Buzz Bingo Lincoln

Buzz Bingo Lincoln

Looking for a fun night out in Lincoln? Buzz Bingo Lincoln offers just that, with bingo sessions, slot machines, and tasty food all under one roof. Located at Waterside Centre, 10 Saltergate, this venue stands out for its vibrant atmosphere and array of games.

This article will guide you through everything from session times to prices and how to get there.

Buzz Bingo Lincoln is more than your average bingo hall; it’s a community where laughter fills the air, and significant wins are around every corner. With varied play times throughout the week and an exciting selection of slots waiting for you, it promises an experience filled with joy.

Keep reading to discover what makes Buzz Bingo Lincoln a top choice for both newcomers and seasoned players alike. Get ready to join the fun!

Overview of Buzz Bingo Lincoln Club

Nestled in central Lincoln, Buzz Bingo Lincoln Club is loved by bingo aficionados. Located at Waterside Centre, 10 Saltergate, LN2 1DH, this club is not just a place to play; it’s a vibrant community hub where the excitement of winning meets social interaction.

With doors open from 11am to 1am from Tuesday to Saturday and starting at 5pm on Sunday, flexibility is never an issue. Here, you’re joining more than just a game—you’re stepping into an environment where every visit promises new excitement.

Buzz Bingo Lincoln makes every effort to ensure your experience is seamless and enjoyable. This former Gala Bingo site thrives under its new identity within the bustling Waterside Shopping Centre—easily reached by both public transport and car.

As part of the buzz group licensed by The UK Gambling Commission, you can rest assured that gambling practices are fair and regulated. Whether you’re drawn to the traditional paper books or prefer pressing buttons on electronic touchpads for bingo and slots—which feature progressive jackpots—options cater to all preferences.

It’s clear: Buzz Bingo Lincoln crafts each detail with care so that your focus stays on fun… let’s dive in.

Bingo Session Times at Buzz Bingo Lincoln

Buzz Bingo Lincoln gears up for fun with sessions that fit your schedule. You know exactly when to join because the timings are set.

  1. Weekday afternoons see the main events start at 1 pm, making it easy to play bingo after lunch.
  2. On weekends, things kick off a bit later at 1:30 pm, giving you time to relax in the morning before heading out.
  3. Every evening is game time, with sessions beginning sharply at 7 pm. It’s perfect for ending your day on a high note.
  4. Saturdays are special not just for the late start but also because the price jumps to £10 for these main events.
  5. Apart from Saturday’s unique pricing, every other afternoon session costs just £2, offering both affordability and enjoyment.

With these times in mind, plan your visit and enjoy the excitement Buzz Bingo clubs offer. Whether it’s winning cash prizes or enjoying free bingo games, Buzz Bingo Lincoln has something for everyone every day of the week.

Prices for Bingo Sessions

Discover the diversity in pricing for your bingo sessions at Buzz Bingo Lincoln, ensuring there’s a choice for every pocket. Here’s a breakdown of costs you’ll encounter:

Session TimePaper TicketsElectronic Tickets
All Day AccessVaries£17 for 25 regular tickets, £57 for 150 double XL tickets

For newcomers, Buzz Bingo Lincoln makes it even more enticing. Your first and second visits cost only £5. Not to miss are the special days: Price Cut Tuesdays, £1.99 Bingo, and Half Price Bingo, making your experience affordable and exciting.

Bingo Play Times at Buzz Bingo Lincoln

Buzz Bingo Lincoln lights up your day with fun games. You can join the action at different times, from Monday to Sunday.

  1. Afternoon games kick off every day. You pay only £2 for main sessions, except on Saturday when the price goes up to £10.
  2. Evening games always start at 19:00. It’s a good time to play if you prefer a night out.
  3. Check the Buzz Bingo website for special game times. They often have new events that might catch your interest.
  4. Online games are available too. You find 90 ball, 75 ball, and jackpot games on their website any hour of the day.
  5. On Saturdays, get ready for a bigger crowd. That’s when most people love to play bingo here.
  6. Don’t forget to look at upcoming events on Facebook or their official website. They post all you need to know about special playtimes and promotions there.
  7. For those who fancy a gamble from home, online bingo is open 24/7. It means you never miss out on the fun, no matter where you are.

Every visit promises plenty of chances to win and make new friends in Lincoln’s best bingo club. Whether it’s afternoon or evening, Buzz Bingo Lincoln has a game for you.

Slot Machines and Jackpot Offers

You’ll find exciting slot game offers like Beat the Score and Thursday Slots Tournaments at Buzz Bingo Lincoln. Drop £5 into a gaming machine, and you get £10 to play with—a great way to double your fun without spending extra.

With a Community Jackpot standing at £8,733, the excitement of winning big is high. Try your luck at Safe Cracker Bingo or explore Party Time Special for more chances to win big prizes.

The UK boasts over 1,000 venues with around 33,000 machines ready for you to spin and win. At Buzz Bingo Lincoln, the latest games like Rainbow meet classic favourites in an arcade area designed for everyone—from first-time players to seasoned pros.

Whether you’re looking for a cheeky spin or aiming for the full house jackpot, these slots pack plenty of opportunities to become a winner while enjoying every moment of play.

Features and Amenities at Buzz Bingo Lincoln

At Buzz Bingo Lincoln, you get more than just bingo—enjoy tasty food, cool drinks, and top games. Why not see for yourself?

Dining and Beverage Choices

Buzz Bingo Lincoln serves a wide range of food and drinks. You can choose from starters to main courses, and desserts. They also offer cocktails, wines, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Their prices are good, showing the high quality you get. People like how well they present their food and drink options.

You’ll find snacks and optional extras on the menu too. Whether you love bingo or slots, you can enjoy these treats while playing. Feel free to ask a member of staff if you need anything or have questions about the menu.

They’re always happy to help make your visit better.

Promotions for New Members

You get a great deal as a new member at Buzz Bingo Lincoln. Your first and second visits cost only £5 each. Plus, there’s more for you to enjoy. With the same £5, relish food and drink deals or go for £10 worth of slots gameplay; it’s your choice.

The terms and conditions are clear, ensuring no surprises.

Special days mean even better offers: Price Cut Tuesdays, £1.99 bingo games, and Half Price Bingo sessions are part of the excitement. These promotions apply from the moment you join us, making your start with Buzz Bingo Lincoln not just fun but also rewarding.

Nearby Alternatives for Bingo Lovers

Looking for other places to play bingo near you? Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe, Buzz Bingo Grimsby, and North Parade Bingo Skegness offer great choices. These spots have various games like Safe Cracker Bingo, Go Go Bingo, and Party Time Specials.

They also host slots and casino games. Plus, at Buzz Lincoln, there’s an opportunity to win a Community Jackpot currently standing at £8,733.

Each location has unique features but shares the excitement of winning money and having fun with friends. Whether it’s daytime or evening sessions you prefer, these halls fit your schedule.

Don’t miss out on special promotions for new members too—visit their Facebook page or check full details online before heading out. Public car parks make visiting easy.

Directions to Buzz Bingo Lincoln

Buzz Bingo Lincoln sits at the heart of the city, easy to find at Waterside Centre, 10 Saltergate, Lincoln, LN2 1DH. Public transport and parking options make it accessible for everyone.

  • Head straight to the city centre if you’re driving. Parking spaces await at Waterside Shopping Centre.
  • Catch a bus that drops off nearby. Several routes pass through the area ensuring a smooth ride to your bingo fun.
  • The train station isn’t far off for those coming from out of town. A short walk gets you right to the doors of Buzz Bingo.
  • Cyclists will find ample bike racks around the area. Safe and secure, they offer a green way to get there.
  • If walking is your choice, central Lincoln paths lead directly to Saltergate. Follow city centre signs and you’ll be there in no time.
  • Using GPS or a map app on your smartphone? Just punch in the postcode LN2 1DH and follow the turn-by-turn directions.

These steps ensure you arrive quickly and hassle-free, ready for a fantastic time at Buzz Bingo Lincoln.

Reviews from Buzz Bingo Lincoln Visitors

Visitors at Buzz Bingo Lincoln give the place a TrustScore of 3.5 out of 5. They talk highly about the friendly staff and the fun atmosphere. People enjoy coming here because it makes them happy to play bingo and slots.

But, some visitors don’t like how loud it can get or that sometimes things aren’t as clean as they want.

You’ll hear different opinions on prices, prize money, and special offers too. A few players think costs are high compared to the winnings and promotions could be better. Yet, most people keep coming back for more fun games and good times with friends at Buzz Bingo Lincoln.

The mix of positive vibes from helpful workers and engaging entertainment keeps them loyal.

How to Contact Buzz Bingo Lincoln

To reach Buzz Bingo Lincoln, call them on 01522 527726. You can also visit their website at Their address is Waterside Centre, 10 Saltergate, Lincoln, LN2 1DH. For quick updates or questions, calling is most direct.

The website offers detailed info about events and times. Use the site to plan your visit or join online games. Reach out today for fun bingo and slot action!


You now know Buzz Bingo Lincoln inside Waterside Centre offers fun and games. They open doors from 11 am, welcoming everyone for bingo and slots. Play costs start at just £7, with e-bingo adding more choices.

Plus, jackpot slots increase the excitement. Check their site or call for details—you will appreciate visiting!