Buzz Bingo Nottingham

Buzz Bingo Nottingham

Looking for a fun night out in Nottingham? Buzz Bingo Nottingham Top Valley could be your answer. This place offers a vibrant atmosphere where luck, joy, and entertainment meet. With electronic and paper tickets available, Buzz Bingo caters to every player’s preference.

Buzz Bingo Nottingham stands out with its flexible game sessions and various price options. Whether you’re planning an afternoon visit or an evening of excitement, this club has something for everyone.

Read on to see how this venue can turn your regular day into an exciting experience… Don’t miss out!

Finding Buzz Bingo in Nottingham

Buzz Bingo sits in Nottingham Top Valley. This spot is easy to reach, with plenty of parking spaces waiting for you. Just head towards Southglade Park – that’s where you’ll find it, surrounded by other exciting places to visit.

The club opens its doors to over 1000 players every day from 10 am until midnight, making it a lively place to be any time you choose to drop by.

Getting there won’t take much effort. Whether you’re driving or prefer using public transport, Buzz Bingo is accessible. If driving, look out for signs pointing towards Southglade Park; it’s hard to miss with its large car park area.

For bus riders, several routes drop near the bingo hall, ensuring you’re only a short walk away from fun and games.

Buzz Bingo Opening Hours and Game Sessions

You want to know exactly when to show up and what to expect at Buzz Bingo in Nottingham. Here’s your concise guide, focusing on the key elements you need – opening hours and game session details.

DayOpen Hours
Monday11am – 12am
Tuesday11am – 12am
Wednesday11am – 12am
Thursday11am – 12am
Friday11am – 1am
Saturday11am – 1am
Sunday12pm – 1am

Joining and Benefits at Buzz Bingo

Joining Buzz Bingo in Nottingham brings exciting experiences and valuable gains. As a new member, you’re welcomed with open arms and fantastic offers.

  1. Play bingo for just £5 on your first two visits, making it easy and affordable to enjoy the fun.
  2. Employees enjoy a 50% discount on non-alcoholic drinks, meals, and bingo packages when they visit as customers.
  3. The Refer a Friend Scheme allows you to claim up to £1,000 for successfully referring friends to work at Buzz Bingo.
  4. Access the Help@Hand app for remote GP services, ensuring health concerns are quickly addressed.
  5. Use the Thrive app for mental well-being support—a handy tool for managing stress and improving mental health.
  6. Financial advice is readily available through the MyEva service—perfect for sorting out finances without hassle.
  7. Participate in the Buzz Brights Programme or take online courses via the Buzz Learning Platform to boost your skills and career prospects.
  8. Trained Mental Health Advocates are at hand—offering support and promoting activities that help maintain mental wellness.

Each point highlights how joining Buzz Bingo promises great entertainment and supports your overall well-being, career growth, and financial stability with their unique benefits package.

Dining and Refreshments at Buzz Bingo

At Buzz Bingo, you get to enjoy a wide range of food and drinks. They offer tasty meals for everyone. You can try the famous chicken basket or choose from veggie, vegan, and gluten-free options.

If you are new here, there are special food and drink deals just for you. On your first two visits, play for £5 with extra offers on meals and drinks.

Every Tuesday evening, they have promotions with more food and drink deals. Also, bar deals are available all day every day. This means anytime you come by Buzz fares for snacks or a meal at their diner; there’s likely a deal waiting for you.

Whether between bingo games or enjoying slot machines, it’s easy to grab something delicious at Buzz Bingo.

Explore More Attractions at Buzz Bingo

At Buzz Bingo, the fun goes beyond just bingo games. You’ll find plenty to do, from trying your luck on fruit machines to enjoying live acts—there’s always something extra to make your visit memorable.

Enjoy Slot Machines

Buzz Bingo clubs host over 150 slot games, drawing you in with the buzz of Rainbow Riches, Reel King, and Fishin’ Frenzy among others. The clink of coins and flashing lights increase your excitement to play.

These machines aren’t just about winning money. Your attraction lies in the casino vibes they emit, making any game enticing regardless of its potential outcome or how soon it pays out.

You find yourself drawn more to slot machines that ooze casino charm rather than those promising big wins. It’s not just about the cash; it’s the experience that captivates you. Whether it’s a low-stakes game or one that tests your nerves, if it feels like a piece of the gala bingo Nottingham top valley atmosphere, you’re all in for a spin or two – maybe even more.

Experience Live Entertainment

Buzz Bingo Nottingham brings you an unforgettable night of fun with BADA Bingo on 05/10/2024. Tickets are just £16.00 each. Get ready for a wild mix of bingo, rave rounds, dance-offs, and confetti cannons.

This isn’t your average bingo night—it’s a full-on party with live music and entertainment that will keep you on your feet.

Expect more than just traditional bingo games here. Buzz Bingo offers slots, casino options, and exciting promotions like price cut Tuesdays, £1.99 Bingo sessions, and half-price tickets to make every visit special.

Prize money varies as it depends on ticket sales but always promises big wins if luck is on your side. Be sure to grab some extra specials and stamps to boost your gaming adventure even further.

Participate in Special Events

You get a chance to win cash rewards and quirky gifts at virtual bingo events. Themed games add more fun. You can talk easily with other players online. This makes everyone feel like part of a big group.

Special clubs have things like digital photo booths and places to chat.

These special games draw all sorts of people. Young folks and those who can’t come to the halls love it too. Games like Safe Cracker, Big Buzz Special, Party Time Special, Safecracker, and Main Event are there for you to play.

Get ready for an exciting time with many chances to win!

Discover Other Bingo Halls Nearby

Exploring other bingo halls near Buzz Bingo Nottingham Top Valley can spice up your game nights. Each place offers unique games and prizes.

  1. Gala Bingo – Located just 20 minutes from Buzz Bingo, it invites you with a wide range of games and prizes. The car park ensures easy access.
  2. Mecca Bingo – A short drive away, this hall is known for its friendly staff and vibrant atmosphere. Check their website for opening times to plan your visit.
  3. Carlton Bingo – Famous for its generous jackpots, Carlton gives you more chances to win every week. They also have special events that add fun to your game night.
  4. Robin Hood Bingo Club – Experience the legend with bingo! This club mixes traditional games with modern slot machines for an all-around entertainment evening.
  5. Majestic Bingo – If you fancy a lovely day out, head over here. With affordable session times and delicious dining options, it’s perfect for any day of the week.
  6. Riverside Bingo – Situated by the scenic river view, this spot adds tranquillity to your game time. Plus, they offer extra parking space for convenience.

Exploring these options opens up new doors for fun around Nottingham. Each hall has something special, from big wins to great food and live entertainment.


Buzz Bingo in Nottingham offers you a mix of electronic and paper games. You find it easy to join and enjoy benefits like special discounts on Tuesdays. With food, drinks, slot machines, live shows, and special events, there’s always something happening.

Nearby spots also invite exploration if you want even more bingo action. Give Buzz Bing a try for an exciting day or night out – it promises fun times and maybe even some wins!