Buzz Bingo Hull

Buzz Bingo Hull: Times, Prices, And Hull Astra Club Information

Planning a night out in Hull and fancy a game of bingo? Finding the perfect spot with all the right details—like when it’s open, how much it costs, and what’s on offer—can be tricky.

Buzz Bingo Hull Astra Club stands out as a vibrant choice for anyone looking to enjoy bingo in Kingston upon Hull. With its doors open from 11:30 am until midnight Monday to Saturday, and from 12 pm on Sundays, the club welcomes everyone keen to join the fun.

This post will give you all the essential information about Buzz Bingo Hull Astra Club—from session times and prices to dining options and gaming variety. Imagine hitting a jackpot or simply enjoying an evening filled with excitement and joy among friends…

Opening Times at Buzz Bingo Hull Astra Club

Buzz Bingo Hull Astra Club opens its doors for you Monday to Saturday from 11:30 am till midnight and on Sundays from noon till the clock strikes twelve again. Situated on Oslo Road, Hull, HU7 0YN, this venue boasts a capacity to entertain up to 900 patrons eager for that exciting bingo game.

With diverse games offered both in traditional paper form and modern electronic formats, there’s always a fun way for you to join the play. Whether you’re aiming for a big win or just looking forward to spending some quality time with friends over your favourite game, ensure you’re aware of these opening times to plan your visit accordingly.

For any enquiries or further details about sessions and offers, reaching out is made easy at [email protected] or by ringing up at 01482 821010 – they’re ready to assist with what you might need for an enjoyable visit.

Costs and Special Offers for Sessions

Finding the best deal for your bingo session is crucial. Here’s a detailed look at the costs and special offers at Buzz Bingo Hull Astra Club. This table lays out everything you need to know:

Afternoon Main Events (Sunday to Friday)£3
Afternoon Main Event (Saturday)£10
Evening Sessions (Tuesday to Thursday)£5
Evening Sessions (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)£10
Monday Evening Paper Main EventFree
Electronic Packages for Lunch, Big Bite, and Late Games£3
Electronic Packages for Main Events£10
Paper Tickets for 7:00 to 9:00 Session£10 to £45
New Members (1st and 2nd Visits)Play Bingo for £5

You can plan your visits and select the sessions that suit your budget and schedule. Enjoy your time at Buzz Bingo Hull, and may luck be on your side!

Dining and Beverage Services

Buzz Bingo Hull keeps you full and refreshed with its bar and cafe. They serve tasty meals and drink deals all day, every day. You’ll find special themed nights throughout the year for an extra treat.

Enjoy a great atmosphere whether you’re grabbing a bite or sipping a drink in one of the main social hubs of the area.

Variety of Games: Slot Machines and Electronic Bingo

You’ll find plenty to keep you entertained with slot machines offering games like Safe Cracker and Cash Builder Jackpot. These coin-operated machines grab your attention the moment you step in, each promising excitement with the pull of a lever or touch of a button.

Besides slots, electronic bingo takes centre stage during specific sessions. From 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., electronic tickets range from £27 to £57, ensuring an engaging experience for everyone involved.

Then there’s a late session exclusively for electronic bingo at 9:15 p.m., where £3 to £12 gets you 5 exciting bingo games. Each game offers distinct chances to win, blending traditional enjoyment with modern technology for endless fun.

Essential Information for Buzz Bingo Hull Visitors

For those planning a visit, Buzz Bingo Hull sits close to other entertainment centres and enjoys positive comments from guests. Should you need help or have questions, dropping them an email at [email protected] gets you all the answers.

Nearby Bingo Venues

Buzz Bingo Hull isn’t the only place where you can enjoy a game of bingo. You have more options nearby to explore.

  1. Mecca Bingo Hull offers both traditional paper games and the latest in electronic bingo, making it a versatile choice for all types of players. Slot machines and various arcade games add to the fun, providing entertainment beyond bingo.
  2. Astoria Bingo Hull stands out with its friendly atmosphere and a chance to win prizes big and small. Here, you’ll find a mix of gaming options including classic bingo games and modern electronic versions.
  3. Mecca Bingo Scarborough invites you with open arms, offering a range of gaming experiences from paper to electronic bingo. Like its counterparts, this venue also features slot machines for an extra touch of excitement.

Each site has its unique charm but shares the goal of creating memorable moments for their guests. Whether you’re looking for variety in gaming or just a change of scene from Buzz Bingo Hull, these locations are sure to please.

Customer Feedback

Buzz Bingo Hull has a TrustScore of 3.5 out of 5, showing mixed feelings from visitors. People love the fun and lively atmosphere but some have issues with staff manners and how things are run.

They make sure to answer unhappy comments fast, usually within a day.

You’ll see both high praises for entertainment and sharp complaints on their Facebook page. This feedback helps them improve, making your next visit maybe even better. So, whether it’s a thumbs up or down, they want to hear from you right after your game or munch at the diner.

Directions and Car Parking Facilities

You can find the car park for Buzz Bingo Hull Astra Club at 3 Liversage Street in Derby, DE1 2LD. This place has 130 spaces to park your car and is run by GroupNexus Limited.

Here are the details you need:

  1. Parking costs £3 for 2 hours. This is perfect if you’re planning a quick visit.
  2. For longer stays, it’s £5 for 4 hours. Great for when you want to play a few games or enjoy some food.
  3. You’ll pay £11.90 for an 11-hour stay. Ideal for a full day out playing bingo.
  4. If you need to park for a whole day, it’s £15 for 24 hours.
  5. You have two ways to pay: Pay By Phone or Connect Cashless Parking. Both options make paying simple and fast.
  6. The car park offers plenty of room with its 130 spots, so finding a place shouldn’t be too hard.
  7. Always check the spot number and enter it correctly on your payment option to avoid any issues.

This information should help make your trip to Buzz Bingo Hull Astra Club smooth and worry-free, letting you focus on enjoying your time there.


Buzz Bingo Hull Astra Club opens late every day. You get many choices for games and food there. This club was once Gala Bingo but now has bigger prizes. They offer big events and have space for 900 people. sells tickets for their events online.