Buzz Bingo Tower Park

Buzz Bingo Tower Park

Buzz Bingo Tower Park sits snug in Poole, Dorset at 24-25 Tower Park, BH12 4NY. It’s a place where fun meets games and shops under one roof. Open every day from Monday to Sunday, you can join the action from early morning until late at night – with doors staying open till 3:0 on some days! The club breaks up its bingo fun into three main parts of the day – morning, afternoon, and evening.

Looking to play? Tickets won’t break your bank; they start just from £2. And if you fancy something modern, try electronic bingo starting at £5.

With amenities like cash points for easy access to money, accessible spaces ensuring everyone enjoys their visit, slots for those feeling lucky outside of bingo time plus a bar filled with snacks including vegan and gluten free options – it’s got all bases covered.

Newbies get treated well here too – think playing bingo for only £5 on your first go round plus extra perks on food, drink, and slot plays.

And there’s more than just Buzz Bingo inside Tower Park Leisure Centre! Whether it’s catching a film at Cineworld or striking out at Hollywood Bowl; there’s plenty to keep you entertained before or after your game.

With a solid TrustScore of 4 out of 5 based on user opinions, it’s clear people enjoy their time here.

Finding Buzz Bingo in Tower Park: Location and Contact Details

Buzz Bingo Tower Park sits in Poole, Dorset. You’ll find it at the centre of Tower Park Leisure Centre. This spot is easy to get to and offers free parking. If you need help or more info, just call 01202 739989.

Their team is ready to answer your questions. They’re open every day from 10 am until late, so you can visit almost any time you want. Check out for games times and updates before heading over.

Buzz Bingo is more than a place; it’s where fun meets friends.

When is Buzz Bingo Open? Check Our Opening Times

Buzz Bingo in Poole, part of Buzz Group Limited and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, welcomes you every day of the week. From Monday to Sunday, doors open from 10:00 am until 22:00 pm.

The excitement extends on Wednesday to Saturday with extended hours from 10:00 am right up to 3:00 am. On Sundays, a late start at 11:00 am but still keeping the fun alive until 3:00 am.

This schedule ensures that whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, there’s always time for a game or two. Responsible gambling is encouraged here; so come prepared for entertainment within limits.

Play Times at Buzz Bingo Tower Park

Ready to experience the excitement at Buzz Bingo Tower Park? Here are the essential details about play times you need to know. Our venue offers morning, afternoon, and evening bingo sessions to fit your schedule perfectly. Grab this chance for fun any day of the week.

MorningVaries£3 – £12
Afternoon (Main Events)Varies£2
EveningVaries£3 – £10

Don’t forget, we take a break on Sunday mornings; no sessions then. Every other time, join us for a game. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, Buzz Bingo Tower Park welcomes you. Adjust your day, pick a session, and let’s play bingo!

Costs to Play: Session Prices at Buzz Bingo

Buzz Bingo makes fun affordable, offering a range of options to fit your budget. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll spend for a game at Buzz Bingo Tower Park:

Time of DayPaper Ticket PricesElectronic Bingo Packages
Morning£3 to £12Start from £5
Afternoon£2 to £10Start from £5
Evening£3 to £10Start from £5
Special Notes:
Afternoon Main EventsMostly £2 on paper
Evening Main Events (Mon-Wed)£3 – £6
Evening Main Events (Thursday)Free
Evening Main Events (Fri-Sun)£10

You’ll find prices that suit your pocket whether you’re an early bird or a night owl. Electronic bingo starts at just £5, making the digital experience easily accessible. For traditionalists, paper tickets vary throughout the day, costing less during afternoons. Keep an eye on special days like Thursday evenings for free main events, adding to your value. Afternoon sessions are a steal at £2 for paper main events. Choose Buzz Bingo for budget-friendly entertainment.

Discover Current Promotional Offers at Buzz Bingo

At Buzz Bingo, exciting offers await you. Join us on Saturdays for the Social Club or take part in the 4 Way Main Event. These are not just any events; they’re your opportunity to win significantly and have fun at the same time.

New members get a special deal – join for just £5! This offer includes discounts on food, drink, and slot playtime. Don’t miss out on our jackpot games like Jackpot Stamps, Safe Cracker, and Cash Builder Jackpot where bets start from £1 to £2.

So come along, bring your friends, or make new ones here. With offers like these, every visit is a new adventure.

Exploring Facilities and Features at Buzz Bingo

At Buzz Bingo, you find more than just games. There’s tasty food and drinks to enjoy, lots of electronic arcade machines for fun, and live shows that will wow you. Come see what else we have!

Indulge in Food & Drink Options

At Buzz Bingo, you’ll find a wide range of food and drink choices. From the iconic chicken basket to options for vegetarians, vegans, and those who avoid gluten, there’s something delicious for everyone.

Meals are prepared with care, ensuring you enjoy not just bingo but also great food.

Bar deals are on offer all day, every day. This means whenever you visit Buzz Bingo Poole or any other location, affordable drinks await to complement your time at the bingo hall. Cheers to fun times with friends over tasty meals and refreshing beverages!

Enjoy Electronic Gaming and Slot Machines

Buzz Bingo Tower Park offers exciting electronic gaming and slot machines. On your first visit, you can play these games for only £5 as a new member. This place has cool offers on food and drink too, so you enjoy more while playing.

The slot machines here are always ready for action. Find popular titles that could make you the next bingo queen or king. It’s not solely about luck; it’s fun too! With extra treats on snack bars and slots, every visit feels special.

Experience Live Entertainment

You’ll find live bands and singers at Buzz Bingo Tower Park. The venue hosts bingo parties that come alive with music and laughter. Imagine playing your favourite bingo games with the added excitement of a live show in the background.

Slots area buzzes, too, with electronic gaming machines where jackpots await. Plus, special events beam directly to you through live bingo streaming – it’s as immersive as being there in person.

Every visit promises something new on stage or screen, making every game an event not just an opportunity to win.

Buzz Bingo Membership: Benefits and Information for New Members

Joining Buzz Bingo brings lots of perks for new members. On your first visit, enjoy playing bingo for just £5 and get more with slots and food deals.

  1. Play bingo for only £5 on your initial visit. A great way to start your Buzz Bingo adventure.
  2. Grab £10 worth of slot games for just £5 when you come in the first time. Double the fun without spending more.
  3. Enjoy special food and drink offers during your first and second visits, all at a cost of just £5. It’s also about the tasty treats!
  4. Get direct access to free bingo sessions. Who doesn’t love freebies? Here, they’re part of the fun.
  5. Receive expert advice on responsible gaming from day one. We provide contact details for support if you need it, ensuring safe play is always a priority.
  6. Explore electronic gaming and hollywood bowl along with traditional bingo for a varied entertainment experience.
  7. Take advantage of exclusive member promotions not available to non-members. These offers change regularly, so there’s always something new.
  8. Benefit from a friendly community atmosphere where staff and fellow players are always ready to help or offer tips.
  9. Enjoy live entertainment events that are often held at Buzz Bingo Tower Park, making each visit unforgettable.

By becoming a member, you unlock these advantages and many more, setting yourself up for an enjoyable experience every time you visit Buzz Bingo Tower Park.

Explore Nearby Attractions and Other Bingo Halls

You can find many fun spots and other bingo places close to Buzz Bingo Tower Park. These attractions make your visit even more exciting.

  1. Cineworld offers the latest films for a perfect day out.
  2. Hollywood Bowl promises fun with every strike you make.
  3. Pizza Express serves delicious pizzas that everyone loves.
  4. Nando’s spices up your day with its famous flame-grilled chicken.
  5. TGI Fridays brings the joy of American dining to your table.
  6. Tenpin bowling challenges you and your friends to a game full of laughs.
  7. Kids soft play area is where young ones can have tons of fun safely.
  8. Amazon Lockers provide a spot to pick up your online orders easily.
  9. Burger King cooks up fast meals that hit the spot every time.
  10. Pizza Hut offers another great option for pizza lovers out there.
  11. PureGym keeps you fit, letting you work off those extra calories from dining out.
  12. Splashdown makes a splash with exciting water rides for all ages.

Other bingo halls:

  • Mecca Bingo Taunton invites you for more bingo action not too far away.
  • Buzz Bingo Bristol has games and social vibes worth checking out.
  • Buzz Bingo Salisbury is another spot where the bingo magic happens.

Each place adds something special to your visit, creating moments you won’t forget anytime soon!

Hear It from Our Guests: User Reviews and Testimonials

Guests love Buzz Bingo Tower Park. With a TrustScore of 4 out of 5 on Trustpilot, it’s clear they are doing something right. This praise comes from people like Nial McMahon and Vanessa Saxby who both left glowing feedback in June and May 2024.

They enjoyed their visits so much they went online to share their experiences.

On the other side, not everyone feels the same way. Fiona gave them two stars in May 2024 but that didn’t stop Linda Flory from rating them five stars at the end of December 2023. These stories show how they keep most of their guests happy but there are always ways to improve.

Travel to Buzz Bingo Tower Park: Directions

Getting to Buzz Bingo Tower Park is easy. The nearest bus stop is Tower Park, Canford Heath, just a 3-minute walk away.

  1. Start at the Tower Park, Canford Heath bus stop.
  2. Walk south towards the entertainment complex.
  3. Enter 24-25 Tower Park, Poole, Dorset, BH12 4NY into your GPS for precise directions if driving.
  4. Look for local signs pointing to entertainment and leisure areas; Buzz Bingo is well signposted within the complex.
  5. Use public transport options like buses that stop near Tower Park for an eco-friendly choice.
  6. Bike racks are available outside if you’re cycling.
  7. Parking is plentiful and free for visitors driving to Buzz Bingo.
  8. Taxis and rideshares offer convenient drop-offs right at the entrance.

Following these steps ensures a smooth trip to Buzz Bingo Tower Park, where entertainment awaits!


Buzz Bingo Tower Park gives you games, laughter, and a chance to win every day. Find it in Poole, Dorset, for fun with friends or family. With doors open from 10 am to late at night, there’s always time to play.

Enjoy food and drinks as you participate in bingo or slots. Get free entry by joining the Buzz Bingo community today. Nearby attractions add more excitement to your visit. Come see why everyone loves spending their days at Buzz Bingo Tower Park!