Buzz Bingo Crawley

Buzz Bingo Crawley

Buzz Bingo has cemented its place as a key player in providing bingo entertainment. Their clubs have been designed to provide an accessible and welcoming environment for all bingo players.

With facilities that cater to both the traditional paper-based games and the increasingly popular electronic versions, Buzz Bingo makes sure everyone can join in. Online options further extend their reach, allowing players to engage with the game at their convenience.

For those looking to participate in Buzz Bingo’s offerings, a variety of session times are available to fit different schedules.

Pricing for these sessions is structured to offer flexibility, ensuring that playing bingo can be enjoyed without overstretching one’s budget. Whether opting for budget-friendly afternoon sessions or the heightened excitement of evening games, Buzz Bingo presents an array of options to suit individual preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • Buzz Bingo’s clubs offer a range of bingo games.
  • Sessions are scheduled to accommodate various timings.
  • The pricing structure is designed for affordability.

Opening Times

Your local club opens early Saturday at 10 am, perfect for a start to the weekend.

From Sunday to Thursday, doors open at 11:30 am, aligning well with your lunchtime plans.

On Friday, the same hours apply, but with extended fun until 1 am. Here are the weekly opening hours:

  • Monday to Thursday: 11:30 am – 12 am
  • Friday: 11:30 am – 1 am
  • Saturday: 10 am – 1 am
  • Sunday: 11:30 am – 12 am

Each day offers ample time to plan your visit, with late closing over the weekend for extra enjoyment.

Session Prices

At Buzz Bingo Crawley, you’re promised affordability with a variety of bingo options.

Afternoon main events typically run you £2, except for Saturdays, where the cost increases to £10.

Opting for evening games, your prices will range from £3 to £10, with earlier weekdays offering the lower end of the spectrum.

For electronic bingo fans, your session costs vary:

  • Lunch Club, Big Bite, Late Finale: £3 – £12
  • Afternoon packages: £10 – £55
  • Evening packages: £5 – £55

These prices adjust based on ticket quantities, ensuring you have control over your spend.

Aside from bingo, free games do occur occasionally, keeping your visit economical.

Enjoyments like food and drink may be on offer, further enhancing your visit.

It’s not all about the bingo cards; prizes can also be a significant part of your experience with potential winnings justifying the outlay. Slot machines are also present, should the electric buzz of spinning reels appeal to you.


Buzz Bingo Crawley, once known as Gala Bingo Crawley, finds its home opposite Memorial Gardens, next door to TK Maxx. You can reach it easily by car. Parking is available at the NPC pay and display beside the club. You can also use the abundant bus services at the Broadway. The train station’s proximity adds to the convenience for players travelling from nearby areas such as Feltham or Tooting.

Your visit promises a friendly atmosphere. Bingo players of all skill levels will find enjoyment. Buzz Bingo Crawley schedules two main sessions daily. They also have Breakfast Bingo for those early risers looking for fun. Regular promotions and events keep the excitement running.

You can find more details about competitions and giveaways on their Facebook page and the club’s official website. Buzz Bingo Crawley doesn’t stop at traditional bingo. It’s a place where memories are made, friendships forged, and lucky numbers await.

Here’s what you need for your next visit:

  • Address: Across from Memorial Gardens, next to TK Maxx
  • Parking: NPC pay and display adjacent
  • Public Transport: Multiple bus routes stop at the Broadway; train station is nearby
  • Sessions: Breakfast Bingo, two main sessions daily
  • Contact Details: Find on the official website or Buzz Bingo Crawley’s Facebook page