North Parade Bingo Skegness

North Parade Bingo Skegness

Looking for a fun day out in Skegness? Perhaps you’re searching for an activity that combines excitement with the chance to win prizes. North Parade Bingo offers just that, set right in Skegness.

It’s not only a spot where friends and families gather but also a place where bingo fans rally for an enjoyable time.

Situated at North Parade, this club is steps away from attractions like the Natureland Seal Sanctuary and provides both afternoon and evening games to suit various schedules. With prices starting around £3, it promises affordability alongside the thrill of play.

This guide will take you through everything from opening times to player feedback, ensuring your visit is nothing short of delightful. Time to explore!

Exploring North Parade Bingo in Skegness

At North Parade Bingo in Skegness, you step into a world of fun right on North Parade. The doors open daily, ensuring you can join the excitement any day you choose. With its prime location, this bingo haven sits close to the Natureland Seal Sanctuary and the Skegness Xsite Skate Park, making for a perfect outing spot.

Here, playing bingo isn’t just about marking numbers; it’s an experience wrapped in joy and community spirit.

You’ll find yourself amidst fellow bingo players ready to daub their way to victory. The club doesn’t rely on electronic gadgets; instead, bringing back the charm of paper-based games adds to its unique atmosphere.

This method ensures everyone has an equal shot at winning – all while enjoying the thrill under one roof at PE25 1BY. Ready your pen, pick your seat and let the numbers roll as you enjoy traditional British bingo with a twist of modern hospitality and friendliness from staff who make sure every visit is memorable.

Club Opening Times and Pricing Details

Planning your visit to North Parade Bingo in Skegness? Here’s what you need to know about opening times and how much it’ll cost you. Explore the details without any fuss.

DayOpening Times for Afternoon GamesOpening Times for Evening GamesCost for Afternoon SessionsCost for Evening Sessions
MondayN/A5 pmN/A£5 – £12.99
TuesdayMiddayN/AApprox. £3N/A
Wednesday11 amN/AApprox. £3N/A
Thursday11 amN/AApprox. £3N/A
FridayN/A5 pmN/A£5 – £12.99
Saturday11 amN/AApprox. £3N/A
Sunday11 amN/AApprox. £3N/A

North Parade Bingo shuts its doors at 10 pm daily, ensuring you’ve got ample time to enjoy your games. Afternoon sessions are a steal, starting at around £3, making it a budget-friendly outing. Evening games, on the other hand, vary, costing between £5 and £12.99. Choose your day and time wisely to get the most out of your visit. Enjoy the excitement of the game without breaking the bank.

Variety of Bingo Games and Available Prizes

At North Parade Bingo Skegness, you get to play traditional paper-based games. They don’t have electronic bingo. Special deals are there for sessions on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings at just £9.99.

Also, they offer a free cashpot link game at 18:10 every evening. The weekend brings the buzz with a popular £7,000 link game where lots join in. The prize money changes depending on how many people are playing.

You can win significantly if more players join the session – it’s all about luck and having fun together! So grab your dabbers; it’s time to mark those numbers and hope for the best!

Feedback and Experiences from Bingo Players

People who visit North Parade Bingo and Social Club have mixed feelings. Some love it for the friendly team, tasty food, and big seats. They say staff treats guests well and the meals are fresh.

This makes many want to come back.

Yet, some visitors find problems. They talk about places not being clean enough and decorations that look too old. Reviews from 2016 to 2019 show these points clearly. A few also speak about serious issues like female staff facing bad behavior from male colleagues.

You will see all sorts of comments on Facebook and TripAdvisor – good stuff about having fun playing bingo in a lively spot, but also complaints that might worry you a bit before your first visit.

Attractions and Other Bingo Halls Nearby

Near North Parade Bingo, Skegness offers more fun spots and games. You can visit Natureland Seal Sanctuary to see seals and skate at Skegness Xsite Skate Park. These places are close and good for a day out.

Looking for more bingo? Buzz Bingo Lincoln, Buzz Bingo Grimsby, and Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe are not far. Each hall has its own games and prizes. They give you more chances to play bingo if you’re staying longer in Skegness.

The beach is also nearby for a relaxing walk after your game sessions.

Additional Visitor Information

For more fun, check how to play if you’re new and find ways to talk or book your spot.

Tips for Bingo Beginners

You’re ready to try your hand at bingo, a game where everyone has the same chance of winning. North Parade Bingo in Skegness is a great place to start, especially since it doesn’t offer electronic bingo games—making it an even playing field for beginners and seasoned players alike. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Check session times and prices on the Facebook page or by contacting the club directly. Expect to pay around £3, but prices can vary.
  2. Grab the welcome offer for free membership. It’s a smart move that gives you access to special promotions and information about upcoming events.
  3. Arrive early to secure a good spot and get familiar with the venue. You’ll feel more relaxed if you’re not rushing.
  4. Listen carefully to the game rules before play starts. Knowing what’s happening will boost your confidence.
  5. Pay attention to promotion details during your visit; these can give you more chances to win or offer bonuses like £10 for books.
  6. Note down important contact numbers or save them on your phone—especially useful for making bookings or inquiring about session times later on.
  7. Bring a friend or family member along for support and fun—it makes learning easier and more enjoyable.
  8. Enjoy each game without stressing too much about winning or losing—the experience is what counts at this stage.
  9. Use public transport options like bus 59 if necessary; it saves you from worrying about parking, though there’s a private car park available if you’re driving.
  10. Try different types of games offered during your visit; variety keeps things interesting and increases your chances of finding a favourite.

How to Contact and Make Bookings

Making a booking for North Parade Bingo in Skegness is easy and straightforward. Here are simple steps to ensure you secure your spot for an enjoyable game of bingo.

  1. Check the club’s opening hours to plan your visit; afternoon games start at approximately £3, and evening games vary from £5 to £12.99.
  2. Use bus services 1, 3, 7, 4 R1, or Interconnect 59 for convenient transport; they stop right outside.
  3. For drivers, find comfort in the available private car park or utilise the large car park opposite the venue.
  4. Visit the North Parade Bingo website for the most up-to-date session prices and prize listings; note that prices are subject to change.
  5. Pick up the phone and give the team a call using the contact number provided on their webpage to inquire about reservations or any specific details.
  6. While online or on call, ask about registration assistance if it’s your first time visiting; friendly staff are ready to help.
  7. For bookings and enquiries out of hours, send an email as listed on their contact page – expect a prompt response during operational hours.

Each step ensures you enjoy a hassle-free time from planning to playing at North Parade Bingo Skegness.


You’ll find North Parade Bingo in Skegness a great choice for fun. It opens at 11 am on selected days, with games costing between £3 and £12.99. This place sticks to paper bingo, making every game an exciting chance to succeed without the distraction of electronic boards.

Joining is easy and free, ensuring you quickly become part of the community. Nearby beaches and attractions add more reasons to visit. Enjoy this classic game; it promises laughter, new friends, and maybe even some prizes.