Buzz Bingo Maidstone

Buzz Bingo Maidstone

Looking for an exciting evening out in Maidstone? You might be searching for a spot that promises fun, community, and maybe a bit of luck. Buzz Bingo Maidstone steps into the picture here – it’s your go-to spot for all things bingo.

Nestled on Lower Stone Street, near The Mall, this venue is easy to reach by public transport or car, making your trip towards excitement as smooth as possible.

A key fact to note is that Buzz Group Limited operates under strict regulations from the UK Gambling Commission, ensuring responsible gambling practices are always in play. This blog will guide you through everything from finding Buzz Bingo Maidstone and understanding its opening times to exploring play options and discovering current promotions.

Ready for some fun? Keep reading!

How to Find Buzz Bingo Maidstone: Location and Contact Details

Finding Buzz Bingo Maidstone is simple. This spot sits in the centre of Maidstone, making it easy to reach. For your sat-nav, punch in the exact address to get there without any hassle. Need to call them? The club has a phone number ready for all your enquiries.

The building stands out, so you’ll see it from a distance. Plus, plenty of signs point right to the entrance. Once you arrive, parking won’t be a problem – there’s lots available for visitors.

So, choose a day, grab your mates, and head over for some fun games. Buzz Bingo Maidstone promises excitement and maybe you’ll leave as the next bingo queen!

When to Play: Opening Times and Price of Sessions

Choosing the best time for your Buzz Bingo Maidstone visit means considering both opening times and session prices. You’ll find a schedule that suits your timetable and budget.

DayOpening TimesAfternoon Session StartsEvening Session StartsSession Prices
Monday to Thursday11 am – 12 am1 pm7 pm£2 – £10
Friday and Sunday11 am – 1 am1 pm7 pm£2 – £10
Saturday10 am – 1 am1:30 pm7 pm£2 – £10

For main events, paper tickets range from £2 to £10, providing an affordable opportunity for fun. Electronic bingo fans can expect main event packages to range from £10 to £55, with other sessions priced between £3 and £15. Whether you prefer the traditional paper method or the modern electronic approach, Buzz Bingo Maidstone caters to all. Plan your visit using this guide, ensuring a session that fits both your schedule and your wallet.

Play Options at Buzz Bingo Maidstone

Buzz Bingo Maidstone offers a variety of games. You can choose from traditional, electronic, and themed events.

  1. Traditional bingo is available with paper tickets costing £3 to £6.
  2. Electronic bingo gives you more flexibility with tickets priced between £1.50 and £33.
  3. For themed events, check the Buzz Bingo Maidstone Facebook page for updates on special nights like free bingo games.
  4. Packages vary, offering 18 to 150 paper or 18 to 144 electronic tickets to suit every budget and style of play.
  5. Join the fun at any of the sessions—each promises an exciting game experience with opportunities to win.

Facilities and Services Available

At Buzz Bingo Maidstone, you get a seat among 400 others. This place is packed with things to make your visit enjoyable. You’ll find snacks and drinks to keep your energy up. Plus, there are machines for playing electronic games if bingo cards aren’t enough for you.

They open doors early and close late – from 11 am until midnight on weekdays, starting half an hour earlier on Saturdays at 10:30 am, and even Sundays are full days of fun from noon till midnight.

So, you have plenty of time to play and enjoy everything they offer without rushing.

Current Promotions and Offers

Buzz Bingo Maidstone has deals you can’t miss. Join as a new member and play for just £5. Love jackpots? Get in on the Community Jackpot where £1 lets you play two games. Fancy trying your luck with Safe Cracker? It’s only £2 to enter.

The Cash Builder Jackpot also stands out, offering chances at big wins for just £1.

Don’t forget, Thursdays are for slot tournaments, adding an extra layer of excitement. Plus, every Saturday turns social with free bingo at the Saturday Social Club. Each offer improves your visit, making each game more exciting than the last.

Visitor Impressions and Feedback

People say Buzz Bingo Maidstone is great. They leave happy reviews and high marks online. Find out why they love it so much!

Experiences and Ratings from Users

Miss Paula Lingwood visited Buzz Bingo Maidstone on 5 April 2024. She praised the friendly staff and thought the prices offered good value. The TrustScore for this place stands at 3.5 out of 5, showing a mix of opinions from customers.

Out of 1199 reviews, Buzz Bingo managed to secure its position in the top three bingo halls listed on Trustpilot.

Buzz Bingo invites customers to share their experiences directly, ensuring that feedback is both genuine and current. From these reviews, between numbers 601 and 620 have been scrutinised via Trustpilot’s automated system.

This method guarantees that all comments reflect real visitors’ thoughts without any bias or alteration.


Buzz Bingo Maidstone makes fun easy with its clear location and contact details. You know exactly where to go for a good time. Their opening times and session prices are straightforward, so planning your visit is simple.

With various play options, everyone finds something they enjoy. The club has great facilities, adding comfort to your experience. Promotions and offers keep things exciting, while visitor feedback proves it’s a place worth visiting again and again.

Take action, try out Buzz Bingo Maidstone for yourself – it promises good fun and maybe some rewards too!