Sunday visit, note that times are from 12 pm to 3 am, ensuring you can still partake in the fun.

  • Monday-Thursday: 11 am – 1 am
  • Friday & Saturday: 11 am – 3 am
  • Sunday: 12 pm – 3 am

These hours mean you can plan your visit easily, whatever the day.

Session Prices

The bingo hall offers different prices for paper and electronic sessions. For paper mains, you’ll pay between £10 and £25. Meanwhile, the electronic main sessions start at only £5 for 18 tickets. If you want more tickets, the largest bundle contains 72 tickets and costs up to £55.

Additionally, the price of your session includes tickets for special games. The Lunch Club, Big Bite, and Late Night Finale have a small price range starting from £3. The cost can increase to £12, which varies according to the number of tickets you choose to play.

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect to pay:

  • Paper mains for afternoon and evening sessions: £10 – £25
  • Electronic mains for 18 tickets: £5
  • Largest electronic bundle, 72 tickets: Up to £55
  • Additional games (Lunch Club, Big Bite, Late Finale): £3 – £12

Remember, the electronic packages and extra games are priced differently, giving you options to suit your budget.


Buzz Colchester is perfectly situated on Osborne Street.

It welcomes you to a world of leisure and entertainment. Your visit to this well-known bingo hall promises a mix of excitement and convenience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Free membership: You can sign up effortlessly at the reception or pre-register online to save time.
  • Play options: Engage with the classic paper tickets or go modern with electronic touchpads.
  • Prizes: Daily opportunities to win, featuring substantial rewards in games like Pots of Gold.
  • Arcade fun: A selection of slot machines await your enjoyment.
  • Dining: Savour a meal at the Big Bite Diner for great value.
  • Leisure facilities: Unwind at the bar, or take advantage of the other amenities.

Facilities are inclusive, catering to disabled guests with suitable access and amenities. A smoking shelter is available for those who smoke.

For real-time updates and events, you can check the Buzz Colchester Facebook page.

Moreover, you can visit the cash machine to ensure you’re ready for all the action.

Buzz Colchester presents a welcoming environment with approachable staff, designed to make your leisure time enjoyable.