Buzz Bingo Aldershot

Buzz Bingo Aldershot

Looking for a night out with a bit of bingo in Aldershot? Buzz Bingo Aldershot stands out as the go-to venue. It nestles right on High Street, promising an unforgettable time whether you’re the seasoned bingo queen or new to the game.

Buzz Bingo Aldershot is not just another bingo hall; it’s part of a national chain recognised across the UK, hosting over 100 locations. This blog will guide you through everything from opening times to session prices and how to get there.

You’ll discover why this place is adored by locals and visitors alike. Ready for fun? Keep reading!

Overview of Buzz Bingo Aldershot

Buzz Bingo Aldershot, nestled within the historic Odeon Cinema building in Hampshire, transformed from Gala Bingo into a bustling hub for bingo enthusiasts. This venue proudly stood as part of Buzz Bingo’s extensive network across the UK, boasting over 100 locations.

Here, you had the chance to engage in both traditional 90-ball and modern 75-ball bingo games, enjoying a unique night bingo experience at GU11 1DJ. Despite its popularity and vibrant atmosphere, it is important to note that this beloved venue has permanently closed down.

The closure marks an end to an era of entertainment that many cherished in Aldershot.

Opening Times

You’re planning your visit to Buzz Bingo Aldershot and need the precise opening hours. Right, here’s what you need to know:

DayOpening Time
Monday to Saturday11 am
Sunday5 pm

Buzz Bingo Aldershot opens its doors at 11 am, ready for your enjoyment every day, except for Sundays. On Sundays, the fun begins at 5 pm. This schedule means you can plan your day knowing exactly when you can join the action.

Mark these times: 11 am on weekdays and Saturdays, and a later start at 5 pm on Sundays. Make sure you adjust your schedule accordingly to maximise your time at Buzz Bingo Aldershot. Now, all set for a visit?

Session Schedules and Pricing

Buzz Bingo Aldershot offers you a range of session times and prices that cater to every player’s needs. With sessions running in the afternoon and evening from Monday to Saturday, there’s always a game waiting for you. The cost of participating in these sessions varies, ensuring options for every budget.

Here’s a quick guide to help you plan your next visit:

DayAfternoon SessionEvening SessionPricing
Monday12 PM19:00£5 – £10
Tuesday12 PM19:00£5 – £10
Wednesday12 PM19:00£5 – £10
Thursday12 PM19:00£5 – £12
Friday12 PM19:00£5 – £12
Saturday12 PM19:00£5 – £12

Prices range from £5 to £12, depending on the day and the session you choose. This flexible schedule and pricing allow you to enjoy your favourite game at a time and price that suits you best. All sessions include both afternoon and evening options from Monday to Saturday, giving you ample opportunity to play.

Location and Contact Details

Find Buzz Bingo Aldershot in the town centre. It’s easy to reach by car or public transport. If you’re driving, there’s plenty of parking nearby. For those on buses or trains, the venue is a short walk from stations and bus stops.

The address is sharp – right where you need it to be for a fun day out. Keen to get in touch? Their phone number and email are ready for your questions. Whether you’re planning a visit or need details about events, they’re eager to help.

So go ahead, make that call or send an email. Your next bingo adventure at Buzz Bingo Aldershot awaits!

Explore Buzz Bingo Aldershot Further

Dig deeper into Buzz Bingo Aldershot. Find out what people say and check out places close by for more fun.

Nearby Bingo Venues

Exploring more bingo venues adds to the fun. Guildford and other locations offer great places for you to play responsibly.

  1. Buzz Bingo Aylesbury – Just a drive away, this location stands out for its vibrant atmosphere and welcoming environment. Check their website for game times and prizes.
  2. Buzz Bingo Brighton – Near the coast, this hall offers a refreshing change of scenery. It’s perfect for a day trip with friends who love bingo as much as you do.
  3. Buzz Bingo Woking – Closer than you think, Buzz Bingo Woking brings exciting games and specials that make every visit memorable. Find out what’s on offer this week.
  4. Club Finder Tool – Unsure where the nearest Buzz Bingo club is? Use the handy club finder tool online. It helps you locate clubs within your area, ensuring you never miss out on the fun nearby.

Each venue promises a unique mix of enjoyment and opportunities to win, all while emphasising the importance of playing responsibly in bingo halls across the region.

Customer Feedback

Buzz Bingo Aldershot enjoys lively customer reviews. People love its variety of games and promotions. It boasts a TrustScore of 4 out of 5 on Trustpilot, based on 1,237 reviews. The ratings break down as follows: 44% give five stars, while only 6% opt for four or three stars each.

A smaller group, 4%, rate it two stars, and surprisingly, 40% give one star. Yet, the team at Buzz Bingo Aldershot responds to nearly all negative feedback within a day.

This quick response time highlights their commitment to improving your experience. Their effort to address concerns shows in how they manage feedback online. Whether enjoying a night out with friends or seeking fun activities in Aldershot, customers’ opinions shape the services offered by Buzz Bingo Aldershot.

This dedication ensures that every visit can be better than the last—making it clear why so many choose Buzz Bingo for their entertainment needs.

Scheduled Events and Special Activities

Buzz Bingo Aldershot brings excitement with special events. Get ready for a unique night out with friends.

  1. ABBA Bingo Wonderland takes place on Sat 30th Sep 2023, starts at 20:30 and runs until Sun 1st Oct 2023 at 01:00.
  2. The last chance to join the fun is at 22:00. Make sure you’re not late.
  3. Tickets kick off at £8, making it a steal for an unforgettable evening.
  4. Themed bingo nights feature regularly, offering a twist on the classic game.
  5. Jackpot games promise big wins, adding excitement to your visit.
  6. Keep an eye out for promotions that spice up the experience and offer more ways to win.
  7. Join mailing lists or follow social media to catch announcements on future events and special activities.
  8. Every event blends fun with the chance to meet new people in a lively atmosphere.

These activities provide entertainment and create memorable moments at Buzz Bingo Aldershot.


You’ve learnt all about Buzz Bingo Aldershot. It’s a fun place in Aldershot, Hampshire with games for everyone. You know they have bingo, slot machines, and electronic bingo too. They keep things fresh with regular events and good food and drinks.

Plus, it’s easy to find right in the town centre.

This venue stands out because it gives you lots of ways to have fun and meet new friends. With over 100 places like this across the UK, it shows how much people enjoy going there. People always say good things about their time here – from the lively vibe to the cool games on offer.

If you want even more bingo action or need help with something, Buzz Bingo Aldershot has got your back. Just ask them – they’re known for great customer service.

So why not give it a go? Gather your mates or just come by yourself; either way, you’re sure to have a brilliant time!