Capitol Bingo St Austell

Capitol Bingo St Austell

Capitol Bingo St Austell sits at 115 Alexandra Rd, Saint Austell, PL25 4QL. It’s Cornwall’s top spot for bingo fans. Here, everyone playing gets free lunch on Tuesdays and can enjoy no-cost bingo Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Doors open from 9 am to 10 pm on Tuesday and Saturday. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, it’s a late start from 4:30 pm until closing time at 10 pm. Monday and Friday are days off here.

Prices to play vary; some games are free while others cost up to £12.60. Entering can be as cheap as between 60p and £1. A big draw is the National Game that happens live every day with chances to win substantial money.

This place isn’t just about bingo; there’s parking for over 120 cars including spaces for disabled guests less than half a mile away from the centre of town and the railway station.

The Gambling Commission keeps an eye on things here under Needneutral Limited’s account number 1888 to make sure everything is fair.

Capitol Bingo also offers more than games – think affordable hot meals in its restaurant, cash prizes you can win without leaving your seat, linking games together across different locations for bigger pots of money, slot machines if you fancy a change of pace plus special deals during Bank Holidays.

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Overview of Capitol Bingo in St Austell

Capitol Bingo in St Austell stands as the premier spot for bingo enthusiasts across Cornwall. Nestled at 115 Alexandra Rd, Saint Austell, PL25 4QL, this venue shines with its offering of the National Game — live daily competitions where significant prize money is up for grabs.

With a contact number as easy to recall as 01726 73023 and an online presence through, staying updated on their latest news becomes effortless.

This bingo hall isn’t just about the games; it’s a hub of community activity and leisure. From link games that connect players with larger pools nationwide to in-house cash prizes that keep local competition exciting — Capitol Bingo has mastered the art of entertainment.

What sets it apart further are services beyond bingo: think hair salons and carpet shops adding an unexpected but welcome twist to your visit. Eager for more than just bingo? This place promises a mixed-bag experience.

Whether you’re planning permission or dreaming up a small housing development, conversations here move beyond simple gaming – spurred perhaps by the art deco surroundings that spark creativity among visitors.

How to Find Capitol Bingo: Directions and Map

Finding Capitol Bingo in St Austell is easy. It’s close to the town centre and the train station, making it convenient for everyone.

  1. Start from St Austell town centre. The bingo hall is just about half a mile away.
  2. Head towards Alexandra Road. You’ll see Capitol Bingo at number 115 on this road.
  3. If you’re coming by train, exit St Austell Train Station and follow the signs towards the town center. From there, Alexandra Road is a short walk away.
  4. Driving? Look for the pay and display car park near Capitol Bingo. It has 120 spaces, plus 3 for disabled users.
  5. Several bus routes pass close by, so check local timetables for buses stopping near Alexandra Road.
  6. Use a map app on your phone or device—just type in “115 Alexandra Road, St Austell, PL25 4QL” to get turn-by-turn directions.

This useful guide ensures you won’t miss out on any excitement at Capitol Bingo, whether you’re traveling by foot, bus, or car.

Opening Times at Capitol Bingo

Capitol Bingo in St Austell welcomes you with varied opening times to fit your schedule. Planning your visit becomes effortless with this guide to their opening hours.

DayOpening Times
Tuesday9 am – 10 pm
Wednesday4:30 pm – 10 pm
Thursday4:30 pm – 10 pm
Saturday9 am – 10 pm
Sunday4:30 pm – 10 pm

Keep these times in mind for your next game day at Capitol Bingo. With sessions in the morning, afternoon, and evening on select days, you’re sure to find a time that suits you. Planning ahead ensures you won’t miss out on the fun.

Schedule for Bingo Sessions

You want the scoop on bingo sessions at Capitol Bingo in St Austell? Here’s your go-to guide. Capitol Bingo lines up games that fit everyone’s schedule. Check this out:

DaySession TimesCost
TuesdayAfternoon and EveningFree in the evening, varies in the afternoon
WednesdayEvening onlyUp to £12.60
ThursdayEvening onlyFree
SaturdayMorning onlyPrices vary

Key points: free sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Other times, costs can go up to £12.60. Plan your visit to suit your budget and catch the free games for a thrifty day out.

Costs for Different Bingo Sessions

Crunching numbers… Here’s what you need to know about the costs for different bingo sessions at Capitol Bingo in St Austell. Straightforward, isn’t it? Let’s lay it all out:

Afternoon GamesTuesday£3.30
Afternoon GamesSaturday£7.30
Evening GamesVariesFree to £12.60

Admission fees range from a low 60p to £1, making access easy. Prices depend on the session you choose. Whether it’s a relaxed Tuesday afternoon or a lively Saturday, options are there for every budget.

Deals and Special Promotions at Capitol Bingo

Capitol Bingo in St Austell gives you exciting deals and promotions. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Free lunch on Tuesdays for everyone playing bingo. This means you can enjoy your game without worrying about food.
  2. Tuesday and Thursday evenings are special because you play bingo without paying anything. Save your money and still have a great time.
  3. You’ll find various promotions that make playing even more fun. Look out for these offers on social media to stay updated.
  4. Bank Holidays bring a unique programme – pay £12, and you get to play 6 games. What makes it better is that four houses in the second half each guarantee an impressive £100.

These offers are designed to give you more value while enjoying your favourite game at Capitol Bingo St Austell. Keep an eye out for updates on their social media or ask staff members during your visit for the latest deals!

Events Calendar at Capitol Bingo

Check the events calendar at Capitol Bingo for fun days out. Free lunch awaits all bingo players every Tuesday, adding a tasty bonus to your game day. Don’t miss free bingo sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays either — a perfect chance to play without spending a penny. The action heats up on Wednesday and Thursday evenings plus Saturday mornings with prize bingo for those seeking bigger wins. And, for a shot at really big money, join in the National Game live daily. It’s your opportunity to possibly walk away richer than when you arrived.

You’ll find various activities here; special promotions pop up regularly. Keep an eye out so you don’t skip any of the exciting deals Capitol Bingo has in store throughout various months of the year. With so much going on, ensure you grasp every chance to enjoy and maybe win at this popular spot in St Austell. Every visit can bring something new with games that suit both seasoned players and newcomers alike.

Extra Services at Capitol Bingo St Austell

At Capitol Bingo in St Austell, you get more than just bingo games. Tuesdays bring a free lunch and there’s always room for your feedback, plus info on other bingo spots nearby.

Enjoy a Complimentary Lunch Each Tuesday

Every Tuesday afternoon and evening, Capitol Bingo offers you a free lunch. This treat is for all bingo players as one of the extra benefits provided. It’s part of making your time better at Capitol Bingo.

You get to enjoy tasty meals without paying extra, just by being there to play bingo on Tuesdays. Make sure not to miss out on this opportunity for a complimentary meal while enjoying your favourite game.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Capitol Bingo in St Austell, located at 115 Alexandra Road, PL25 4QL, United Kingdom, has become a beloved spot for bingo lovers. Customers often share their experiences online. With 469 likes and followers on Facebook and an impressive 2,502 check-ins since the page went live on 7 April 2011, the feedback highlights a community atmosphere that keeps players returning.

People talk about friendly staff, great food options on Tuesdays when free lunch is served, and exciting bingo sessions.

The reviews also praise Capitol Bingo for its timely updates and announcements through channels like their website and phone support at 01726 73023. This direct communication ensures you stay informed about upcoming events, special promotions like deals on games or extra services offered at the venue.

Such transparent customer service helps build trust and loyalty among visitors who are always keen to come back for more fun-filled bingo sessions.

Other Things To Do Nearby

You might be looking for a lively game of bingo close to Capitol Bingo in St Austell. Good news, there are several places nearby where you can enjoy this classic game.

  1. Titchy Stitching Miniature Knitting isn’t just about crafts; they occasionally host bingo nights as part of their mixed-use residential and commercial scheme. These special evenings bring together knitting fans and bingo lovers for a unique blend of fun and creativity.
  2. The St Austell Foodbank, while primarily focused on providing essential supplies to those in need, also organises charity bingo events. Participating here means you can help out a good cause while enjoying your favourite game.
  3. If you’re an animal lover, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) St Austell branch occasionally hosts fundraising bingo sessions. By joining in, you play an essential role in supporting animal welfare activities in your area.

Each location offers something different beyond just a traditional game night – from helping charities to mixing crafts with gameplay. Whether it’s for fun or philanthropy, these nearby halls promise an entertaining outing close to home.

Updates and Announcements

Capitol Bingo in St Austell has exciting news for you. Mark your calendars for 23/03/2029, because we’re giving away a free lunch to all bingo players. Don’t miss out on the fun at our open bingo event on 09/08/2029.

Plus, get ready for not one, but two free bingo sessions coming up on 20/09/2029. These sessions happen every Tuesday and Thursday evening.

Don’t forget, we offer a complimentary lunch every Tuesday to all our guests. And if you love big prize money, join us daily for the National Game live. With these updates, Capitol Bingo continues to be a top spot for entertainment in St Austell.

Come and enjoy great games and fantastic deals with us!

Get in Touch with Capitol Bingo

Need to reach Capitol Bingo? It’s easy. Call them at 01726 73023 for a quick chat. Prefer writing? Send an email to [email protected]. More of a fax person? Their number is 01726 66381.

They’re located at 115 Alexandra Road, St Austell, Cornwall, UK, PL25 4QL. Whether you have questions or just want more info, they’re ready to help out.


Capitol Bingo in St Austell stands out as Cornwall’s top spot for bingo fans. Find it at 115 Alexandra Rd, ready to welcome you. Call them at 01726 73023 if you need details or have questions.

Fancy a free lunch? Swing by on Tuesday—they provide for you. With games running from morning till night on selected days, there’s always an opportunity to play and win. Sessions range from free to £12.60, fitting any budget.

They offer big prizes both in-house and through national games daily. Don’t miss their special deals either—your wallet will thank you! Thinking about dropping by? Check their event calendar for something extra fun.

Want more than just bingo? Capitol Bingo has hot meals, snacks, drinks, and fruit machines too. Reach out to them today and see what’s happening at your new favourite place in town!