Buzz Bingo Torquay

Buzz Bingo Torquay

Buzz Bingo Torquay, once known as Gala Bingo Torquay, changed its name in Autumn 2018. You can find it at Temperance St, Torquay, TQ2 5PU. This place opens from 11:30 am to 11 pm Monday to Saturday and from noon until 11 pm on Sundays.

Here, you get to enjoy both afternoon and evening bingo games with prices ranging between £2 and £10 for paper events and starting at £5 for electronic ones.

The venue offers many things like a parking space on site, a licensed drinking area, access for disabled people, help for those with hearing problems, and a club for slot machine games.

Besides playing bingo in the traditional way or electronically with big jackpot opportunities in national competitions there’s more fun to be had! You can also enjoy promotions such as Free Bingo Thursdays and the Saturday Social Club along with unique happenings like Benidorm Bingo.

For getting involved yourself or booking your seat at Buzz Bingo Torquay sessions you need only reach out through phone at 01803 298200 or send an email to [email protected]; more details are ready on

While some customers mention they miss how things were before it turned from Gala into Buzz Bingo, most agree that the team working here is excellent.

Get ready for fun times ahead.

Overview of Buzz Bingo in Torquay

Buzz Bingo in Torquay, reborn from Gala Bingo in Autumn 2018, stands as a beacon of fun on the English Riviera. This venue offers you an array of bingo games and more, ensuring your experience is vibrant and full of chances to win jackpot prizes.

Positioned perfectly for ease of access, it invites locals and visitors alike to partake in its lively atmosphere.

With ticket prices spanning £3 to £33, there’s a session for every budget. Enjoy diverse bingo sessions that promise excitement at every call. From the Saturday Social Club to Free Bingo Thursdays, Buzz Bingo keeps things fresh with varied events like Benidorm Bingo—guaranteeing not just games but memorable experiences.

The establishment also champions Responsible Gambling, providing a safe environment for everyone who walks through its doors.

You’ll find more than just bingo halls here; explore slot machines that gleam with potential winnings or try your luck at electrics – all available under one roof. Enjoy dining options where tasty treats meet licensed bars offering refreshing drinks—perfect for socialising between games or celebrating wins.

With cash machines onsite, every practical need is catered to.

For details on booking Buzz Bingo sessions or learning more about special deals and promotions—like the Team Bingo Showdown—the site ensures seamless planning for your next visit.

Whether you’re drawn by the excitement of the game or simply looking forward to relaxing over dinner with friends after some slots action, Buzz Bingo Torquay creates moments worth savouring amidst the beauty of Paignton’s lagoon-like setting.

Location and Accessibility

Buzz Bingo Torquay sits on Temperance Street, in the centre of Torbay. It’s a spot easy to get to, with beaches, the Royal Lyceum Theatre, New Central Cinema, and Global Geopark close by.

You’ll find on-site parking for your car. Also, if you need it, there’s access for disabled guests. For those who like extra convenience, there is a cash machine and a licensed bar right where you are playing.

The club has facilities for assisted hearing as well as a Slots Club for gaming fans. To reach out or plan ahead? Just call 01803 298200. They’re ready to help make your visit smooth and enjoyable.

Whether you drive or need special access features – Buzz Bingo Torquay makes sure you can enjoy your time here without hassle.

Opening Hours for Buzz Bingo Torquay

Planning your visit to Buzz Bingo in Torquay? You’ll need to know when they’re open. Here’s a clear guide to help you plan your trip.

DayOpening Hours
Monday to Thursday10 am – 11 pm
Friday and Saturday10 am – Midnight
Sunday12 pm – 11 pm

Main event sessions start at 1 pm and 7 pm

Schedule and Costs for Bingo Sessions

Buzz Bingo Torquay offers a diverse schedule and range of costs for bingo enthusiasts like you. With prices for paper main events between £2 and £10, and electronic main events starting at £5, there’s something for every budget. Every Thursday evening, you can even enjoy a session at no cost. If you’re new, your first and second visits are only £5.

Here’s a quick glance at what to expect:

DayPaper Main Event CostElectronic Main Event CostSpecial Offers
Monday£2 – £10From £5N/A
Tuesday£2 – £10From £5N/A
Wednesday£2 – £10From £5N/A
ThursdayFree Evening SessionFree Evening SessionFree Bingo
Friday£2 – £10From £5N/A
Saturday£2 – £10From £5N/A
Sunday£2 – £10From £5N/A

Each day brings a chance to play, with Thursday offering an unbeatable deal—free bingo in the evening. Make sure you check the schedule and plan your visit. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, Buzz Bingo Torquay provides a welcoming atmosphere and a chance to win, all within your budget.

Deals and Promotions at Buzz Bingo

At Buzz Bingo Torquay, you’ll find many deals and promotions. These offers make playing more fun and can save you money.

Dining Options at Buzz Bingo

Buzz Bingo offers a variety of dining options, all planned with great care. You can enjoy seasonal and local ingredients in their dishes. The menu changes to offer the freshest options.

Drinks are available at a licensed bar, ensuring you get both food and drink deals that suit your visit day or night.

You’ll find the food and drink offerings improve your bingo visit. Whether you’re coming for the games or just to relax, there’s something tasty waiting for you. From quick snacks to full meals, every dish is made thinking about what guests like you might want during their stay.

Gaming Variety: Slots and Electrics

You’ll find a wide range of fruit machines at Buzz Bingo Torquay. From Safe Cracker Bingo to Our House bingo, each machine offers various themes and features. For new players, there are bonuses to start you off.

Regulars enjoy ongoing promotions.

The selection includes online slots too. So, whether you prefer the buzz of physical machines or the convenience of playing from home, your needs are covered. Each game is designed for easy play but promises plenty of excitement.

Booking Information for Buzz Bingo Sessions

Booking your spot at Buzz Bingo Torquay is easy and ensures you get to enjoy your favourite game hassle-free. Here’s everything you need to know:

  1. Call Buzz Bingo Torquays directly at 01803 298200 for quick reservations.
  2. Visit the official website to book online, available 24/7 for your convenience.
  3. Afternoon sessions start at 13:00; ensure you book these early as slots fill up quickly.
  4. Evening games kick off at 19:00, offering another chance to play if afternoons are busy.
  5. Paper main events have a cost range from £2 to £10, fitting every budget.
  6. Check out special deals before booking; they might save you money or offer extra perks.
  7. Email the club if you’ve got questions or need assistance with your booking process.
  8. For group bookings, it’s wise to call in advance, making sure everyone gets a seat together.
  9. Location details: Temperance Street, Torquay, Torbay, TQ2 5PU – handy for planning your trip.

With this information, securing your place at Buzz Bingo is straightforward and leaves more time for fun.


Buzz Bingo Torquay stands out for fun times. It’s at Temperance St, open most hours you’re awake. You can play traditional or electronic games there, with prices that won’t empty your wallet.

Need to plan? Their website has all details for sessions and booking. Why not bring friends along for a match or try winning big alone? So, go ahead, test your luck at Buzz Bingo – it’s a choice many make for a good evening out in Torquay.