Mecca Bingo Leicester

Mecca Bingo Leicester

Looking for a bit of fun in Leicester? Maybe you’re after something different to fill your evenings or weekends. Mecca Bingo in Leicester could be just what you need. This well-known bingo club on Aylestone Road offers more than just the chance to shout “Bingo!” It’s home to an array of games including slots, casino favourites, and jackpots, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

One key fact about Mecca Bingo Leicester is that new members can jump into all the bingo action with flyers included for only £5 – a deal paired with extra vouchers to get you started on the right foot.

Our guide brings everything you need to know before your visit – from understanding session times and prices, exploring food and drink options, booking your spot, to catching up on special events.

Discover great value entertainment at its best here… Ready for a fun night out? Keep reading!

Overview of Mecca Bingo in Leicester

Nestled at 80 Aylestone Road, Mecca Bingo in Leicester offers you a vibrant mix of traditional play and the latest touchscreen tech. With doors open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Monday through Saturday, and an hour later start at 11:00 AM on Sundays, you have ample opportunity to join the fun.

This bingo hall stands out as a staple entertainment spot, ranked #75 of 122 activities in Leicester. It’s strictly for those above the age of 18, ensuring responsible enjoyment of its gambling facilities.

You’re situated near attractions like Welford Road Stadium and the Leicester Museum & Art Gallery, making it easy to combine your visit with other local delights. Mecca Bingo Club brings together community members for not just games but a hub of entertainment in East Midlands.

Offering more than just bingo sessions; they serve up live performances and encourage social gatherings among friends. Playing responsibly is key—Mecca ensures support is always available for those who need it.

Bingo Session Schedules and Prices

Your guide to Mecca Bingo Leicester’s session schedules and prices is straightforward. Open every day, this bingo club offers a variety of games to fit your schedule and budget. Here’s a snapshot:

Monday – Friday£2£2 – £15£2 – £15
Saturday£2 – £4£2 – £15£2 – £15
Sunday£2£2 – £15£21

You’ll find the club equipped with 70 electronic bingo terminals, ensuring a modern and exciting experience. Keep in mind, the costs mentioned give you a rough idea for around 2 hours of play, without tying you to any particular game. This means you have the flexibility to choose what suits you best once you’re there.

Planning your visit is easy. And keep in mind, these prices are a great way to budget for a fun outing at Mecca Bingo Leicester.

Explore the Menu at Mecca Bingo

At Mecca Bingo, you can enjoy a variety of foods and drinks. Try chicken tikka curry, burgers, loaded fries, or dishes from Harry Ramsden’s. You won’t need to leave your game for food.

Order straight to your table with the My Mecca Club app.

The place has a licensed bar too. You can get snacks or drinks anytime during your visit. Planning ahead? Book food and drinks with your bingo sessions. Feedback about the service varies, but the options are plenty and ready for you to enjoy.

How to Book a Bingo Session

Booking your bingo session at Mecca Bingo Leicester is easy and ensures you a spot for exciting games. Make sure you book to enjoy around 2 hours of fun with us.

  1. Visit the official Mecca Bingo Leicester website or use the My Mecca Club app on your smartphone.
  2. Find the “Play Bingo” section and choose “Pre-book Your Bingo.”
  3. Select Leicester from the list of clubs to see available sessions.
  4. Check out the special offers, like Fiver Fever where you get all evening bingo for £5 between 7-9pm.
  5. For new members, take advantage of getting all your bingo, including flyers, for just £5 plus extra vouchers.
  6. Choose the date and time that suits you best.
  7. If you want more fun, look into party packages available for booking.
  8. Add your choice to the cart and proceed to checkout.
  9. Score exclusive offers by downloading the My Mecca Club app if you haven’t yet; it also gives you a digital membership card.
  10. Follow payment instructions to complete your booking.

Just show up at Mecca Bingo Leicester at the scheduled time and get ready to play!

Entertainment and Events at Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo in Leicester is your go-to for fun events and entertainment for adults over 18. Enjoy Boots Down Bingo, join a book club, marvel at motor shows, or listen to choir concerts.

These take place not just here but also at Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre and Hilton Leicester Hotel. Tickets vary from free to £24.12, fitting any budget.

Special days include the Community Day with £100k Super Share where you could win part of £100,000 in community prizes. Don’t miss National Bingo Day either—grab a free Main Game paper book per person and join the excitement.

It’s all about having great nights out with friends or making new ones while enjoying live entertainment that Mecca Bingo expertly delivers.

Additional Information

For extra tips and to make your visit better, check out the MyMeccaClub app. This app gives you special deals, shows you how to earn rewards, and helps you find more places like Mecca Bingo Leicester.

Explore for all the info!

Download the My Mecca Club App

Get the My Mecca Club App to make your bingo experience even better. With this app, you get a digital club card right on your phone. Order food and drinks straight to your table without missing any of the action.

If you’re new here, there’s a special deal for you—get bingo and extra vouchers for just £5. The app keeps you updated with all the latest promotions and events at Mecca Bingo clubs.

Plus, it offers tools and resources to gamble safely. You won’t miss out on any exclusive offers either. So, download now and start enjoying these benefits today!

Loyalty Rewards at Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo values your visits. If you head to a club four times in a month, Mecca Perks rewards you with 4x£5 for online bingo sessions. That’s £20 extra to enjoy in the Club Session Bingo room.

Make sure your account at is active to get this bonus. They’ll email you the bonus code within a week after the qualifying month ends.

This special offer has simple rules – spend your £20 online bonus with just 1 x wagering requirement. Enjoy more games without jumping through hoops. It makes playing both in-club and online worth every second and penny.

Keeping an eye on your inbox ensures you don’t miss out on these perks.

Locate Other Mecca Bingo Clubs

Finding your nearest Mecca Bingo club is easy and ensures a fun night out. The clubs are spread across the UK, offering big prize money every week.

  1. Start by visiting the Mecca Bingo website. Here, you can use the “Club Finder” feature.
  2. Enter your city or postcode to see a list of clubs near you.
  3. Each club’s page gives you opening times and session prices.
  4. Check out the detailed “club details” for information like contact numbers and car park availability.
  5. Download the Mecca App for an even easier way to find clubs and check their schedules on the go.
  6. The app also lets you book sessions ahead of time for a stress-free visit.
  7. Look at reviews from other visitors to get a feel for each club’s atmosphere and services.
  8. Make sure to note down any special events or promotions that clubs nearby might be hosting – these can offer extra fun or prizes.
  9. If you’re new, take advantage of offers like joining deals where all bingo games, including flyers, are just £5 with extra vouchers thrown in.
  10. Always keep an eye on the app or website for changes in schedules, especially during holidays or special occasions.

Every Mecca Bingo club aims to provide excellent entertainment, delicious food, and great value drinks in a welcoming setting. Find your local club today and get ready to enjoy live entertainment and the chance to win every week!

Reviews and Feedback from Visitors

People say different things about Mecca Bingo in Leicester. With 26 reviews, it gets an average rating of 3.5 out of 5. Christine M liked it a lot in November 2022, saying she had great times with friends there.

But not everyone agrees. Sally struggled with game play and was so upset she wrote a review on January 8, 2024; the team at Mecca replied to her concerns quickly.

Another person, calling themselves My humble opinion back in April 2019, talked about both good and bad sides: while they noticed prices going up and were not happy with the food quality, they still found some joy in their visits.

These reviews show people enjoy the helpful staff and fun games but wish for better food and fairer game play at Mecca Bingo Leicester.


Mecca Bingo in Leicester gives you games like bingo and slots every day. You can eat food like chicken tikka curry or burgers there. Book your bingo spot early to get a good seat. Join as a new member, and play all your bingo for just £5 plus get extra vouchers.

Mecca Bingo makes sure gambling is safe and offers help if needed. Find Mecca Bingo at 80 Aylestone Road, Leicester LE2 7LB, England – it’s fun!