Buzz Bingo Ipswich

Buzz Bingo Ipswich

Buzz Bingo Ipswich is a spot you’ll find at Unit 3, Orwell Retail Park on Ranelagh Road. Rated as one of the top places for fun in Ipswich, it stands out for its lively bingo games and more.

With contact details such as 01473 230400 and an online presence at, getting in touch or finding out more is easy. From 90-ball to 75-ball formats, they have bingo that suits everyone’s taste with prices ranging from £3 to £67.

Besides the games, this place rolls out exciting promotions like the Saturday Social Club and even boasts a Community Jackpot of £3,285 on certain days.

Newcomers get special treatment too – imagine playing your first game for just £5 plus some neat discounts on snacks, beverages, and slot plays. They haven’t forgotten about food lovers offering options that cater to veggie, vegan, and those preferring gluten-free without needing a prior booking.

Online isn’t left behind either; with daily Free Bingo boasting real cash prizes. Accolades come via customer feedback giving it an average thumbs-up rating of four out of five for its friendly vibes and engaging play sessions.

Nearby? You’re in luck! Attractions close by include New Wolsey Theatre among others providing ample entertainment before or after your Buzz Bingo visit.

Ready to experience Buzz Bingo Ipswich yourself? Keep reading!

Buzz Bingo Ipswich Opening Times and Prices

Buzz Bingo Ipswich welcomes you with varied opening times and price options to suit your schedule and budget. Catch the excitement from Monday to Thursday, starting at 11:30 am until 1 am. On Fridays and Saturdays, the fun begins earlier at 11 am and lasts until 3 am, ensuring you have plenty of time to enjoy. Sundays offer a leisurely start from 12 pm, with doors staying open until 3 am.

Engage in the gameplay with afternoon sessions kicking off at 1 pm on weekdays and at 1:30 pm on weekends. Evening enthusiasts, your games start at 7 pm daily, so you’re never left out.

Pricing is straightforward—paper tickets range from £2 to £10 during afternoon sessions, ensuring affordability. Evening sessions see a slight increase, with prices between £5 and £10 for paper tickets, still offering great value for your entertainment. For those who prefer the digital route, electronic ticket packages start at £22 for 18 tickets (Bronze) and peak at £57 for 108 tickets (Diamond), catering to all levels of play.

Located at Unit 3, Orwell Retail Park, Ranelagh Road, Ipswich, IP2 0AQ, Buzz Bingo Ipswich is conveniently situated for easy access. Whether you’re planning a casual outing or a full night of bingo, the opening times and pricing options are designed for your enjoyment. With a range of sessions and prices, Buzz Bingo Ipswich ensures every visit is both enjoyable and affordable.

Games and Activities at Buzz Bingo Ipswich

Buzz Bingo Ipswich offers a fun mix of games and activities for everyone. You’ll find classic and new ways to play, all in one place.

  1. 90-ball bingo: The traditional UK favourite. Here, you have three chances to win – one line, two lines, and a full house.
  2. 75-ball bingo: A pattern-based game popular in the US. It brings more variety with different shapes to complete.
  3. Slots: Buzz Bingo Ipswich provides a wide range of slot machines. They’re licensed by the UK Gambling Commission for safe play.
  4. Online bingo games: Play from anywhere using Buzz Bingo’s mobile app, all under the careful watch of the UK Gambling Commission.
  5. Promotions: Enjoy special offers like bonuses on account sign-ups, giving you more opportunities to play and win prize money.
  6. Loyalty programme: Regular players earn rewards through a dedicated system – collect points every time you play.
  7. Responsible gambling tools: They ensure a safe environment where underage gambling is not allowed and help is at hand if needed.
  8. Customer support 24/7: Got a question or need help? Their team is ready around the clock to assist you.

Each game or activity at Buzz Bingo Ipswich promises excitement and a chance for prize money in a friendly and responsible setting.

Promotions and Special Events at Buzz Bingo Ipswich

Buzz Bingo Ipswich offers exciting promotions and special events that make every visit memorable. With offers like new member deals, jackpot games, and social club nights, there’s always something fun happening.

  1. New members get a special offer to play for £5 on their first visit, making it an affordable way to jump into the fun.
  2. Saturday Social Club features live bingo on the big screen – gather your friends for an evening of excitement.
  3. Play bingo with a friend for just £5 each; it’s a great deal that doubles the joy.
  4. A Community Jackpot of £3,285 is up for grabs during certain sessions; keep an eye out and you might be the lucky winner.
  5. Check Buzz Bingo Ipswich’s Facebook page for regular promotions; they often share exclusive deals there.
  6. Extra games like Safe Cracker and Cash Builder Jackpot are available if you’re willing to pay a bit more for the chance at bigger wins.

Each promotion is crafted to boost your experience and offer more ways to win while having a blast with friends old and new at Buzz Bingo Ipswich.

Food and Drink Options at Buzz Bingo Ipswich

At Buzz Bingo Ipswich, you can enjoy a wide variety of food, drinks, and snacks. On your first visit, if you play for £5, there are special deals waiting for you including offers on meals and slots.

You’ll find tasty options like chicken baskets alongside veggie, vegan, and gluten-free choices to cater to all dietary needs. Plus, the bar has deals running all day—no need to fuss over booking ahead.

Aiming for convenience? Just pop in anytime you’re ready to play or eat. With such an open invite and delightful array of dining specials, every visit promises something delicious without the hassle of reservations.

Whether it’s a quick snack between games or a meal with friends before enjoying bingo excitement again—the food and drink options at Buzz Bingo Ipswich provide everything you need.

Buzz Bingo Ipswich Venue Information

Buzz Bingo Ipswich sits at Unit 3, Orwell Retail Park, Ranelagh Road, in Ipswich. You can reach them on the phone at 01473 230400. This place ranks #48 out of 113 fun things to do in Ipswich.

Many people like it and give it an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 on Tripadvisor.

People say Buzz Bingo Ipswich is fun and safe. If you want more info, check their website at Here, as a player under Buzz Group Limited and an I.B.A.S operator regulation, you’re sure to have a good time with peace of mind about safety and fairness.

Exploring Buzz Bingo Ipswich Further

Dive deeper into Buzz Bingo Ipswich to find out more.

Nearby Hotels and Accommodation

Choosing the right place to stay near Buzz Bingo Ipswich is easy. You have 30 options, from budget to luxury, all close by.

  1. Salthouse Harbour Hotel stands out as your number one choice, just 1.2 miles away. It offers stunning views and highly rated service.
  2. Premier Inn provides comfort and reliability, known for its family-friendly atmosphere.
  3. Travelodge is a go-to for travellers looking for a balance between cost and convenience.
  4. Holiday Inn offers well-appointed rooms with free Wifi, making it perfect for business or leisure stays.
  5. Guests at many of these hotels enjoy amenities like complimentary breakfasts, swimming pools, and free parking spots.
  6. Based on Tripadvisor data and traveller ratings, you can pick a place that matches your needs in terms of quality and proximity to Buzz Bingo.
  7. With hotels ranging across various budgets, finding one that fits your financial plan won’t be hard.
  8. Consider the nearby attractions as well; staying close means you’re never far from exploring what Ipswich has to offer beyond the bingo hall.
  9. Look at customer reviews and ratings to help make your decision easier; real guest experiences provide valuable insight.
  10. Finally, keep in mind that all these accommodations highlight how close they are to Buzz Bingo — so choosing based on location is straightforward.

Each option ensures you’re set for a memorable visit to Buzz Bingo Ipswich without the hassle of long travel times back to your room after a day full of games and fun.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

People love Buzz Bingo Ipswich. It scores 4 out of 5 on TrustScore, making it one of the top three bingo halls according to Trustpilot reviews. Out of five reviews, four give it a perfect score for friendly staff and a fun atmosphere.

Only one review was not happy.

The i.b.a.s operator pays attention to feedback too. They reply to nearly all unhappy comments within a day. This shows they care about your time here. If you play here, you’re likely going to have a good time based on what others say.

Attractions Near Buzz Bingo Ipswich

Visiting Buzz Bingo in Ipswich offers more than just bingo. You also get to explore some of the best attractions right on its doorstep. Here’s a list of must-see places:

  1. New Wolsey Theatre, only 0.6 miles away, presents a variety of plays and performances that cater to all tastes.
  2. Red Rose Chain Theatre is even closer at 0.4 miles away, known for its engaging live shows.
  3. Explore history at Ipswich Museum, located 0.9 miles from Buzz Bingo, where you can see local artefacts and natural history exhibits.
  4. Christchurch Park is a perfect spot for a leisurely walk or a picnic with family and friends after visiting Buzz Bingo.
  5. For animal lovers, Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park offers encounters with farm animals and wildlife – it’s great for kids too.
  6. If you prefer scenic views and fresh air, Ipswich Waterfront is ideal for strolls along the marina, with ample cafes and restaurants to enjoy.

Each location promises unique experiences adding extra entertainment options to your bingo visit.

Tips for Buzz Bingo Newcomers

Buzz Bingo Ipswich is a fun place to play bingo. New players can enjoy many perks. Here are tips to make the most of your visit:

  1. Play bingo for just £5 on your first day. This deal helps you start without spending much.
  2. Watch out for food, drink, and slots offers for new players. These deals save you money.
  3. Join in on the Saturday Social Club. It’s a time when many promotions happen.
  4. Bring a friend for discounts. Buzz Bingo Ipswich rewards you when you play with pals.
  5. Learn about responsible gambling from the start. Buzz Bingo provides information and support contact details if you need help.
  6. Enjoy the buzz of playing bingo the classic way with pen and paper in a safe spot.
  7. Check customer reviews online before going, so you know what others think.
  8. Explore nearby attractions after playing at Buzz Bingo Ipswich to make a full day out of it.

By following these tips, newcomers can have an enjoyable and affordable time at Buzz Bingo Ipswich.

Buzz Bingo Online Games and Slots

You’ll find Buzz Bingo online offers a wide mix of bingo games and exclusive slot machines. With free bingo available every day, you stand a chance to win cash prizes without spending anything.

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Explore various online games at your fingertips. From traditional bingo formats to unique slot experiences, there’s plenty for everyone. Whether it’s early morning or late at night, these games are always ready for play – ensuring fun is just a few clicks away.


Buzz Bingo Ipswich gives you fun games and cool prizes. Opening times fit your schedule, with prices for everyone’s pocket. Play bingo, win a lot in slots or join special events like Live Bingo – all at one place.

Eat and drink while you play; choices are plenty. Nearby hotels make staying easy after a night of fun. Try Buzz Bingo online too for more excitement anytime. Ready to have a great time? Check out Buzz Bingo Ipswich today!