Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe

Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe

Looking for a lively night out in Scunthorpe? Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe Club might just be your go-to spot. With games, food, and fun all under one roof on Brigg Road, it’s the place where excitement meets community.

The club offers both traditional paper bingo and modern touch screen gameplay that caters to everyone’s taste.

Whether you’re planning your first visit or are a seasoned player looking for the latest promotions, we’ve included all details, including times and prices. Get ready for a memorable outing!

Overview of Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe Club

Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe Club sits at the heart of your local community, located on Brigg Road, DN15 6TZ. The venue offers a welcoming atmosphere for you and your friends to play bingo, enjoy slot games like Rainbow Richies, and even compete for a Community Jackpot currently valued at £8,733.

With doors opening from 10 am to midnight on weekdays and extending until 2 am on weekends, there’s ample opportunity to join in the fun whenever suits you best.

You’ll find the club details handy as you plan your visit—buzzing with activity and loaded with options. For those looking to try their luck or simply have a great night out near town centre, Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe provides both traditional bingo sessions and modern electronic terminals that make gameplay seamless.

Whether it’s snapping up tickets for main events or dropping in for a spontaneous game, the chance for fun starts here!

Club Operating Hours

The club opens its doors every day at 10 am. On weekdays, you can stay until midnight. If you come on a weekend, the fun lasts even longer—until 2 am. Bingo games have specific times too.

From Monday to Thursday, bingo starts at 11:45 am and wraps up by 11 pm. Fridays and Saturdays offer more time to play, with doors closing at midnight. Sundays are a bit different; bingo begins at 12 noon and goes on till midnight again.

So, no matter the day, there’s always time for a game or two at Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe Club.

Bingo Session Schedules and Pricing

Discover the excitement at Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe Club with bingo sessions crafted just for you. Explore the schedule and pricing to plan your visit effectively.

Paper TicketsDuring Sessions£3 to £14
Touchpad TicketsDuring Sessions£11 to £82
Package OptionsAny SessionBronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond

Choose from a range of ticket options. Paper tickets start at £3, offering a traditional experience. For a more modern play, opt for touchpad tickets, ranging between £11 and £82. Seeking something extra? Select from our ticket packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond, each created to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned player, Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe Club has something for everyone. Plan your visit today and join the fun.

Options for Slot Gaming at Buzz Bingo

Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe offers exciting slot play for everyone. You can try your luck on a variety of machines, including Rainbow Riches.

  1. Enjoy special deals for new club members: Spend £5 and get £10 to play on slot machines.
  2. Play on machines provided by third-party operators, ensuring a wide range of games.
  3. Experience legal gambling; all slot play follows strict regulations.
  4. Join the Slots Club to receive weekly texts with offers and vouchers for more opportunities to spin and win.
  5. Try out progressive jackpot slots for large prize money; these jackpots increase each time someone plays.

All these options guarantee fun times and maybe even big wins. So, come out and see what the buzz is about!

Additional Facilities and Services at Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe

Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe is more than just a place to play bingo and slots. It’s packed with extra perks, from tasty food options to special deals that make every visit exciting.

Current Promotions and Special Offers

New members get a special deal – play for just £5 on your first and second visit. Plus, enjoy half-price drinks and selected meals during specific sessions. Don’t miss out on the “Deposit £10 and get 50 free spins” offer, perfect for slot machine fans.

Sign up for newsletters to stay updated on the latest deals including more free spins, bonus cash, and entries into prize draws. Offers are always changing so keep an eye out for the newest deals.

Dining and Beverage Options

At Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe, you find a great mix of food and drinks that cater to everyone. The menu boasts starters like garlic parmesan wings and main courses such as grilled chicken Caesar salad, meeting the likes of vegetarians, vegans, and those with dietary restrictions.

Best-selling beverages include mango mojito and pineapple margarita. Chefs pick fresh, local ingredients to keep menus exciting.

Fans of slots or bingo can enjoy these treats before or after play—no need to leave hungry or thirsty. With options ranging from light bites to hearty meals, there’s something for every palate.

Plus, the regular updates mean you always have something new to try next time you visit.

How to Contact and Locate Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe

Finding Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe is easy. You can reach out or visit to enjoy games and fun times. Here’s how:

  1. Check the map for Brigg Road, Scunthorpe, DN15 6TZ. This address takes you straight to the club.
  2. Dial 01724 279995 if you prefer talking on the telephone. A team member will help with your questions.
  3. Send an email to [email protected] for detailed enquiries or if you need answers not in a rush.
  4. Visit their Facebook page for updates, promotions, and events info – stay connected online.
  5. Fill out the customer service form on their website if you like typing but not emails – it’s direct and easy.
  6. Planning a visit? The club’s opening hours are key, so check online or call to make sure they’re open when you plan to go.

Parking spaces are plenty near the bingo hall, making it convenient if you come by car. For those using public transport, local bus routes often stop nearby. Always look for Brigg Road signs as they guide you to Buzz Bingo without any fuss.

To sum up, reaching out or finding Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe is straightforward whether you’re calling, emailing, or just showing up ready to play and have a good time!

Accommodation and Parking Near Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe

You’ll find plenty of parking spots close to Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe. The area boasts several pay and display car parks. Also, street parking is an option if you arrive early. No need for booking ahead—just drive up and choose your spot.

Looking for a place to stay? Nearby accommodations cater to every budget. From cosy bed and breakfasts to more luxurious hotels, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to rest after playing your favourite bingo games or spinning the slots at Buzz Bingo.


Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe Club gives you times, prices, and slot play options. They open doors for fun every day. Check their bingo sessions; morning till night offers await. Slots? They’ve got those too – stake from 5p to £5.

Deals on food and drinks sweeten your visit. Find Buzz Bingo in Scunthorpe for a good time with friends or aloneexcitement is sure!


1. What are the opening times for Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe Club?

Buzz Bingo in Scunthorpe opens its doors 20 minutes before any main event starts. Check their Facebook page for the latest information on session times, including afternoon and evening slots.

2. How much does it cost to play at Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe?

Prices vary depending on the day, time, and type of game you choose. For accurate costs, please contact the club directly or visit their website. Remember, terms and conditions apply.

3. Can I play slot machines at Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe?

Yes, you can enjoy a variety of slot machines at Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe Club. They offer both touchscreen and button-operated slots for your entertainment.

4. Are there facilities for disabled guests at Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe?

Absolutely! The club offers disabled facilities to ensure everyone can join in the fun comfortably.

5. Is there free bingo available at Buzz Bingo Scunthorpe Club?

Yes, they include free bingo sessions as part of their offerings—check with the club or on their social media pages for when these take place.